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March 17, 2015

Boycott the Shemale Gym

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I haven’t posted anything about Second Life in AGES. SL has been largely uneventful as of late, except for today. I was having a rather average day, hanging out at the Shemale Gym and suddenly I was kicked out, no warning, no discussion. So I looked up to find the owner MarinaMario, and asked her why I was banned, and this was her reply.

[19:14] (You): why am i banned?
[19:15] Marina (MarinaMario): i am tired of those freeloaders who only come to make money at my place never donate just ONE L$
[19:16] (You): i've never made money at your place.. and I have rented signs at your place before.
[19:16] (You): but whatever.. be like that.

To ONLY make money? Seriously, I’m probably the only person that goes to the Gym that actually chats in local. Everyone else just IMs in private all fucking day while Marina her self (the owner) is tucked away in some corner out of public view. Maybe she needs to do MORE at her one place to liven things up.

Okay so besides that, lets assume that she is having financial issues paying her tier. I guess she thinks banning people will some how make her more money? Where’s the logic in that? Donations are by definition voluntary. No one who vists the Shemale Gym is EVER obliged to “donate.”  Maybe Marina needs to find a dictionary as to what a donation means

donate [doh-neyt]
verb (used with object), donated, donating.
1. to present as a gift, grant, or contribution; make a donation of, as to fund or cause: to donate used clothes to the Salvation Army.

verb (used without object), donated, donating.
2. make a gift, grant, or contribution of something; give; contribute: They donate to the Red Cross every year.

It’s not mandatory as if I pay dues for club membership. Besides it’s not like I’ve never paid her a dime in the past, and I hardly ever get hired there let alone “make money.”  She must assume I’m super rich, which I can guarantee you I am not. It’s not like I openly solicit my self by nagging everyone there asking for money with sex. I don’t work like that, hell I don’t even actually “work” until I’m hired. I wait for people to IM me and ask for sex, and then I’ll lay on the sales pitch. It’s pointless to solicit people for sex.

So fuck the Shemale Gym; I declare a boycott! If she keeps threatening to ban residents because they hadn’t donated to her lagged out shithole, then she will be in a world of hurt down the road. Her place will close down if she keeps this attitude on going.

March 31, 2014

The most overused face

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OverUsedFace1 OverUsedFace2











Does this face look familiar? Haven’t you seen this on literally every other female avatar in SL? Who is selling this lookset? It can’t be just one vendor, it must be being sold by multiple. Ironic thing about this person above is she told me NOT to take pictures of her when I took these two. Why is this paranoied bitch using “lookat targets” all the time, while wearing a lookset that looks like 50% of all other female avatars, and tells me not to take pictures of her? Why are people so paranoid in a fucking video game? It’s not like you can identify her, since so many ALREADY look like this. I don’t even remember her name anymore (nor care) after 10 mins from taking these images.

It’s not so much that people seem to look alike (to many do), but this paranoid sense that I’m some how invading someones privacy when you’re standing 3 feet away from me in a PUBLIC area in a virtual world. Your local government, and your ISP are more likely to be invading your privacy than I would taking a couple screenshots.

February 14, 2014

Ten years of Second Life…

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In all my years of SL, there still a lot of annoying things in SL.

1) People still use attached scripted “Radars” (e.g.  Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets) when all modern viewers (including LL’s viewer) already have a built-in people list (radars) that are way more advanced and have much better functionality than these old scripts do. Stop using them already!

2) People (mostly noobs) still send me friend requests with out as much as a conversation first, or even a hello. Since the existence of “social media sites” the concept of a “friend” has down-graded into near meaninglessness, where it’s just a number on your profile showing how many strangers seem to like you. A lot of those aren’t even real people since spammers and bots will make bogus accounts to fluff up other peoples follower counts, and post spam. Second Life predates all of that bullshit, so a friends is (or should be) people you actually have gotten to know. All though SL has gotten more like a “social network” in recent years, it’s horrible. After all the number of people you have as friends isn’t listed publicly on your SL profile (not to be confused for your followers since you can’t control who follows you), so why bother adding friends when you’re not actually MAKING friends?

