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April 16, 2015

GTA V: Differences between 360 and PC and some bugs

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So the day has finally come to pass for GTA V to be released for the PC. \o/ I’ve played little on the XB1 so I can’t really compare that to the PC version, but I’ve been playing the 360 for the past 1½ years. Here are some notible diffrences from the 360 and PC versions, other than the obvious performance and graphical improvements.

GTA Online: Your Daily Objectives are separated between your two online characters on PC, which allows you to earn twice the rewards from doing your daily Objectives. Also if you didn’t complete all three of your daily objectives on one character the same objectives carry over into the next day. GTAo on 360, both online characters get the same daily objectives. If you complete your objectives with one character, they also come up as completed on your other character. They both reset to new objectives every 24 hours, regardless if you completed all three or not.

GTA Story Mode: There are no Peyote plants in the PC version, at least I can’t find any using guides and walkthoughs for the PS4/XB1. This is needed to unlock animals for use in Director mode. Unless they are in different locations, they don’t seem to exist or Rockstar forgot to include them?

GTA V: controls are different than 360. This was changed since the PS4/XB1 release. When driving (A) now makes you duck your head down, (RB) is now the hand break. When driving  (LB) lets you aim your weapon, but (RB) fires it. Which makes it rather awkward since you’re already holding (RT) to accelerate the car.

GTA V: Off hand grenade throws are now possible (also since PS4/XB1) allowing you to throw a grenade while using your gun. You must have (RT) down to aim your gun, and R-Dpad to toss a grenade in the direction you’re looking. For keyboard it’s [G] to toss a grenade while you have R-mouse button held.

GTA online, the minimap has been changed to a faded/blended border. No longer a hard frame around the mini map. On old-gen consoles you could see a small point at the end of the player’s dot that gave an indication which direction the player is facing, now there is no little tip.

GTA Online (bug): Typing [T] brings up game chat so you can say something to the players in your lobby. The problem is as you type the keys are still bound to commands and actions in the game, so all sorts of menus and commands can be executed depending on the letters you hit when you’re just trying to chat and can really screw things up.

iFruit app: There is no PC platform support in the iFruit app (at least for Android). The only reason you need this anyway is to create custom “Vanity” licence plates for your cars on GTA online. The app doesn’t list PC among the list of platforms which all console version are listed. Even then it’s extremely limited and only shows about 10 of your vehicles (out of 30 you can own in total).

GTA online (bug): The game allows a 15 minute idle timeout before you’re kicked offline for inactivity. If GTA V is minimized this seems to accelerate the idle timeout, and you’ll be kicked out in just a few minutes.

GTA V: No support for 2 monitors. I’ve seen videos of players using up to 3 monitors, but I only have two, and I don’t see the option to extend the game out to more than one monitor. I can only tell it which monitor to output.

GTA V (bug): at some points when navigating the menus, pressing (B) or [Esc] to back out or exit the menus to get back to the game fail to do anything. I have to click around or press (RB) or (LB) first to change to some other menu, and then backing out of the menus will work.

GTA Online: Does the ability to text chat [T] turn off when you have a headset enabled? I cant seem to use [T] nor [Y] to chat. There is also no way to bind “press to talk” on a controller button (like the center dashboard button on the 360 controller would be perfect since it’s not used for anything)

GTA V (Bug): The game has real issues when ALT-Tabing, or when the game no longer has focus. It’s even worsened if you have Steam with it’s Overlay up on screen when you alt-tab away from the game. Most of the time you’re completely unable to alt-tab back into the game. Using windowed or borderless windowed mode helps alleviate this a little bit, but the game defaults to fullscreen mode, and most players prefer fullscreen mode anyway.

I’ll add more later…

April 18, 2014

Xbox 360s are high end devices

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I recently contacted Microsoft Support regarding a billing issue, nothing important nor anything serious, but while i was waiting for my Xbox 360 to reboot I figured I’d ask the support guy a question as to why my 360’s internet speeds are so much slower than what i can pull from any of my PC, laptops, or even my tablet. I couldn’t cut and paste the Q&A so I made a screenshot.


Epic LOLs

Epic LOLs

According to him an 8 year old $200 console is more “High End” than my +$2500 PC that’s less than a year old? OH really? The fucking MOTHERBOARD I got for it costs more than an Xbox 360 for fucks sake. For the sake of the argument lets assume he is correct. If a 360 is more high end than my PC, then why is it getting SLOWER SPEEDS than any other of my internet connected devices which are all connected to the my SAME router (wired and wifi) and using the SAME web site to test internet speeds? Wouldn’t it be getting FASTER speeds if my 360 was so “high end?”

