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April 2, 2014

My open feedback letter to Rockstar

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I really enjoy spectating from my TV, but I don’t get the Obituary notices of people dying and who killed them. Actually i get no notices at all while spectating (bounties being set, people leaving the server, etc..)
Also while spectating players who are driving fast, I can’t spin the camera around to look behind them to see who’s chacing them, very annoying. You’d think clicking right Stick would give you a behind look but that does nothing in spectator mode.
I’ve also noticed the same camera issue as a passenger in a friend car while in a Mod Shop, i can’t look at the back of the car while my friend buys mods.
While spectating it would be nice if i could see what kind of car a player is driving at the bottom right of the screen.
Would also be nice while spectating the minimap was present at the bottom left, that way i can get a better idea where they are and who’s around them.
I’d also like to be able to take screenshots while in spectator mode.
Highlighting other players needs to be changed from other than making their dot blink. Other players will blink like that when they respawn after they had been killed, and I get killed from friendly fire all the time because my crew mate thinks I’m a target they highlighted from before. Plus this highlight doesn’t seem to last very long. They all get turned off right after i die. Would be perfect if i can select a color for the dot on the map/minimap. The crew and friend colors around the dot don’t really help when the middle of a gun battle.
Often i see people disappear from the players list while in spectator mode. Now some ppl are hacking when they do that, but often it’s because they called Lester to be off-radar, or sometimes they are shopping. I really wish people wouldn’t disappear from the list assuming they are still out in public.
I also heard that you guys plan on NERFING how aggressive the police are.  PLEASE DO SO!! They are more annoying than players! And also quite STUPID trying to do a pit-maneuver while I’m driving a RHINO (tank).  Dumbass cops!
Why do all the female characters look identical? My 2nd character is female and they all look simular, yet the female NPCs all look diffrent, some big and fat, some older, some young, some sexy,, short and tall.  I can understand the limitations for player character animaitons but it would be nice to make my female characters more unique other than just a change of clothes and hairstyles. I’d love to look more like the hot girls in bikinis at Vespucci beach.  Even the female lifeguards look good.
The best looking female NPC is the bartender at Vanilla Unicorn.  I’d love to make my female character look something like her.  Nice hair.. cute tank top.. and a nice rack too! 🙂
Once you’ve ranked to 120 there’s really pointless ranking up anymore. We need more/new incentives and rewards to rank up for players like me who’s been on this since GTAo 1st went live. Because of this i’ve made a 2nd character to rank up.
Speaking of 2nd characters there are slots for 5 characters, when will these open up?
Please let us purchase a Cargobob! PLEEESE?  i have to use my low rank character to spawn one, and then sign back on with my high rank one just to play with it.  I cant see how a cargobob will effect gameplay or harass other player any more than a Rhino tank would cause.
Will we ever get to visit North Yankton in Online mode?
Will we ever get to meet Trevor, Franklin, or Michael in online mode as NPCs? Not just in cutscenes.
When im flying in a helicopter (and other aircraft some times) when the heli fails and starts to fall from the sky, every time i bail out and deploy my parachute, I lose my parachute and fall to my death. WTF is with that?  Even if i get far and clear from the helicopter and i try to deploy my chute, it quickly goes away as if someone hit it or shot it.. and i fall to my death.  this needs to be fixed.
I would like be able to mod my car with different horns (the standard ones) that you get different cars. Most cars have different “stock” horns from each other and I ought to be able to buy those in whatever vehicle i have for a cheap price (like under $1000 or so).  this includes the “Ooogah!” horn from the Roosevelt. Would be funny to put that horn in my Adder!  😀
We also need more licensed music for the radio. I know there’s a lot of stations in GTAV but they only seem to have less than 10 songs per station and it gets REALLY redundant. How about adding in the cool original radio soundtrack from GTA3? no licence fees there! Lots of good songs on that. I know you’re already adding new songs for online mode but those won’t play on the radio. I need new driving music.
I’m also getting really sick and tired getting calls from NPC nagging me about something. I’ve done ALL mission jobs that are out now and I’m still getting lip-service from Simeon, Ron, Lamar, Lester, Martin, and even random calls from Merryweather about not doing things when i just did them.. several times over even. I think once a player is high ranked they should leave you alone.  I’ve also gotten text messages from these characters thanking me for a job i did yesterday.  WTF?
thanks for your time

October 9, 2008

Rockband bullshit award

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There is this secret achievement called “The Bladder of Steel Award” where you play the endless set list 2, with out failing a song or pausing the game for a break.  A friend of mine and I have been attempting to do this achievement for weeks now but something always fucks it up.  Usually it’s due to our mistakes, like one of us  would fail and I didn’t have enough overdrive to save him.  Hell one time I did have enough overdrive power to save, but since I was playing drums it did not LET ME use my overdrive in time to do so!  Arg!!

This last time wasn’t our fault. Once we got half-way into the song list, and right in the middle of a song, Xbox Live disconnect.  Well so what, right?  Well Rock Band 2 has a shit fit and stops the session. Okay sure this makes sense if I was playing my friend online, but we were playing LOCALLY on the same Xbox 360, logged in with our gamertags on MUs.  This shouldn’t have caused the game to even pause let alone to just STOP. No it didn’t even PAUSE the game it just ENDED it.  Normally when you get dumped off XBL you just get a little pop up message saying so, you ignore it and keep on playing.  But for some stupid bullshit reason Rock Band 2 has to stop everything.  XBL has been crapping out a LOT lately since the September 29th when they were offline all day for a big update. Now I’m constantly seeing this message that I’ve been disconnected from XBL. But still RB2 shouldn’t stop a local session because of that.

So here are some tips when trying to get this achievement.  Disconnect from Xbox Live, disconnect the Ethernet cable (or remove the wifi adapter). Play on Medium or Hard so you’ll never fail a song (Easy isn’t an option). Start it early in the day so it’s not past midnight by the time you’re finished, since it can take SEVEN hours to do.  Eat a meal about an hour before you start, since you’ll want to hit the bathroom before you play.  Or at least have one backup player to take over in case you do have to use the bathroom, and make sure he or she is decent at playing and doesn’t freak out over two-note chords. Also make a big pot of coffee, or get a lot of energy drinks.  Home brewed coffee is cheaper, and put it in a nice big thermos, and share with your friends!

Also, My RB2 wireless guitar came with a set of three Energiser batteries.  I’ve been using it every day for like 3 weeks now, and the battery indicator you see when you press the dashboard button still shows full four bars!  Will these batteries ever die?  I’m afraid they will die on me suddenly when trying to get this achievement!

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