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September 17, 2011

Firestorm bugs/issues

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Yeah i know there’s a Jira for this but i really don’t like jiras and forums. These things are a complete clusterfuck and it’s damn near impossible to find anything useful. Half of everything are duplicate posts, which is only due to JIRAs craptastic search function when looking for know bugs and issues.  It’s only the anal retentive jira TROLLS who know every jira post by heart can tell if a post is a duplicate or not.  So i never really found jiras (and forums for that matter) useful. They are a pain in the ass to weed though, far to much bullshit to deal with, only to get some troll to flame you for posting a dupe.  There’s got to be something better. Wiki’s are just as confusing.  Especially Phoenix’s wiki with this horrible color scheme; I can’t read anything when typing in a search in their wiki.

So in lue of that, I’ll just post on my own blog.

Also if you are a Phoenix or Firestorm viewer user, you really should join the Phoenix/Firestorm Viewer support group, there are always helpful people who will answer your questions about the viewer.

AO dosen’t activate at login or when you turn it on, until you move your avatar (walk, crouch, or turn) Phoenix’s AO would run the moment it’s turned on or if you already had it on when you login. Scripted AOs run the moment you turn them on. FS’s AO has had this behavor since it was put into it. (mac and windows)

When detaching an object from your avatar, or HUD, your inventory window pops open. Does this on both mac and windows.

The new friends management system is nice, but it only works per-computer. If you use more than 1 computer to login to SL your organized friends list will not trasnfer to your other computer.  Thusly clean installing the viewer will clear this out.

There needs to be less redundancy.  With the new friends management, we now have THREE places where we can see our friends list.  Conversations window, people window, and now the new friends management organizer thing.

There is some confusion with Font Scalling (used to be UI Scalling) and font Size in a different area of preferences.  These sort of things should be under the same section in prefrences to avoid confusion, and give it some more consolidation for options of a simular nature.

Still having problems with font scaling and the cursor being WAY OFF position in edit fields (note cards, script editing, profile notes, etc) due to the settings mentioned above. There was mention that the phoenix team had hired someone to fix this problem.

Noticing some occasional de-rendering of attached sculpted prims (with transparent textures on them) that dissappear but often come back after zooming in on them or right clicking on a parent prim linked to them.  It dosen’t flicker off and on it just dissappears on occasion.

Can there be temp uploads of mesh for testing, as we can already do with textures?

I make quite a few sales every day and get paid directly, but why does FS have these lingering notices about someone paying me L$? Why should I have to babysit these stupid notices cluttering things up, for something that happend hours or days ago?  STOP IT!



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