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March 31, 2014

The most overused face

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OverUsedFace1 OverUsedFace2











Does this face look familiar? Haven’t you seen this on literally every other female avatar in SL? Who is selling this lookset? It can’t be just one vendor, it must be being sold by multiple. Ironic thing about this person above is she told me NOT to take pictures of her when I took these two. Why is this paranoied bitch using “lookat targets” all the time, while wearing a lookset that looks like 50% of all other female avatars, and tells me not to take pictures of her? Why are people so paranoid in a fucking video game? It’s not like you can identify her, since so many ALREADY look like this. I don’t even remember her name anymore (nor care) after 10 mins from taking these images.

It’s not so much that people seem to look alike (to many do), but this paranoid sense that I’m some how invading someones privacy when you’re standing 3 feet away from me in a PUBLIC area in a virtual world. Your local government, and your ISP are more likely to be invading your privacy than I would taking a couple screenshots.

May 19, 2013

Interest List is Sooo complicated.. how?

Have you noticed in the past few months how attachments vanish after you teleport, or objects and structures don’t rez in the area you’ve just teleported too? You have to right click on your attachments or where other objects are missing for them to appear. Many people think this is a bug with the new Firestorm 4.4.0 viewer, but it’s not. This is a SERVER SIDE issue that effects all viewers, including LL’s own viewer. This has been going on for some years now (about 4 years).

The problem lies with in the “Interest List” which is a set of code that is supposed to speed up and prioritize what appears first you you after a teleport. The reason why your attachments seem to vanish is because they actually DO detach the moment you teleport (not sure why, lag reasons?) and then reattach after you arrive, but the “interest list” for whatever reason doesn’t prioritize their appearance to you, and gets lost in the shuffle as to what “should” be rezzed, but they ARE attached.

LL and even the firestorm team claim this is a “complicated” system. But really? How is it that complicated to the point that the way it was BEFORE the “interest list” was implemented was BETTER than having it now?  The basic concept of the “interest list” makes logical sense by drawing objects near you and going outward. But only a committee of coders could fuck up a simple idea like this. HOW is prioritizing objects closest to your avatar to rez that complicated?  Yet every time I teleport I see objects way out in the distance appearing, yet the floor I’m standing on is invisible and my boobs are gone.

All you need to do is:

1) Highest priority to your avatars attachments to rez.

2) Rez objects with in 20m

3) rez object 40m away.. then

4) keep rezzing objects in 20m increments (or 10) until you reach the viewer draw distance.

For fucks sake this “stepping” procedure was used in SCRIPTS by increasing the draw distance over time. This was an old script trick used in EMERALD back in the day. Later it became a built-in function in Phoenix, and it’s STILL present in Firestorm but it’s off by default. You can find it under, Preferences – Firestorm – General – (near the bottom of the list) checkmark “Enable progressive draw distance stepping..” but this won’t fix the bugs with the interest list.

The only thing I can see that makes this complicated is the simulator just sends you object information randomly in a list (probably not a complete list) when you teleport and only rezzes what it sees in this randomized list. Even then it’s distance from you (your avatar) to the object is known, otherwise it won’t know where to draw it in the first place. So what is so damn complicated about prioritizing what should be rezzed first? If it’s too far away, don’t rez it, wait for something else to be downloaded from the simulator that is nearer and rez it if it is. And if all else give avatar attachments PRIORITY!

May 11, 2013

Petition for what exactly?

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Sitting on SL today i saw this petition something about third party tier, and I had no idea what that meant. After reading the online petition wading though the horrible writing habits that gave me a headache; they are basically complaining about the ability to trade L$ to third parties. I have no idea why this person used the words “third party tier” when tier has nothing to do with it, he/she should have said “trading.” My main problem with this petition is LL won’t take it seriously. Even if it reaches their signature goal, or even if it gets a million signatures, it will be ignored because it’s so poorly written, as if a raging child wrote it.