An Xbox 360 has a PowerPC three-core 64bit CPU, which even APPLE abandoned on the Mac line some years ago since PowerPC chips are DOG ass slow, only supporting PC100 SRAM from 15 years ago. As for the RAM the 360 (and the PS3) only have 512mb of RAM. Yes a half a Gig of RAM, which seems unheard of now a-days. Most PCs come with a BARE minimum of 4gb, EIGHT TIMES that of these old consoles. My PC has 16GB of DDR3 1600 RAM in QUAD CHANNEL mode. I’m sure the 360’s RAM is still in single channel mode, running at 100mhz like I used too back in the Pentium II days in the late 90s.

Note how the tech talked about ports.  This could mean two different things, internet port numbers (80 for web, 995 for POP3 email) or likely he was referring to the physical ports on the console. Ethernet ports, and USB ports. First of all the 360 doesn’t even have gigabit Ethernet, also the USB ports are all v2.0. While my PC has Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0.  So in this situation the ports the 360 has are “very basic and common” compared to the majority of PCs that have been built in the past 10 years. Not exactly what this support guy believes.

If he’s referring to internet ports, this is the only part that makes SOME sense since the Xbox Live works on a set of ports 88 (UDP), 3074 (UDP and TCP), 53 (UDP and TCP), 1863 (UDP and TCP), and 80 (TCP). So my ISP or Microsoft/XBL could be throttling that.  However, port 80 is the default port for nearly ALL web traffic. There would be no reason the throttle that. The speed tests I used is a HTML5 based website at This speed test works on all devices with a modern Web browser, which the Xbox 360 has with Internet Explorer. Since it’s on the WEB it’s only pulling data on port 80, NOT the ports used for Xbox Live, but I get much slower speeds from this site on my 360, compared to all my other devices I have in my home.

Unless all web traffic is redirected to Microsoft and then goes out to the web, and back around. If that was the case my IP address would be redirected. Sites like would see a different IP than what my ISP gives me, so that can’t be the case.

So regardless as to what this Microsoft support guy said, it’s obvious to me that the 360 throttles it’s own bandwidth. We all know the 360 hardware is EXTREMELY low end compared to any modern PC. Even the new XBox One is STILL a low-end PC with laptop hardware. However that can’t be why it performs in internet speed tests so SLOWLY.  Despite what this support guy wants you to believe, I can easily pull 20mb speed tests on a 15 yearold PC running Windows 98 which would technically be inferior to an Xbox 360.

Also side note, No Agenda folks will get a laugh at the first response to my question the support tech gave me. Which really proves Adam Curry is right that when people reply to a question like that, they are about to lie to you. Wish he’d unblock me from Twitter. :/


October 2, 2013

GTA Online Top 5 issues

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We all expected it to have issues but honestly I find that Rockstar Games had a good launch. Once you get past the initial “tutorial from hell” introduction of GTA Online, the game runs smoothly for the most part. Sure some attempts to use online mode my fail, creating Crew logos will screw up, the game it self might lockup. But for the most part it DOES work. Often you get kicked off the server you’re on by the other players because they are assholes. When robbing a store yelling at the cashier to make him go faster doesn’t work if you’re in party voice chat. Screaming kids in voice chat, and no way to tell who’s doing it.

The biggest issue is getting into the initial race-mission with Lemar. For some reason doing this has to be done while online to a server, however when the actual “experience” of doing this has ZERO interaction with other players online.  This race should be a LOCAL instance WITHOUT the need to connect to a server. If any of your friends haven’t gotten past this bit, you can’t play with them online.  Since the servers are so bogged down initiating this race with Lemar, it often fails.

This is what needs to be fixed:

  1. The race with Lemar should be a local instance with no multiplayer servers so i don’t have to wait 6 hours to get my character started.
  2. No way to tell who’s SCREAMING in my ear on voice chat while in freeroam mode. I have no idea who I need to mute to shut up annoying players on mic.
  3. There needs to be a way to ABORT connecting attempts to GTAO when it’s clearly not working, so I don’t have to dashboard-quit and start all over again (i.e. waiting for the FUCKING race to start with Lemar)
  4. Passive mode doesn’t work when in a vehicle, you can be killed, and you can also shoot from your car.
  5. Stop players from kicking other players off with no reason, or even a warning that a vote is occurring. People are using this to grief and for harassment.

