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October 6, 2009

Yet another Red Ring of DEATH

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Just as I got GH Van Halen, my 360 died AGAIN!  I had the game playing idle looping  songs while I messed around on the net.  I heard the song stop (playing Panama!) I was thinking… oh shit not again!  Restarted it, and got nothing. Not even the red rings at first.  But after disconnecting everything (HDD, MU, Ethernet) and power it back on a couple more times, I saw the the three flashing Red Rings (top right not blinking) meaning the hardware is faulty… again.

Amazing the last time I had a problem with it was the DVD drive broke down exactly two years ago tomorrow (Wednesday October 7th.)  They replaced the DVD drive and sent me back the same unit, so technically this unit lasted for over 2½ years without RRoDing.  Three times before that I had RRoD’s and they sent me a different 360 each time (swapping my Premium model with the Chrome detail on the DVD tray, for a dull looking Core unit). This will be the FIFTH time I’ve had to ship my 360 in for repair.

RRoD’s are still a FREE repair (and free shipping), and I just filled out the online forms at It was painless; so printed out the UPS shipping label and taped it to shipping box my LAST 360 came in two years ago.  Thank gawd I kept the old shipping box, and packing materials with the “bumpers.”  They will likely repair and send me back the same 360 unit, but I hope they send me a NEWER 360 that has an HDMI port. From what I understand those newer units don’t RRoD fail as often since they figured out what the defect was.

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