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December 12, 2009

FireFox All better

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A few weeks a go, I tweaked FireFox using tips from MaximumPC, that bascially involed changing settings in about:config.  I’ve done these things in the past with much success with older version of firefox (2.0 and 3.0) but I’m using 3.5.5 right now and those settings just made things WORSE.  Maybe it’s because I’m running Windows 7 now, or it’s a 64bit OS, and FF is still a 32bit app. (shrug)

Half the time clicking links would stall, and not load at all. Even when a page did start to load up, the rendering of a page was SLOW and tedious. You’ll see the ads and banners appear long before the content, which was just text anyway.  This would mostly be the case for any new pages/sites I’ve not visited before, that weren’t already in my cache.  These hacks/tweaks for FF were supposed to allow the browser to make more connections to website servers, so pages would load faster as well as ignore if the website sends an “ack” so that it will just go ahead and send requests for data, so it can render the page regardless.  These changes did the exact opposite. If I clicked on more than two links after initially loading a page, they didn’t work.  Even clicking on bookmarks would just sit and stall.

So I went back into the about:config to manually undo the changes, but it didn’t change fix it.  So weeks later I finally got fed up and just uninstalled Firefox.  I first downloaded 3.5.5, and backed up my bookmarks before I did so. Ran CCleaner  to remove any remits, though I didn’t clear out plugins, but I did lose all my extensions; no big deal.  But after installing a fresh copy of FF 3.5.5 loaded my bookmarks in, customized  to how I like it, everything went back to smooth surfing, no more stuttering, lag, page load stalling!  YAY! 🙂

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