That’s my top 5 issues with GTA online. Get on it Rockstar, you have billions to work for.


July 19, 2013

World Of Tanks

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I’ve been playing WoT on the PC for about a month, and I’m up to tier 5 right now. I’ve also been playing the 360 beta of WoT for the past week, but servers are only online during weekends. The interface for WoT on the PC I still find a bit confusing. There’s too much trial and error to figure out what does what and you can waste credits, XP and even gold if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m also confused as to what gives a tank you have it’s “elite” status, and as to what it means in regards to XP.

I’ve also started playing World of Warplanes which has a much better UI than WoT does. I love how you can compare your air craft against the other team’s aircraft during the loading screen. This is something WoT should also adopt. I did find WoWP much easier to get into than WoT, maybe it’s due to already being familiar with WoT since they share the same mechanic with XP, gold, and credits.

I have a Tier III T2 Medium Tank that I got to elite status. After upgrading and mounting all the best items for this tank, it became elite. But the meaning of it got lost for me. A popup appeared when I did this that went by quick and SEEMED to imply that XP earned on an Elite tank will go towards the next tier, or something, but it doesn’t seem to do this.  It would make sense since earning more XP on a tank that’s fully upgraded would be a waste since each tank you own has a different set of XP. I wish I could read that popup again. I’ve also upgraded other tanks with the best hardware for those tanks but they do NOT have elite status, why?  Am I only allowed one elite tank in my garage, or am I missing something else?

SPGs are fun and it’s nice to use when you get burned out on normal tank play, but initial targeting is wonky. When I see a target in the distance spotted by a teammate, I’ll swing my arty around to face the target, try to look towards it inside my reticle, and then hit shift for the overhead view.  After hitting shift my view position often WAY off target. Sometimes very short of the target, or way off at the edge of the map. I have to slowly DRAG my mouse over (several times) towards the target which wastes time and my accuracy will be extremely wide.

The “box” over the minimap seems larger than my actual view of the battlefield. So while it may appear a tank is in my view on the minimap, I don’t actually see it on screen unless it’s damn near in the center of the little box. If the targeting was just a bit more intelligent when I hit the SHIFT key while the target is in my reticle in my “normal view” it should be in my overhead view, and I won’t have to wait so DAMN long correcting it AND wait for the accuracy to shrink.  Xbox 360 version when using SPG is a bit more forgiving mostly because you can move around the map quicker using the controller.

I’m also a bit confused about radios. If the range of the radio is what limits me to tell my teammates where I spot enemy tanks, why is it i can get intel about enemy tanks across the map? Especially when I’m in my Arty, parked in a far corner getting intel from light tanks on the opposite side of the map? My own visual range doesn’t seem to matter as long as there’s a friendly tank spotting them for me.

Matchmaking seems to be good, despite how often  hear other players complain about it. But there is nothing worse than ending up as the bottom tier in a match, vs tanks three tiers above you. Imagine being in your tier 3 tank vs a heavy that’s tier 6; totally unfair. Xbox is worse, even though tiers cap out at 6, still you can be tier 2 facing tier 6 tanks. I find it annoying that when attacking a tank that’s two or three tiers above you, you don’t make ANY damage. Often I the voice over saying “Critical Hit” yet the enemy tank is still at 100% health.

Driving the tank seems slightly awkward when I’m backing up. I tend to think pressing [D] for right will turn my tank to the right as I back up; like a car. But it’s backwards for a tank tracks? Also why is it some tanks can’t keep moving forward when going up hill while turning. Some of them go into a dead stop to turn. Plus some tanks can barely make it up a hill.

The controls on the Xbox version work well EXCEPT when I need to aim, target, and zoom in to snipe. Moving around is fine, but I get lost as to what I need to press to lock on a target, zoom in and zoom closer to snipe. not as intuitive as it is on the PC version.

All-in-all WoT fun to play but as relative newbie I still feel ignorant about what should be the most basic of knowledge when it comes to XP and how you spend it and where it comes from. That should be something you should learn up front when you’re Tier 1 so you don’t waste your XP. Rather than vague pop ups that you might miss reading and won’t be able to read again.