3)  LL’s viewer disables group role tag text in nametags by default, so users don’t see my group role tag text in my nametag. Which explains why I’m constantly getting hit on by broke-ass noobtards for free sex when my group tag clearly says “Shemale Escort” right over my head. Another reason (though minor) why LL’s viewer is complete shite.

4) Those douchebags who take my freebie penis, and try to resell it in the Marketplace using images of something else. <sigh> There’s little I can do about this since you need to pay lawyers to get anything done. DMCA doesn’t protect creations made my private individuals, it protects large business and corporations from their IPs from being used by others.  The worse part is that I get all the flack from the users who buy these bogus items because  my name is shown as the creator. Even though they bought it from someone else and whoever they are got their L$, I still get shit from these users. People need to check their transaction history to see where the L$ is going.

5) The interest list. After all these years they still haven’t figured this shit out. Every time i teleport, attachments vanish and don’t render even though they ARE being worn. You’d think this would have been fixed years ago, or maybe a work-around that was automaticaly done on the viewer side could be put in.  but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

May 19, 2013

Interest List is Sooo complicated.. how?

Have you noticed in the past few months how attachments vanish after you teleport, or objects and structures don’t rez in the area you’ve just teleported too? You have to right click on your attachments or where other objects are missing for them to appear. Many people think this is a bug with the new Firestorm 4.4.0 viewer, but it’s not. This is a SERVER SIDE issue that effects all viewers, including LL’s own viewer. This has been going on for some years now (about 4 years).

The problem lies with in the “Interest List” which is a set of code that is supposed to speed up and prioritize what appears first you you after a teleport. The reason why your attachments seem to vanish is because they actually DO detach the moment you teleport (not sure why, lag reasons?) and then reattach after you arrive, but the “interest list” for whatever reason doesn’t prioritize their appearance to you, and gets lost in the shuffle as to what “should” be rezzed, but they ARE attached.

LL and even the firestorm team claim this is a “complicated” system. But really? How is it that complicated to the point that the way it was BEFORE the “interest list” was implemented was BETTER than having it now?  The basic concept of the “interest list” makes logical sense by drawing objects near you and going outward. But only a committee of coders could fuck up a simple idea like this. HOW is prioritizing objects closest to your avatar to rez that complicated?  Yet every time I teleport I see objects way out in the distance appearing, yet the floor I’m standing on is invisible and my boobs are gone.

All you need to do is:

1) Highest priority to your avatars attachments to rez.

2) Rez objects with in 20m

3) rez object 40m away.. then

4) keep rezzing objects in 20m increments (or 10) until you reach the viewer draw distance.

For fucks sake this “stepping” procedure was used in SCRIPTS by increasing the draw distance over time. This was an old script trick used in EMERALD back in the day. Later it became a built-in function in Phoenix, and it’s STILL present in Firestorm but it’s off by default. You can find it under, Preferences – Firestorm – General – (near the bottom of the list) checkmark “Enable progressive draw distance stepping..” but this won’t fix the bugs with the interest list.

The only thing I can see that makes this complicated is the simulator just sends you object information randomly in a list (probably not a complete list) when you teleport and only rezzes what it sees in this randomized list. Even then it’s distance from you (your avatar) to the object is known, otherwise it won’t know where to draw it in the first place. So what is so damn complicated about prioritizing what should be rezzed first? If it’s too far away, don’t rez it, wait for something else to be downloaded from the simulator that is nearer and rez it if it is. And if all else give avatar attachments PRIORITY!

May 11, 2013

Petition for what exactly?

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Sitting on SL today i saw this petition something about third party tier, and I had no idea what that meant. After reading the online petition wading though the horrible writing habits that gave me a headache; they are basically complaining about the ability to trade L$ to third parties. I have no idea why this person used the words “third party tier” when tier has nothing to do with it, he/she should have said “trading.” My main problem with this petition is LL won’t take it seriously. Even if it reaches their signature goal, or even if it gets a million signatures, it will be ignored because it’s so poorly written, as if a raging child wrote it.