This petition is so poorly written it barely made sense to me. It sounds like some teenage dropout raging about how bad the new Terms of Service (TOS) that LL updated this past week. It mostly sounds like the same whinny bullshit people have been complaining about for the past 10 years now. Issues like “we are gonna lose money.. LL doesn’t care about it’s users… We cant pay our bills… LL doesn’t listen to us.. This is gonna make LL shut down in a year..” bla bla bla.

Seriously people, this kind of rage has been going on for a DECADE, since BETA. This kina shit always happens with any MMO with a sizable community that makes even the smallest tiniest changes to any policy. Other MMOs don’t even have an exchange for their virtual currency. LL has been around for over 10 years and after all the stupid drama LL has pulled on us, they are still here and we are STILL playing it.

Now as for the issue of 3rd party L$ trading, I’ve been using LindeX since it came online. Hell everyone who buys L$ has used it. If you want a better deal then enable ADVANCED mode on the LindeX page, and do Limit Sells, or Limit Buys to squeeze more L for your buck (or vice versa).

December 15, 2012

Rest in peace Phoenix Viewer

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In a recent “Phoenix Office Hour” session with Jessica Lyon, with Lette hosting. Jessica announced the death of Phoenix viewer (play taps) which will be official on December 31st; just before the new year. The viewer will be removed from the main blog site, but you can still download it from the wiki.

In addition Linden Labs will be pulling server-side Independence on viewers (mostly v1 based viewers) that still rely on them. This also includes existing firestorm version released this month. This does not mean that Phoenix Team nor LL will be banning these viewers. They just won’t work properly.

LL plans to roll out a new server-side avatar “baking” system to reduce or eliminate bake fail, so if you’re still using an old viewer that doesn’t support the new bake code, you’ll never see other avatars properly.

On a side note, I found this survey being conducted by the Charles Darwin University. They are doing a study on gamers who play MMOs and their behaviors, feelings, with their avatars. Especially (ahem) if you play the opposite gender than who you are in RL. So have it ago!


December 3, 2012

Joystick settings for Firestorm with Xbox 360 controller

With the new Phototools and Camreatools added to Firestorm v4.3.1.31155, I tried once again to get my old wired Xbox 360 controller to actually be USEFUL in second life. When you plug in your Xbox controller, Firestorm (or any SL viewer) basically has no idea what to do with it. After all Second Life is technically a 3D editor put into a MMO game world. Controllers aren’t exactly meant for 3D editing, but they are useful for 3D gaming, so this is how I was able to get it to work like a standard controller as if playing a First, or Third person shooter.

If you have tried to use it in the past you’ll notice your camera or your avatar will move around very unpredictably.  This is because the axis dimensions in game, are mapped to seemingly random axises on your controller. The viewer will only see 5 of your analog axises.  Both analog sticks for a total of four axises, and both analog triggers are seen as a single axis.  Left stick are axises 0 and 1.  Right stick are axises 3 and 4, and the triggers are seen as axis 2. You cannot configure any of the buttons, shoulder bumpers, nor the Dpad.  However the (A) button is set to toggle flycam on and off, so you can switch from avatar movement, to flycam on the.. um.. fly!

Here is how I have my joystick configuration:


Pitch scale value set as a positive number (as shown above) will give you the reversed pitch (looking up and down) like a airplane flight stick. So with the right analog stick, moving down on the stick looks up, and up on the stick looks down. To revert this, use a NEGATIVE number, this will flip the direction. I found that my controller had a LOT of drift on axis 4,  so i set al my dead zone settings a bit higher than the default.  Also note that axis 5 doesn’t exist on Xbox controller, but I use it on axis I’m not going to use (roll and zoom).  But you may want to change the analog triggers (axis 2) for “roll” so you can get that airplane barrel roll effect as you cam around. For now the analog triggers are used for up/down motion.  When in avatar mode, you’ll fly up and down instead, holding the left trigger while standing will make you crouch. If you crouch and move the left stick you’ll do a sneak walk animation (depends on your AO). While in avatar movement mode, the left analog stick will make you run if you move the stick all the way, if you move it partially your avatar will walk.

