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December 19, 2010

New lag, & simulator version notification

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As if we hadn’t had enough already.  Lately I’m experiencing localized lag that appears as a framerate stutter. Basically things freeze for a second, and comes back, and repeats again about 1-4 seconds later. I’m also not able to type anything to chat since basically everything halts. My mouse is still able to move around so it’s not my entire computer freezing up, just the viewer.

The weird thing about this is my Mac does the same thing, using Phoenix on both of my computers. And this has been going on for about 4 days now. My guess it’s from an simulator update they had this past week.

Speaking of simulators, it seems like every other sim is running a different version of the simulator software, and so EVERY TIME I teleport I get a big notice about it being different from the last region I came from. I DON’T CARE! Whatever differences there are from version to version is all the fucking SAME to me (buggy and laggy) so is there away to DISABLE these damn messages?

This is a demonstration of the viewer lag I’ve been experimenting for this past week. Taken at Shemale Sex Palace on the dance floor (no I’m not dancing this time).

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