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February 25, 2012

New 3rd Party Viewer policies

LL annouced just before the weekend, about some additional requirements for 3rd party viewers. My inital reaction was “oh shit what did they fuck up this time?” but after reading it, it dosen’t seem like that big of a deal. On the other hand these new policies could slow down advancements in viewers if ALL viewer devs as well as LL has to collaborate on changes and advancements. and we know how fast LL is to change and advancement.

The first thing they laid out will basically break viewer ID tags. No big deal for me since I turn this off since it clutters nametags far to much. This also means that the phoenix team won’t have to bother implementing viewer tags into the Radar list which phoenix already has.

My theory on this change makes sense to me. LL made a shitty viewer, and anyone seen using Viewer 2 is often ridiculed and made fun of. They are targets for bullies, and it’s a sign of “noob” when you see users run around using viewer 2.

The other change is about online status. This largely moot since the lag is so bad at times that you can’t really tell if someone is really online or not. How many times have you seen a friend online for hours on end, and you IM them for it to pop up saying they are offline? I mean, so what? online status is flakey as it is so this policy change isn’t a big deal.

August 28, 2010

Banning viwers not on the TPVD

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I’ve heard stories of people getting banned from areas because they are running viewers that aren’t on the Third Party Viewer Directory. It’s a very small list mind you, but just because a viewer is on that list dosen’t guarantee any safety or reassurance.  Remember Emerald was on the TPVD, and they still had malicious code in it. The malicious code was already REMOVED by the time Linden Labs removed Emerald from the TPVD, so how exactly safe is this list anyway?  This directory is voluntary anyway, there are many many more viewers than the handful shown on the TPVD, like the Hippo Viewer, and Emergence is my personal favorite.

What I like about Emergence is it’s made by one of the first Emerald Devs to jump ship BEFORE Emerald-Gate hit the fan, LordGregGreg.  He is refered to as a “white hat” coder and was one of the ppl who would look over the code for anything wrong. But since Fractured used encrypted code, and would have the final say before it went public, LordGregGreg was basically left out of the loop.  He was frustrated and eventually said fuck it. So he took the source code he already had of Emerald, removed all the bad stuff, and created his own viewer.

Also why do we need a TEAM of people like “Modular Systems” who come off as if they are some sort of company, who makes a business making SL viewers?  They are all volunteers. Does Modular systems do anything other than Emerald? Remember the Nicholas Viewer from years ago? That was created by a single person; he didn’t need a TEAM of developers and play himself off as if they are some sort of “company.”

So it’s nice to see that only one person does the whole job. We know he’s responsible for this viewer; we know who to blame if something goes wrong.  Unlike Modular systems who kept pointing fingers at each other, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and calming that the dev who was responsible was “punished” when they were still coding the viewer.  They claim the one responsible was cut from the team, then later he announced he quit.  So which is it?  Was he kicked off the dev team a week prior to his voluntary resignation?

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