This petition is so poorly written it barely made sense to me. It sounds like some teenage dropout raging about how bad the new Terms of Service (TOS) that LL updated this past week. It mostly sounds like the same whinny bullshit people have been complaining about for the past 10 years now. Issues like “we are gonna lose money.. LL doesn’t care about it’s users… We cant pay our bills… LL doesn’t listen to us.. This is gonna make LL shut down in a year..” bla bla bla.

Seriously people, this kind of rage has been going on for a DECADE, since BETA. This kina shit always happens with any MMO with a sizable community that makes even the smallest tiniest changes to any policy. Other MMOs don’t even have an exchange for their virtual currency. LL has been around for over 10 years and after all the stupid drama LL has pulled on us, they are still here and we are STILL playing it.

Now as for the issue of 3rd party L$ trading, I’ve been using LindeX since it came online. Hell everyone who buys L$ has used it. If you want a better deal then enable ADVANCED mode on the LindeX page, and do Limit Sells, or Limit Buys to squeeze more L for your buck (or vice versa).

December 3, 2012

Joystick settings for Firestorm with Xbox 360 controller

With the new Phototools and Camreatools added to Firestorm v4.3.1.31155, I tried once again to get my old wired Xbox 360 controller to actually be USEFUL in second life. When you plug in your Xbox controller, Firestorm (or any SL viewer) basically has no idea what to do with it. After all Second Life is technically a 3D editor put into a MMO game world. Controllers aren’t exactly meant for 3D editing, but they are useful for 3D gaming, so this is how I was able to get it to work like a standard controller as if playing a First, or Third person shooter.

If you have tried to use it in the past you’ll notice your camera or your avatar will move around very unpredictably.  This is because the axis dimensions in game, are mapped to seemingly random axises on your controller. The viewer will only see 5 of your analog axises.  Both analog sticks for a total of four axises, and both analog triggers are seen as a single axis.  Left stick are axises 0 and 1.  Right stick are axises 3 and 4, and the triggers are seen as axis 2. You cannot configure any of the buttons, shoulder bumpers, nor the Dpad.  However the (A) button is set to toggle flycam on and off, so you can switch from avatar movement, to flycam on the.. um.. fly!

Here is how I have my joystick configuration:


Pitch scale value set as a positive number (as shown above) will give you the reversed pitch (looking up and down) like a airplane flight stick. So with the right analog stick, moving down on the stick looks up, and up on the stick looks down. To revert this, use a NEGATIVE number, this will flip the direction. I found that my controller had a LOT of drift on axis 4,  so i set al my dead zone settings a bit higher than the default.  Also note that axis 5 doesn’t exist on Xbox controller, but I use it on axis I’m not going to use (roll and zoom).  But you may want to change the analog triggers (axis 2) for “roll” so you can get that airplane barrel roll effect as you cam around. For now the analog triggers are used for up/down motion.  When in avatar mode, you’ll fly up and down instead, holding the left trigger while standing will make you crouch. If you crouch and move the left stick you’ll do a sneak walk animation (depends on your AO). While in avatar movement mode, the left analog stick will make you run if you move the stick all the way, if you move it partially your avatar will walk.

Feathering I find problematic. Basically all this does is make your controls feel  mushy, or slow.  When you start or stop moving the flycam/avatar there’s a kind of delay that can either give a nice dramatic slow camera movement (when slider is to the left), or a wobbly flicker of camera (slider towards the right).  This can get really problematic when in busy regions (large population of avatars, heavy script use, etc) when your FPS drops, your camera can get out of control.  If you’re in avatar mode you may find your self bumping into people and end up in weird locations.  So just be careful in busy regions.

