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April 16, 2015

GTA V: Differences between 360 and PC and some bugs

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So the day has finally come to pass for GTA V to be released for the PC. \o/ I’ve played little on the XB1 so I can’t really compare that to the PC version, but I’ve been playing the 360 for the past 1½ years. Here are some notible diffrences from the 360 and PC versions, other than the obvious performance and graphical improvements.

GTA Online: Your Daily Objectives are separated between your two online characters on PC, which allows you to earn twice the rewards from doing your daily Objectives. Also if you didn’t complete all three of your daily objectives on one character the same objectives carry over into the next day. GTAo on 360, both online characters get the same daily objectives. If you complete your objectives with one character, they also come up as completed on your other character. They both reset to new objectives every 24 hours, regardless if you completed all three or not.

GTA Story Mode: There are no Peyote plants in the PC version, at least I can’t find any using guides and walkthoughs for the PS4/XB1. This is needed to unlock animals for use in Director mode. Unless they are in different locations, they don’t seem to exist or Rockstar forgot to include them?

GTA V: controls are different than 360. This was changed since the PS4/XB1 release. When driving (A) now makes you duck your head down, (RB) is now the hand break. When driving  (LB) lets you aim your weapon, but (RB) fires it. Which makes it rather awkward since you’re already holding (RT) to accelerate the car.

GTA V: Off hand grenade throws are now possible (also since PS4/XB1) allowing you to throw a grenade while using your gun. You must have (RT) down to aim your gun, and R-Dpad to toss a grenade in the direction you’re looking. For keyboard it’s [G] to toss a grenade while you have R-mouse button held.

GTA online, the minimap has been changed to a faded/blended border. No longer a hard frame around the mini map. On old-gen consoles you could see a small point at the end of the player’s dot that gave an indication which direction the player is facing, now there is no little tip.

GTA Online (bug): Typing [T] brings up game chat so you can say something to the players in your lobby. The problem is as you type the keys are still bound to commands and actions in the game, so all sorts of menus and commands can be executed depending on the letters you hit when you’re just trying to chat and can really screw things up.

iFruit app: There is no PC platform support in the iFruit app (at least for Android). The only reason you need this anyway is to create custom “Vanity” licence plates for your cars on GTA online. The app doesn’t list PC among the list of platforms which all console version are listed. Even then it’s extremely limited and only shows about 10 of your vehicles (out of 30 you can own in total).

GTA online (bug): The game allows a 15 minute idle timeout before you’re kicked offline for inactivity. If GTA V is minimized this seems to accelerate the idle timeout, and you’ll be kicked out in just a few minutes.

GTA V: No support for 2 monitors. I’ve seen videos of players using up to 3 monitors, but I only have two, and I don’t see the option to extend the game out to more than one monitor. I can only tell it which monitor to output.

GTA V (bug): at some points when navigating the menus, pressing (B) or [Esc] to back out or exit the menus to get back to the game fail to do anything. I have to click around or press (RB) or (LB) first to change to some other menu, and then backing out of the menus will work.

GTA Online: Does the ability to text chat [T] turn off when you have a headset enabled? I cant seem to use [T] nor [Y] to chat. There is also no way to bind “press to talk” on a controller button (like the center dashboard button on the 360 controller would be perfect since it’s not used for anything)

GTA V (Bug): The game has real issues when ALT-Tabing, or when the game no longer has focus. It’s even worsened if you have Steam with it’s Overlay up on screen when you alt-tab away from the game. Most of the time you’re completely unable to alt-tab back into the game. Using windowed or borderless windowed mode helps alleviate this a little bit, but the game defaults to fullscreen mode, and most players prefer fullscreen mode anyway.

I’ll add more later…

April 6, 2010

Under “It’s about fucking time” category…

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Microsoft has released an update to the Xbox 360 allowing gamers to use USB thumb drives as normal Memory Units to store gamer tags, game saves, DLC, XBL Arcade games, Installed games, etc. It’s not like we never could use USB storage devices before, but we weren’t able to SAVE anything on them. We could only use them to play media files on them that you put on your self with a PC, or from MP3 players with USB connectors. This function became rather useless once we have been able to file share and stream music and videos from our home networks to the 360.

I also get the feeling that Microsoft plans to stop selling Memory Units (MU) considering how damn expensive they are.  A measly 64mb MU is about $40, a 512mb (½ gig) MU is $60!  That’s a HUGE mark-up for flash memory considering that a 16gb USB Flash drive can be had for less than $20!

The only limitation is you need a USB flash drive at 1gb minimum, which is fine since not even the largest MU’s go beyond a half-gig (512mb) anyway.  Also you can only use up to 16gb which ironically gives you more space than Microsoft’s 20gb HDDs once they are formatted (14.5gb on a USB drive, vs. 13.9gb on an Xbox 20gb HDD)

This update will allow Xbox Arcade/Core gamers who don’t have hard drives to use their 360 to the fullest, since a 16gb USB drive are cheap (and you can use more than one), and allows you to download games, and use the “install” function for games on disc so they load faster.

Also there’s this rumored “Xbox 360 Slim” that may be out soon, which my no longer have MU slots. I’ve also been able to resurrect my old 20gb HDD, using the transfer cable i got from my 120gb HDD, and I’m using it again as a normal Xbox 360 storage device, so I now have a total of 156.5GB of storage space among all my devices.  I first had to dock the 20gb drive back on the 360’s drive bay to format it properly, after that i just hooked it to the rear USB port with the transfer cable, and it’s kosher.

October 6, 2009

Yet another Red Ring of DEATH

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Just as I got GH Van Halen, my 360 died AGAIN!  I had the game playing idle looping  songs while I messed around on the net.  I heard the song stop (playing Panama!) I was thinking… oh shit not again!  Restarted it, and got nothing. Not even the red rings at first.  But after disconnecting everything (HDD, MU, Ethernet) and power it back on a couple more times, I saw the the three flashing Red Rings (top right not blinking) meaning the hardware is faulty… again.

Amazing the last time I had a problem with it was the DVD drive broke down exactly two years ago tomorrow (Wednesday October 7th.)  They replaced the DVD drive and sent me back the same unit, so technically this unit lasted for over 2½ years without RRoDing.  Three times before that I had RRoD’s and they sent me a different 360 each time (swapping my Premium model with the Chrome detail on the DVD tray, for a dull looking Core unit). This will be the FIFTH time I’ve had to ship my 360 in for repair.

RRoD’s are still a FREE repair (and free shipping), and I just filled out the online forms at It was painless; so printed out the UPS shipping label and taped it to shipping box my LAST 360 came in two years ago.  Thank gawd I kept the old shipping box, and packing materials with the “bumpers.”  They will likely repair and send me back the same 360 unit, but I hope they send me a NEWER 360 that has an HDMI port. From what I understand those newer units don’t RRoD fail as often since they figured out what the defect was.

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