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May 20, 2012

My Mac Lives!!

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After spending 8 hours doing diagnostics on the harddrive it came up clean! The 8GB of Ram I was using (Crucial Ram) was bad. So going back to the old 4GB my MBP came with, it works fine. Since I did wipe the whole harddrive, I decided to go back to Snow Leopard. There wasn’t really anything special about OS X Lion; if anything it was annoying. Fullscreen mode was basically pointless. I never saw a need for the launchpad. And a few nuances about Lion had bugged me up until recently when I noticed the last OS update actually addressed it.

So I’m slowly getting my Mac back in shape. Spent about 3 hours updating the OS and installing my apps and updating those. Used Safari once just to install Chrome. Then installed the rest of my must-have apps (Dropbox, VLC, Firestorm, Yahoo IM, LibreOffice.. etc).

One thing I’ve learned for sure is to NEVER use apps that override power management like Insomniac and No Sleep. I’ve killed three power supply adapters with both Snow Leopard and Lion (two with Lion in less than a month).  And since I’ve removed those apps since getting a new power adapter, I’ve had no problems since. Oh and yes those bootleg power adapters knockoffs work quite well.  UNLESS it’s the reason my 8gb went bad.  Hmmm…

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