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January 13, 2014

VMWare player 4.0.6 build-1035888 sucks

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It freezes up constantly to the point I often have to open task manager and kill it, then reboot my host PC so it lets go of ownership of the VM files so I can use it again.  Sometimes the VM files get corrupted and I can’t boot them anymore. This happens with both my WindowsXP VM and Kali Linux VM. My host PC is running windows 8.1 which I could use HyperV that comes with it, but it won’t work on my old hardware; as my CPU lacks some VM component that it relies on, but VMWare doesn’t need. Even if I could use HyperV, it has no pass though USB support as VMware player does with out having to go though some esoteric process to get USB working, or paying way too much money for a commercial product that allows USB.

Previous versions of VMware player were much more stable, and any pre-made VMs used on the older version don’t work on this current version. Which really sucks since Kali and Backtrack Linux distros as VMWare images will not work until they make newer ones. I can still make my own installs using ISO images, but it’s less convenient.

March 8, 2013

I hate my #comcast DVR

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DVRs need to evolve and DOWNLOAD TV shows I want to watch, rather than record shows as they broadcast from the networks. I shouldn’t have to deal with conflicting recording schedules for content that’s already digital.  Since we all pulled the “analog plug” for TV almost FOUR years ago, why are we still “recording” shows instead of downloading them? The whole POINT of a DVR is to watch shows on my own time, and not when it’s airing. Most shows I won’t get the chance to watch for another week anyway. So if it takes longer to download a show rather than record it, so what?

I can already download shows off the internet on demand with out scheduling conflicts. I can download a DOZEN shows at the same time with out conflicts. Who CARES if DishNetwork or Uverse DVRs can record 4+ shows at the same time. the point is we shouldn’t NEED to “record” broadcast shows when they are already in a digital form. I could set up an RSS feed to download my favorite TV shows via Bit Torrent which come with the commercials already edited out.

On top of this my Comcast DVR is not very stable. There’s always a good chance that shows it records won’t play back for whatever reason. NEVER a problem when you DOWNLOAD a show since downloading it always has a built-in check the file isn’t corrupted. But a recording can easily be corrupted and be unplayable part way into the show or it won’t even start and the DVR isn’t even smart enough to skip over those corrupted parts so I can watch.

My biggest gripe with my DVR are the controls. They always lag, they don’t respond to when you press the buttons on the remote. Often times when I fast forward though commercial I smack into the END of the recording, or in odd cases it goes BACK to the start.  Some times i can get it to stop right after the commercial but then it rewinds back like 20 seconds so I’m forced to see the last ad. You can’t fast forward 20 seconds since it just puts you right back where you were when you need to stop it, or goes past two minutes into the next segment of the show.  So damn FRUSTRATING! So I’m constantly doing this DANCE with the remote to get it to play when i want it to. Sometimes i’ll spend more time fucking with the remote to skip over commercials than it would take for the 2 minutes to WATCH the bloody commercials.

I know they can’t put a 30 second button on their DVRs (they used too) but it’s always LAGGING or seemingly freezing up for a few seconds as the show whizzes by and often SPOILING the show’s story as I see something appear, but missed how it came about  because I couldn’t STOP THE STUPID DVR SOON ENOUGH.

Why can’t these DVRs be clever enough to realize that most shows repeat later that same week or even that same DAY?  So if there’s a conflict why can’t it just record the next re-airing of the same episode of the show?  Comcast DVRs are very stupid in regards as to what is a rerun and isn’t.  if it says “repeat” in the show’s description it sees it as a rerun even if it’s the same NEW episode that aired 3 hours ago. So if the description happens to omit that word, it thinks it’s new and it records it… even though it IS indeed a rerun that’s airing on an odd hour that isn’t it’s normal time slot.




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