November 5, 2012

Phoenix Viewer 1.6.1 with Windows 8

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I’m sure a lot of users have switched up to windows 8 over the past week.  I my self have been using the consumer preview since last spring on a secondary desktop PC. Phoenix doesn’t run properly in Windows 8. While it installs fine and launches fine, it will fail during login. It will either just hang there not progressing with the login or crash with an odd error message I’ve never seen before.

I’ve told the Phoenix Team about this months ago when Win8 was still in “preview” and they don’t seem to care. It’s hard to do any support on an unofficial operating system that can change drastically from beta form to official releases. At that time I didn’t really care since I wasn’t using Windows 8 on a PC I used full time, and it was a “Preview” version of windows and would likely had been a bug that would probably work it self out once the retail version of windows 8 is released.

So Windows 8 is released. I used the Windows Update Assistant app that scans your system looking for hardware AND software incompatibilities. It did not see Phoenix viewer as being incompatible nor much of anything i had as incompatible  Most of the things listed as incompatible was ironically microsoft software.

So I did a clean install of Windows 8, zapped my boot HDD clean by deleting partitions and installed Windows 8 from a DVD image i burned (which upgrade assistant creates for you). Installed it, updated it, installed drivers, bla bla bla.  installed Firestorm and it works.  Installed Phoenix and it crashes on login.

Quick answer to fox this?  Set compatibility mode for the Phoenix Viewer shortcut to Windows 7.

Right click the icon for Phoenix, compatibility tab, and Checkmark compatibly mode so it’s enabled, and choose windows 7. Selecting Windows XP SP3 will not work. Keep in mind this is compatibility mode, not any sort of virtualization mode. So you don’t need a copy of windows 7 laying around or installed to use this.

Oddly enough if you turn off the compatibility mode after you have successfully logged in, Phoenix will still work. It only seems to fail when logging in with the viewer for the first time after a clean install. So it’s best if you leave compatibility mode on if you have alts and want to log them on, or it will fail.

One last thing about Window 8, or any fresh instal of Windows.  Windows does NOT come with OpenGL since it’s open source and Microsoft is not allowed to distribute it with a comercial product like Windows. Second Life does not use DirectX. This is why Second Life is cross platform since it dosen’t rely on Microsoft. Be sure to download and install the proper drivers for your Video GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and will come with OpenGL. Taken from the Phoenix/Firestorm Wiki…

Nvidia Video Drivers

  • Latest driver Last checked Oct 17– Windows: 306.97 (Oct 10) – Linux: 304.51 (Sep 24)

AMD (ATI) Video Drivers

  • Latest driver Last checked Oct 22– Windows and Linux: 12.10 (Oct 22) – Beta 12.11 (oct 22)

Intel Video Drivers

  • Intel driver download page Intel does not have a universal driver set. Please go to Intel’s site and select the appropriate download.

Have fun!!

September 28, 2012

My first tablet!

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Nexus 7 (16gb model) is awesome but I’m feeling a bit confused with getting it to all jive with my goggle accounts and chrome. The whole google/chrome/android environment isn’t as cohesive as I thought it would be. To be upfront, I’m a google and chrome whore, and a big fanboy of Asus and Nvidia. So the nexus 7 was the perfect fit for me.

First of all, once you the nexus 7 set up you get an instant $25 credit towards Google’s Play store (app store) so I immediately bought Minecraft Pocket Edition, snagged a lotta games that were only 25¢ and some were even free! (seems most all of the angry bird games are free) Still looking for a book reader app for books I’ve already downloaded on my computer.  I can place files on my nexus 7 via USB cable, but after that it’s questionable if any app will see those files.

Comcast/Xfinity has a nice little app to control my DVR but to actually “manage” my DVR already recorded shows just throws me onto their webpage requiring another login (sigh) which really defeats the purpose of having an app if it just goes to a webpage that’s not set up for a touch screen. The app bascially just lets me view TV listings, set a recording, and command the DVR to change channels.

