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August 2, 2008

Going back to Windows

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For a couple weeks I was stuck using Ubuntu (8.02 x64) to get on SL.  My main windows PC was kaput and I just recently got it working again (new Mobo and PSU), and it’s a bit faster now.  The one thing I’ve noticed in SL is I often crash the client when I’m moving my camera around really fast across areas (ALT-CLICK-DRAG).  You can feel it about to crash when the game freezes for a moment, and you get the crash logger.  On ubuntu it does the same thing and it freezes too, but it dosen’t crash.  It seems to recover from the rapid juggling of textures and just keeps going. Where as windows just falls over and crashes, which if this happens too often you’ll need to clear out your texture cache (prefrences – networking – clear cache)

There is a lot to be said for the stability of Linux in general, but the actual usefulness of Linux towards end users isn’t as much as windows has established it self as. With the different flavors of Linux (and different choices for X) just dilutes how useful Linux can be since you don’t really have to worry if a particular app or driver will work with your flavor of windows as much as you do with the different distros of Linux (and Unix, BSD, and MacOS).

The biggest problem I had with Ubuntu and Second Life was that while it ran OKAY, it didn’t run as smooth as it shold as it did with Windows XP.  This apparently has to do with how the drivers are install in ubuntu.  If you use the internal automaticly updated nvidia drivers in ubuntu (and having to manually enable them) they don’t run at full tilt, and have some bugs.  When I minimize the viewer and restore it, the screen goes completly black and it’s bascially locked up.  there a little more going on than just that, but the result is you’re SOL, and just closing the viewer is an activity in futility.  It’s quicker to just reboot your PC to get back to a normal state of things.

Apparently if you install the drivers with out X running (pure console mode in root) the drivers that Nvidia supplies are more robust and less buggy, and mainly won’t crash SL when you minimize and restore.  But trying to acctually DO this is a pain in the FUCKING ASS.  Ubuntu dosen’t really have a simple way to exit out of the gui and drop into the shell, ru root, to just do this.  Even then you have “runlevels” you have to change so things run proper, but ubuntu renumber thier runlevels diffrent from the rest of the linux world since “init 3” launches GNU, instead of just giving me network access on the command line.  ARG!  I’m no linux expert but I’ve been using MS-DOS since the early 90s, and even in the 80s I was using command line OS’s so im no stranger to the text screen. But for fucks sakes xUnix command line is a pain.

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