June 20, 2013

Microsoft rescinds is DRM, but no more free ride

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Pressure from the backlash of the online community, or was it rumors about higher number of pre-orders for the PS4 vs XBoxOne, Microsoft has dropped it’s 24 check in DRM. Games will not require a 24 hour Internet check-in, but a one-time Internet connection will be required during system set-up. Games on disc may be lent, resold, given away and rented, but now that disc must be sitting in the drive tray to be played. But no longer will you be able to share free copies of games you bought to your friends and family so you can play with them, nor will there be an online marketplace to trade/sell your games you don’t play anymore.

If Microsoft had announced  this during the Xbox One announcement in May, BEFORE E3, and taked about how you can share and trade your games with friends, this whole DRM outrage we’ve seen for the past month would have been a just a wispier. I think Microsoft did this backwards and they could have handled this a lot better. It was just the other day I heard about the sharing of games, and having a marketplace to resell your games to others. If that was supposed to be the trade-off for their DRM DRAMA, then WHY DIDN’T MICROSOFT SAY THIS IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE A MONTH AGO? OR at least make this announcement at E3.

For weeks I was having a hard time trying to justify the always-online draconian DRM Drama Microsoft was trying to push, unaware of this sharing feature, and a marketplace to buy/sell/trade your old games. I had this gut feeling that the DRM was largely rumor (and therefore exaggerated, and likely false), or that microsoft had something else to balance out this DRM bullshit. Low and behold there WAS, and then it was yoinked days later. Microsoft could have handled this a LOT better. you’d this a company this old would have better PR team.

I still don’t understand why we can’t have both. Xbox Live already has a large offline user base, we call them SILVER members. These are people who didn’t pay ($60 a year) for a Gold membership, probably because they don’t have broadband internet, or have no internet. Why not give these people the non-DRM always online, no game sharing. While we GOLD members who ARE online all the time can share games, use the power “of the cloud,” resell/trade games buy games online, and be able to take the disc out of the drive and still play our games.

Keep in mind STEAM has more DRM in their platform than what Microsoft was proposing to do with Xbox One. But Steam has been around for over a decade. Even I beta tested it for a short time, but back then it was no more than a IM client for gamers and I had zero interest in yet another instant message client, with AIM/ICQ, Y! messenger, etc all. However Steam had evolved exponentially in the past 10 years to be the one-stop-shop to find games on the PC. I tend to agree that if Steam didn’t exist (or something like it didn’t exist) PC gaming would be almost dead and we’d only be playing MMOs and facebook games.

So Microsoft saw what Steam was doing, and wanted to copy that model, even one-up it. If Mircosoft timed this better, made the announcement up front about sharing games with your friends and family so that your single copy you bought you can give out FREE copies to your family and friends so you can play your new game WITH THEM, and being able to trade/sell your games you don’t play anymore would have been a HUGE hit and would have made the 24hr DRM check-in just an afterthought.

Sony’s E3 press conference really nailed it in about how bad DRM and always on internet connections was. And really smeared this all over microsoft’s face. But people seem to forget that Sony also had an EVIL history regarding DRM. Remember the root kits that would be embedded into your PC if you tried to play a DVD movie released by Sony?

May 3, 2013

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition Terrain Generation B0rked!

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Since the last update of MCXE that introduced the End (which I’ve not seen yet) I’ve been having some serious problems with creating new worlds. Since old maps I’ve made in the past don’t have Strongholds, there is no way to reach to the END. So I I have to generate new maps and start from scratch.  Sure sounds like fun, no?

Not really. I end up getting maps with MASSIVE biomes that take up 80% of the map (and as you know XBox edition has rather small maps compared to the PC) no villages, and the other 20% is just some other biome that may or may not have trees. Twice I’ve had maps come up was nearly all mushroom biome, which is largely water, and NO TREES were on the fucking map!  Other times I get on maps that 80% snowland, and one small field of grassland.  Nearly all of these worlds generated NO structures on the surface, at least no villages. In versions past some maps would generate like 4-6 villages! Now I’m getting nothing.  And i can only assume that abandon mines and strongholds aren’t being created either.  But most of the time i can’t do anything due to the lack of wood.

Just recently i made a new map, using the seed “END” since I was gonna work on going to the END, and i ended up smack in the middle of a massive OCEAN that was about 75-80% of the entire fucking map! There were two large mountain mushroom bomes areas, one long desert island that resembled Japan, and the rest was all water with LITTLE TINY grass islands dotted around that had a single tree on them. and yet again NO villages even though i DO have structure generation enabled. Can strongholds and Abandon mine shafts exist on a world that mostly water?