Feathering I find problematic. Basically all this does is make your controls feel  mushy, or slow.  When you start or stop moving the flycam/avatar there’s a kind of delay that can either give a nice dramatic slow camera movement (when slider is to the left), or a wobbly flicker of camera (slider towards the right).  This can get really problematic when in busy regions (large population of avatars, heavy script use, etc) when your FPS drops, your camera can get out of control.  If you’re in avatar mode you may find your self bumping into people and end up in weird locations.  So just be careful in busy regions.

April 11, 2012

Why is Firestorm better than Phoenix?

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  1. Full mesh support w/o a performance it, and system instability.
  2. Multiple clothing layers for the same clothing type
  3. Customizable Flexible User Interface (FUI)
  4. Doesn’t rely on legacy and LAGGY services to function (profiles, search, etc)
  5. A much better Radar and mini-map
  6. Interpolates overlapping transparent textures PROPERLY (doesn’t clip/hide)
Viewers based on v1.x have limited life left.  LL doesn’t plan on “banning” older viewers as rumor suggests. However the services they rely on to operate fully will be shut down in the near future. Support for Phoenix is already dwindling because of this. With Firestorm version 4, the user interface no longer resembles the awkward cumbersome cluster-fuck that LL’s Viewer 2 was. Mesh support works better on this, than the “hacked” in support put into Phoenix, which even then only works if your machine isn’t so old that the viewer sets it to “low” graphics settings, since mesh will be turned off if it is. Assuming it runs at all if your CPU doesn’t have SSE2.
I know people are slow to change but it’s time we upgrade. SL may be a 10 year old technology but that doesn’t mean we have to keep using 10 year old computers.  Besides have you TRIED to use a 10 yearold PC on SL lately? …it sucks!  A single core, non-SSE2, 32bit computer with 2GB ram, 128m video card, and windows XP really sucks playing SL now!  And I was using a system like that 10 years ago.  Get with the times folks… or start using a “text viewer.”

February 4, 2012

Examples of how NOT to wear prim boobs! (Bib Boobs!)

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I call these “bib” boobs.  See how they come to a point right under the neck line?  Just like having a bib tucked under your shirt collar.  It looks bad, and it shows how much you have no fucking idea what you’re doing.

Here are some examples.. Click to see fullsize!

Sorry that is NOT a “Wonder Bra”

Totally off skintone. She has no idea what she’s doing.

This one is a classic…
These are BIB-Boobs to the extreme, where it looks as if she may IMPALE her neck with them!
But it’s also set to FULLBRIGHT!  WTH? She’s probably one of those ppl who uses a mass of face lights around herself, so she has to set the boobs to fullbright to match with it. I turn off that crap.
I have no idea what she’s reaching for up between her glowing tits.  I try to avoid AO animations
where my arms clip into my boobs like that.

October 8, 2011

Firestorm Wishlist

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These are just some ideas I have in my head

Diffrent IM sound when a group chat pops up. So you can tell the diffrence between a normal IM from a resident, and group chats

Seperate block lists of residents and objects.  I like to clear out my resident block list from time to time but i usually keep object mutes alone.  having them separate would make this much simpler.

Built-in ruth/cloud fix function in the viewer. Everyone has experienced being stuck as a cloud, and you cannot wear any items because your shape hasn’t loaded. You can’t even wear a different shape since your 1st one hasn’t loaded.  There should be a one click and you’re fixed and then you’re allowed to wear what you want.

Windlight toggle setting in preferences. Rather than going into the console and setting “useenvironmentfromregionalways” to false, which is too cumbersome to remember.

Kill those stupid “chicklets” that linger on even after you’ve relogged teling you pointless information you didn’t care about in the first place.

That said, make region shut down warnings from LL for a rolling restart more NOTICEABLE.

When clicking the [▼] button at the bottom next to the local chat field, the Conversations window should minimize on one click, not two.