With Chrome on PC/Mac I can sync all my computers via a google (gmail) login and all my bookmarks, passwords, plugins all set up for me. Chrome on android doesn’t do any of that at all, not even with my bookmarks. Sure I can understand Chrome apps from my PC/Mac not to load up on my Nexus 7 (chrome for android) but at LEAST import my fucking bookmarks. It doesn’t even ask for a goggle/chrome account login, even though there is one for the tablet it self. Even when clicking “other devices” in chrome my nexus 7 comes up, so it KNOWS it’s there but just dosen’t really DO anything about it as it does on my other computers.  At least the calendar app works flawlessly.

So far i tried once to use Lumiya on SecondLife, with no real issues other than the inherent shortcomings with a device like this. It works well but it not good enough for me to use regularly. I can’t even figure out how to walk forward once I’m in 3D view, not even sure you CAN walk. Your avatar and other avis around you do not rez; you’re just a grey mannequin which really kills the experience of why I’m on SL in the first place.

It really confuses me how some games that are way more complex that Second Life run flawless on my tablet, but otherwise look like complete shit. I mean the PCs I used back in 2004 when I first started playing SL had much less power and memory than my nexus 7 has now. Single core sub-ghz pentium CPUs with 512MEGS of ram, 1gb HDD, and AGP video card that had 64mb vs the nexus 7 with quad core ARM cpu running over 1ghz, and a gig of RAM, and 16gb of storage WITH a higher resolution screen AND faster bandwidth.

That said I did pay for the Lumiya app, and I hope the developer continues improving on this because what you CAN do on this still cannot be done in an iOS device.

July 10, 2012

The Issue with Bakefail

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I’m no networking expert, nor a Second Like guru but I do understand some basic concepts as to why “bakefail” occurs.

Second Life servers suck.  🙂

When Second Life was being developed, they always had the idea of having different clothing layers consisting of diffrent textures.  You have your avatars skin, the “original” tatto layer that was turned into being a skin layer that we know now (and then we got a diffrent type of tatoo layer), plus underware, shirts, jackets, underpants, trousers, shoes socks and so on. In recent years they’s allowed us to wear up to five layers of the same clothing type. So now you’re looking at about a two dozen textures you have to download, and render for the appearance for your avatar’s clothing.

If you think about it, if your PC and everyone else who is near you had to handle all those textures, plus everyone else dealing with everyone else’s textures (being roughly 1mb size each) performance would drop to a standstill.  So the idea of a “bake” is to simply meld all of those textures into a single texture (actually three textures head, torso, and lower body). It’s just like in Photoshop when you “flatten” an image by putting all your layers into a single layer image.  So now you only have a  few textures to download and render, instead of a few DOZEN consisting of several megs of data, to render an avatar’s clothing.

Now how Second Life does is that this “flatting image” or “bake” is done on the user end.  No you’re not “baking” everyone’s textures you see near you; just yours. Just as everyone else standing around near you has “baked” their own clothing textures. So basically what your viewer does is download all the relivant textures you’re wearing to you, and you meld them all together into three images that your viewer uploads to the simulator, and then the sim sends it to all the other avatars who are in your viewing distance.

Simple right? So why does it keep fucking up?

Problem lies often with LL’s poor infrastructure and how their asset database is constantly getting hammered all the time causing data requests to just go unanswered. It’s not really a matter of how fast your internet speed is, or how reliable your ISP is. It’s just how congested LL’s internal private network (vpn) is. Often it’s not really a bake fail but a failure for your bodyshape to download to you, and if you don’t have a shape your clothing will not render (not even sure it bothers to bake textures if your shape isn’t loaded).  Also re-baking doesn’t trigger your avatar’s shape to reload either. Often just changing your shape even if it’s a copy of the same shape (not a link) will fix your shape, and then you can put on some clothes.

The behavior of the SL simulators and the asset server it self SEEM to be that when you have a bakefail, the servers assume you DID get your textures and you’re okay when you’re obviously not. This is why re-baking doesn’t always work since I do not think the act of re-baking (ctrl-alt-R) re-requests your textures from the servers anyway… it just assumes you already have them.  Often you MAY have them and you have baked your textures but for whatever reason fails to upload to the simulator. That COULD be a networking issue on the users end, but if it was then it would occur consistently.