I know on the PC version you have the choice of “large biomes” for world generation, but the XBox version obviously doesn’t since the maps are so small, but it SEEMS like it’s enabled which is why I’m getting such large 4:1 ratios of just two biomes. It really is making the game unplayable. And the fact they’ve added so much to this version with no new Achievements sure doesn’t give me much incentive to play anymore. Seems more fun to watch others play MC on Youtube, which is what got me into minecraft in the first place. Because of this problem, if i use any seeds i find online they just don’t work and end up creating a totally different worlds.

December 23, 2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

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They silently updated the XBL Edition with little fan fare it seems.  This update adds a lot but still it’s not quite the same content as the PC version.

There still isn’t:

Maps are still very small and limited (not as bad as pocket edition)

September 30, 2012

Minecraft for PC.. should I bother?

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I’m really wanting to do more in minecraft but the PC version just doesn’t seem worth buying,  It costs much more than the 360 and android pocket versions combined but those ports are lacking in so many ways. The PC version isn’t playable. When playing in offline mode the game just starts to freeze up on me every 30 minuets forcing me to save and quit, which that it self is a pain in the ass since the menus lag too. I’m playing this in offline mode so I don’t understand why performance goes to shit on a regular basis on the PC; must be some kind of memory leak. The $27 price for such a shitty performing game (even in local single player) just isn’t worth it.

1.8.2 is about to hit the Xbox edition any moment now adding the basic things the PC version has had for a long while. So again should I pony up more money for a lagtastic local game or wait for the Xbox update?

September 13, 2012

Dupe Minecraft items

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As of October 16th, Minecraft XBL edition has been updated to 1.8.2, and the item dupe exploit has been patched.  If you have a save game already with duped items, it will still load and your duped items will still be there. But you wont be able to duplicate any more items. This is moot now since this version of Minecraft now has Creative mode which lets you create things with out having to craft, with all item blocks available in unlimited quantities. Keep in mind however achievements are disabled on maps originally made in creative mode.  No new achievements have been added to this update 😦


Today my friend told me while in conversation that you can duplicate items in Minecraft on the Xbox 360. I looked up on the net and found some videos that were posted 4-5 months ago (april/may 2012) and when duplicating what they did in the videos did not work at all. I just assumed it was an old exploit that’s already been patched up.

After speaking with my friend again while in Minecraft, I figured out what the exact steps are. But keep in mind this will likely be fixed in another update. I used the split-screen mode using a “guest” login on a second controller, but it also works online with a friend.

This only works on STACKABLE items. It will NOT work on tools, armor, weapons, food, buckets (empty or otherwise), bowls, and for some reason I could not get it to work on sticks, but it does work on wood and wooden planks.  And yes it does work on obsidian. You could do this with dirt, sand, cobblestone, and stone, but those are already plentiful in Minrcraft so don’t waste your time.

If you want to make a mass amount of iron, gold, or diamond, it’s better to make a BLOCK of that item and just duplicate the block. Since each block is worth nine ingots, you’ll make 9x more in the same amount of time, plus using less storage space.

Here is what you do…

  • Clear your inventory for both players, so you have room make copies.
  • Get one small chest, and only have one set of the item(s) you wish to copy, no stacks of them. The other player shouldn’t have any extra copies of the items being copied either.
  • There is a likelihood of losing the item you’re attempting to copy. So keep some backup copies in another chest. Do not keep them in your player’s inventory. If only one copy exists in your game, manually save your game so if you lose the item just reload and try again.
  • Place the chest on the floor, and position both players facing the chest.
  • You (or player 1) opens the chest holding the item in the chest in an empty spot, do not drop it into chest yet! Just let it “hover” there.
  • Have your friend (or player 2) start breaking down the chest by holding right trigger.
  • Then when you see the chest breaking up, hold down the (A) button on your controller so that you’re repeatedly putting in and taking out the item in rapid succession. If you’re doing this split-screen and do this in reverse order, holding (A) will stop when the other player presses the trigger. Kina odd.
  • When the chest breaks, the chest and the item you’re trying to copy will drop on the floor.

At this point there are three possibilities as what will happen.