August 16, 2011 histaria

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I’m getting really fed up with the rumors, and fear mongering, about what Micheal Wilson will do, and not do when the service will go back up online.  So much BULLSHIT flying around about MW not honoring the lifetime memberships beta users paid for 8 years ago. If all our developer stuff will be available again so we can start selling our stuff, or not because everyone believes MW is an asshole. I’m sick of it.

I think ppl just start this bullshit just so they can talk shit about and Micheal Wilson, and just bitch and moan about things that aren’t even based in reality. MW, and the guys helping him bring the service back online are taking things a step at a time. Everyone wants to draw towards ridiculous conclusions about things so they have an excuse to bitch and moan, and act like assholes themselves about things that haven’t even happened yet. It’s all just rumor and fear mongering.  This is basically the same shit MW was putting up with during the last week was going down.

I’m also tired of the anti-Second Life sentiment I’m seeing with Thereians.  You don’t like it, fine then. Don’t bitch to me about how gross and crappy it is when you probably only played it for 20 mins.  Second Life is STILL way more advanced than will ever be.  The only exception is vehicle physics which is a LOT more fun in than what i’ve seen in SL.

May 29, 2011

I think Phoenix needs…

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  • Radar needs to list names and/or display names according to what I have selected in preferences (Show names) or at least have a toggle between login names and display names.
  • Quicker way to get to my Titles list, so I can change titles quickly. With out having to go though communication window. preferably from the Pie menu off my avatar or nametag.
  • Two separate mute lists for residents and objects.
  • An easier way to mute objects attached to residents.  Currently I have to cut and paste the name of the object to mute it manually. It obviously knows the name of the object I want to mute so it should be more automatic, with out muting the resident.
  • Some objects (attached or rezed) don’t have names, making it impossible to mute, can that be resolved in some way?
  • Wildcard function for object mutes so I can mute all objects with similar names but have diffrent version numbers or model monikers (e.g. *xcite* will mute all objects with the name “xcite” in it)
  • Some sort of on-screen indicator letting me know if I’m in phantom mode or not. That way I won’t assume I’m lagged when I can’t walk. Perhaps some easily noticeable change with the nametag when in phantom mode and this appears on other avis who are in phantom mode.
  • The ability to suppress those annoying “The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.” popup message. I don’t need to know, nor care about that, and the popup just gets in my way since I often place my communicator floater at the bottom right.
  • When renaming an item in inventory that has links elsewhere, the link should be renamed with it.
  • When creating a “new outfit” while in appearance mode, the viewer should realize if an item being included into the “new outfit folder” is copyable, and NOT create a link for the item. It should instead make an actual copy of the item and placed in this folder. Otherwise create a link if it’s not copyable.
  • Fix the mini-map so that Avatars who are over 900m in the sky, don’t appear BELOW you (with the down arrow).
  • The ability to disable avatar physics on a selected individuals instead of disabling avatar physics entirely.
  • Fix IM auto-response dialog so it will ONLY respond to muted residents. What it does instead is auto-respond to EVERYONE (muted or not) to every new IM I get.
  • A new feature that auto-blocks group join prompts, LM givers, notecards, and other such scripted spam right after teleporting to a new location for about 30-60 seconds.  I’m so sick and tired getting bombarded with this bullshit after teleporting to some place.
  • Is there ANY way to fix the issue of being kicked offline when a teleport fails? Why can’t it just place me back where I was when the TP fails, instead of acting like my internet connection timed out?
  • Canceling a TP often doesn’t work, and you end up frozen in place, like I have phantom mode on.
Bridge Attachment
Why does it always need to rez a new prim for the bridge attachment every time I login? Why can’t it just use the same one that’s already attached? If it needs to update the script, it should be able to do this while the object is attached; it doesn’t need to rez a new object and do it all over again.  This way it can attach and update the bridge attachment with out me having to be in land I can rez and build.
Also is there a way to manually invoke the bridge creation and attachment function when I do enter an area I can rez on my own? This way if i happen to login in an area I can’t rez, i can move to a rez-able area and then i can tell it to create the bridge and attach it.
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