The Phoenix/Firestorm support team basically recommends to do the following to fix a bakefail, cloud, or “ruthed” avatar. And also when you get errors referring to how you can’t wear anything because your shape hasn’t loaded.

Make a copy of the following items (NOT LINKS) into their own folder.

  1. Body shape
  2. Eyes
  3. Skin
  4. Avatar Hair (usually the balled hair set not your prim hair)

Now next time you’re all messed up, simply right click this folder you made with these items and “REPLACE OUTFIT” and this should fix you being stuck as a cloud, or a default Ruth shape.  Bascially you can use and shape, skin, hair, and eyes you have laying around. The ones you find under the Library folder in inventroy will work fine.  You won’t look like how you want to be but once you use it you’ll be allowed to change into your normal lookset.  As long as ANY shape loads properly you can then change it.

Linden Labs recently announced a way to fix bakefail issues called “Project Shining” by letting their servers render your clothes and skin. Which sounds plauseable, but their network is so bogged down and lagged you’re still going relying THEM anyway to render your avatar regardless how it’s done.  Granted when they annouced this they did say they were going to upgrade thier servers, but they also did say they were going to close down one of thier co-locations and consolidate everything on the other two they have.

Now how is that an upgrade?  If anything that sounds like a cost cutting move dropping one of their co-locations, and then add yet more traffic load onto the remaining two co-locations. That might make things worse!  They did say they were going upgrade the hardware at those two co-locations, and I assume with the removal of the 3rd, there will be less traffic going across the country on LL’s private network (VPN) which will also save costs too but hopefully latency if it can handle that much traffic (since they barely can now).

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag here. In the past, every time they have done a significant hardware upgrade, it STILL isn’t enough to handle the load. Even now with fewer users playing Second Life, it’s still not performing well.  After all any region with over 25 avatars in it will start to bog down, lag, and eventually crash once it’s hit it’s “main agents” limit.  Honestly i think it’s just time for them to just re-think thier networking protocols to something more efficient, optimized and streamlined. Rather than this hacked together crap that they have been building for the past ten years.

April 20, 2012

How to keep Firestorm running stable

Barring any malware that may be on your computer, I’m going to assume your system is clean, and your drivers are updated. Also this also applies to all OSes (mac, windows, linux) as well as Phoenix viewer.

Open preferences – Graphics tab, and Hardware Settings (see image)

Now un-check the first three settings, and turn Antialiasing to “Disabled”.  Also set “Viewer Texture Memory Buffer” to 384 as shown above in this image.  Yes this WILL lower the level of eye-candy but the more of it the lower performace AND/OR stability your SL experiance will be. So don’t trust the quality level the viewer gives you since it just doesn’t really know.  Especially with some v1 based viewers that still think you’re running on a Pentium III Xeon.

Now continue playing SL on these lower settings. You may want to also lower your draw distance, turn off local lights, enable Avatar Imposters. If you don’t crash as often as you were before, or you’re not crashing at all anymore then feel free to enable some of these functions to increase quality, one item at a time, and then try it out for a good while. Once you find the setting(s) that cause your viewer to be unstable, “undo” the last setting you enabled and keep it like that.

For the most part the OpenGL functions (enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer and Enable VBO Streaming) tend to be the main culprits of viewer instability. Mostly due to laptops with outdated drivers and OGL support.  Because with laptops you have to rely on the OEM (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc) for new dirvers, instead of the chipset makers (nvidia, amd, intel).

As for keeping the texture memory at 384mb and not maxed at 512db (even if your video card has well over 512gb) stems from an issue with all viewers (and as a grifer tool) for overly large textures that render and can cause your viewer to crash. Also if you notice you tend to crash as you’re “camming” around your location, then you should lower this setting to 384mb.

Also related is a protection function built into firestorm for texture lagging, under Prefrences , Firestorm, Protection tab.

With this enable should also help not just from crashing but certain kinds of grifer attacks.

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