  1. The item and chest drop on the floor and either player picks the items off the floor in the usual manor.  Failed… Try again
  2. The item you’re trying to copy vanishes, and in rare cases the chest may be gone too. Reload if need be, and try again.
  3. One or more of the item you’re copying drops on the floor, but it doesn’t come off the ground. Both players should be near the dropped item, and have a copy of the item in their quick inventory. Congratulations you did it!!

If your attempts keep failing, try switching up which player is breaking the chest, and who is holding (A) inside the chest. Eventually the trick will work after about 4-6 attempts. Often after the 1st try it will work.

The behavior of this “phantom” drop that dosen’t seem to be picked up, as well as the item you manipulate in your inventory is very glitchy, and you could lose every copy you’ve made if you do it wrong. You may want to experiment on how this behaves before you take the time to make copies in mass quantities.

The following is what seems to work but even days after making your copies and opening a chest where I’ve made thousands of copes, the all nearly vanished when moving them between my chest and inventory, or vice versa.  So save your games!

  • Walk over and stand near the “Phantom” item, and it should appear in your quick-inventory as non-stack. Your second player as well as any friends in your game can pickup a copy of the copyable phantom drop and make their own copies if they wish.
  • Sometimes you may see more than copy of the item drop. One will be pickup-able, the other will be the phantom one.
  • Open your inventory (or open a chest near by) and press (A) on the item you picked up. You’ll notice right under it will appear instantly a 64 stack of the item you’re copying. Place the item in your cursor elsewhere, and then pickup the stack in your cursor.
  • Move your cursor into your inventory (or chest) and hold down (X) to start dropping single copies and build a stack up. This stack you’re holding is your “mother stack” as when you fill a stack, your cursor’s stack instantly fills back to 64, so you can move it to another empty spot and create another stack. You can do this forever in your own inventory, or other chests. You can also press (B) while outside of inventory, and spam copies all over the floor.
  • For the duplication to work you MUST be standing near the “phantom” item that’s on the floor. It acts as a source item as it keeps refilling your “mother stack” as you place copies in your inventory. The phantom drop does eventually disappear but you’ll still be able to keep making copies. You can “drop” a new phantom stack by pressing (X) or moving your mother stack out of your inventory window.

It takes about 6 seconds to build a fill 64 stack while holding (X) like this. To fill an entire large chest will take about 6.5 minutes to fill up.

Sometimes that 64 stack may not copy and replenish back to 64 you may have moved away from the “phantom” drop or it may have timed out and disappeared. You can drop a new phantom drop pressing (B) or moving it outside your inventory. There are times when you don’t need to be near the phantom drop to make copies.

If you do this trick with Coal or Charcoal and place the “mother stack” into a furnace by pressing (A) instead of (X) so the whole thing drops. It will end up having an endless supply of fuel and never run out always showing a full 64 stack. BETTER THAN A BUCKET OF LAVA! Be sure to go back to the phantom drop to make another mother-stack to drop if you have more furnaces.

You will notice some other weirdness as you experiment with this trick. If you drop your “mother” stack and pick it up, you’ll often see a stack over 64 in your lower “quick” inventory. You’ll also notice if the “mother” stack is in your quick inventory, it dosen’t show a stack count when you’re not looking in your inventory screen. This is a good way to keep track of the “mother” stack if you get it mixed with your other stacks.

As you craft items you’ve used with your duplicated items, the crafting window (or table) may show you don’t have any copies to craft. This is likely due to having the mother stack still in your inventory, so try to drop it somewhere so you don’t pick it up again.

Also often you’ll see stacks vanish as you move some of them around. As long as you held down (X) to make the stack they should be permanent. Also I’ve noticed that duplicated coal can’t be made into torches, but you can make them into torches on a crafting table.

Enjoy making massive builds in Minecraft!

July 8, 2012

Skyrim Dawnguard: the buggy!

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Been playing the Dawnguard DLC for the past week now in Skyrim, it’s nice to be back bitch slapping dragons and learning new shouts to illicit fear in my virtual foes. But by the Nines it’s very buggy and crashes my 360 often.

I’m trying to do as many achievements as I can in one run though. I already have the initial 1000 gamerpoints from the original game, which did require roughly two complete replays of the game as well as many reloads going back about 20 levels to complete missions that for whatever reason couldn’t be completed when I had progressed more in the game. So for instance, I do have the Attachments for “One with the Shadowswhere you have to complete all the Thieves guild missions, yet i still have the Skeleton Key which if I did finish this properly I would no longer have.  I had to use a much older savegame to complete the Thieves guild/Nightingale missions since it glitched out.

I could probably do that again in a single playthough now that I know the game better, but even then the game is so flakey and bugs cause missions to be un-finishable that you have to start over to redo those missions that some how get broken.

The nice thing about this DLC is that it dosen’t isolate you from the main world map. So Dawnguard just comes up as another side mission compared to Fallout 3/NV DLCs where you’re often isolated main map so you can’t return to your home(s) to rest, nor visit vendors to sell off your loot. Also these DLCs often force you to discard the majority of your inventory, ditch any companions you had tagging along with you (and their inventory) and forces you to finish the DLC missions before you can return the main world map.

Also for those of you trying to figure out how to start the Dawnguard story line you simply listen to any guard passing by and he may mention Dawnguard and the mission will pop up on screen.  You can also try talking to a guard directly about it, but mine appeared from a guard passing by me.  You can also find Fort Dawnguard at the far southeast corner of the map (Southeast of Riften) but you’ll have to enter a cave first to get to it. I also believe you have to be at level 10 for it to trigger as a mission.

This new DLC brings in two new perk trees for both Vampire lord, and Warewolf with 11 perks each that give you an achievement for both. Basically all you have to do is kill things while as a vampire lord, or a warewolf that adds experiance points over time you can spend on perks. This remains separate from training your skills and character. Which is probably a good thing since I’m sure many players already have maxed out characters at level 100 and can’t earn more XP anyway.

I didn’t feel that playing the DLC story line would give you much experance to level both perk trees so I decided to just go on rampages and killing as much as I can to gain experience and ignoring the Dawnguard missions. The problem is that they didn’t play test Vampire Lord mode much since there are issues fitting under low ceilings in caves, mine shafts, and other places in doors.  Plus you’re forced in 3rd person mode so the walls get in the way of the camera view and makes everything even more claustrophobic. Even when you’re “on foot” as a vampire lord my i didn’t have the headroom to get past some areas. I was forced to revert back to normal human form to get around.

After leveling Vampire Lord, I switched over too Warewolf (just head back to the Companions to switch) and it only took me a few sessions to quickly run though on a rampage to level up on warewolf. If you have Serana as a companion (which she joins you early in the story line) she can’t die so she can help make kills you can feed on but she IS a necromancer so if you’re not quick about it she will revive a body before you can feed. Also once you’re done leveling your warewolf she can make you a vampire again right on the spot. Problem is that after spending all day warewolf rampaging, you’ll say in warewolf mode for a good while (unless your health is low).

BTW avoid dragons while in either vampire lord, or warewolf form since the dragon (especially fire breathers) will fuck you up good. So anyway I found the game to lock up often, and repeatedly in particular locations, while exploring skyrim as a warewolf attempting to level up. Fortunately i was able to level up both warewolf and vampire lord, and now I can get back to the Dawnguard story line and see if i can get the last four achievements with out having to restart the the mission and join the Dawngaurd.

Also one last gripe I think the devs kina fucked up on. Why do I have to level Smithing to 100 to work on Dragon bone/scale armor and weapons when Daedric armor and weapons (which is at level 90) is BETTER rated? The ONLY exception to this is dragonbone arrows which has a damage of 25 vs Daedric arrows at 24.

The only other good thing about the dragon smith skill is Daedric dosen’t have light armor option, but dragon scale does, so I believe dragon scale armor is the best light armor you can get. However Daedric heavy armor is still better than heavy dragon bone armor.

I think I found a sort of glitch while playing as a Vampire.  As a vampire lord, you cast this life sucking spell which works towards your vampire experience for it’s perk tree.  But I really didn’t like being in this awkward form all the time. This one time I revered back to human form while still a Vampire Lord in hover mode, and I noticed I had my sword in my left hand (I usually dual weld one-handed swords) but I STILL had the Vampire Lord Life absorb spell in my right hand. I still functioned and let me gain experience for my Vampire perk tree!  Sure I had a smaller magic pool to use this spell but it much nicer to run around in human form (not bumping my head on everything) and still being able to use other weapons or spells in my left hand, plus still have access to my inventory and take potions to get more magic power.  But the moment i equipped anything in my right hand it went away, except for any two-handed weapons, bows or crossbows, once you unequipped them the life absorb spell came back.

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