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April 16, 2015

GTA V: Differences between 360 and PC and some bugs

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So the day has finally come to pass for GTA V to be released for the PC. \o/ I’ve played little on the XB1 so I can’t really compare that to the PC version, but I’ve been playing the 360 for the past 1½ years. Here are some notible diffrences from the 360 and PC versions, other than the obvious performance and graphical improvements.

GTA Online: Your Daily Objectives are separated between your two online characters on PC, which allows you to earn twice the rewards from doing your daily Objectives. Also if you didn’t complete all three of your daily objectives on one character the same objectives carry over into the next day. GTAo on 360, both online characters get the same daily objectives. If you complete your objectives with one character, they also come up as completed on your other character. They both reset to new objectives every 24 hours, regardless if you completed all three or not.

GTA Story Mode: There are no Peyote plants in the PC version, at least I can’t find any using guides and walkthoughs for the PS4/XB1. This is needed to unlock animals for use in Director mode. Unless they are in different locations, they don’t seem to exist or Rockstar forgot to include them?

GTA V: controls are different than 360. This was changed since the PS4/XB1 release. When driving (A) now makes you duck your head down, (RB) is now the hand break. When driving  (LB) lets you aim your weapon, but (RB) fires it. Which makes it rather awkward since you’re already holding (RT) to accelerate the car.

GTA V: Off hand grenade throws are now possible (also since PS4/XB1) allowing you to throw a grenade while using your gun. You must have (RT) down to aim your gun, and R-Dpad to toss a grenade in the direction you’re looking. For keyboard it’s [G] to toss a grenade while you have R-mouse button held.

GTA online, the minimap has been changed to a faded/blended border. No longer a hard frame around the mini map. On old-gen consoles you could see a small point at the end of the player’s dot that gave an indication which direction the player is facing, now there is no little tip.

GTA Online (bug): Typing [T] brings up game chat so you can say something to the players in your lobby. The problem is as you type the keys are still bound to commands and actions in the game, so all sorts of menus and commands can be executed depending on the letters you hit when you’re just trying to chat and can really screw things up.

iFruit app: There is no PC platform support in the iFruit app (at least for Android). The only reason you need this anyway is to create custom “Vanity” licence plates for your cars on GTA online. The app doesn’t list PC among the list of platforms which all console version are listed. Even then it’s extremely limited and only shows about 10 of your vehicles (out of 30 you can own in total).

GTA online (bug): The game allows a 15 minute idle timeout before you’re kicked offline for inactivity. If GTA V is minimized this seems to accelerate the idle timeout, and you’ll be kicked out in just a few minutes.

GTA V: No support for 2 monitors. I’ve seen videos of players using up to 3 monitors, but I only have two, and I don’t see the option to extend the game out to more than one monitor. I can only tell it which monitor to output.

GTA V (bug): at some points when navigating the menus, pressing (B) or [Esc] to back out or exit the menus to get back to the game fail to do anything. I have to click around or press (RB) or (LB) first to change to some other menu, and then backing out of the menus will work.

GTA Online: Does the ability to text chat [T] turn off when you have a headset enabled? I cant seem to use [T] nor [Y] to chat. There is also no way to bind “press to talk” on a controller button (like the center dashboard button on the 360 controller would be perfect since it’s not used for anything)

GTA V (Bug): The game has real issues when ALT-Tabing, or when the game no longer has focus. It’s even worsened if you have Steam with it’s Overlay up on screen when you alt-tab away from the game. Most of the time you’re completely unable to alt-tab back into the game. Using windowed or borderless windowed mode helps alleviate this a little bit, but the game defaults to fullscreen mode, and most players prefer fullscreen mode anyway.

I’ll add more later…

July 19, 2013

World Of Tanks

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I’ve been playing WoT on the PC for about a month, and I’m up to tier 5 right now. I’ve also been playing the 360 beta of WoT for the past week, but servers are only online during weekends. The interface for WoT on the PC I still find a bit confusing. There’s too much trial and error to figure out what does what and you can waste credits, XP and even gold if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m also confused as to what gives a tank you have it’s “elite” status, and as to what it means in regards to XP.

I’ve also started playing World of Warplanes which has a much better UI than WoT does. I love how you can compare your air craft against the other team’s aircraft during the loading screen. This is something WoT should also adopt. I did find WoWP much easier to get into than WoT, maybe it’s due to already being familiar with WoT since they share the same mechanic with XP, gold, and credits.

I have a Tier III T2 Medium Tank that I got to elite status. After upgrading and mounting all the best items for this tank, it became elite. But the meaning of it got lost for me. A popup appeared when I did this that went by quick and SEEMED to imply that XP earned on an Elite tank will go towards the next tier, or something, but it doesn’t seem to do this.  It would make sense since earning more XP on a tank that’s fully upgraded would be a waste since each tank you own has a different set of XP. I wish I could read that popup again. I’ve also upgraded other tanks with the best hardware for those tanks but they do NOT have elite status, why?  Am I only allowed one elite tank in my garage, or am I missing something else?

SPGs are fun and it’s nice to use when you get burned out on normal tank play, but initial targeting is wonky. When I see a target in the distance spotted by a teammate, I’ll swing my arty around to face the target, try to look towards it inside my reticle, and then hit shift for the overhead view.  After hitting shift my view position often WAY off target. Sometimes very short of the target, or way off at the edge of the map. I have to slowly DRAG my mouse over (several times) towards the target which wastes time and my accuracy will be extremely wide.

The “box” over the minimap seems larger than my actual view of the battlefield. So while it may appear a tank is in my view on the minimap, I don’t actually see it on screen unless it’s damn near in the center of the little box. If the targeting was just a bit more intelligent when I hit the SHIFT key while the target is in my reticle in my “normal view” it should be in my overhead view, and I won’t have to wait so DAMN long correcting it AND wait for the accuracy to shrink.  Xbox 360 version when using SPG is a bit more forgiving mostly because you can move around the map quicker using the controller.

I’m also a bit confused about radios. If the range of the radio is what limits me to tell my teammates where I spot enemy tanks, why is it i can get intel about enemy tanks across the map? Especially when I’m in my Arty, parked in a far corner getting intel from light tanks on the opposite side of the map? My own visual range doesn’t seem to matter as long as there’s a friendly tank spotting them for me.

Matchmaking seems to be good, despite how often  hear other players complain about it. But there is nothing worse than ending up as the bottom tier in a match, vs tanks three tiers above you. Imagine being in your tier 3 tank vs a heavy that’s tier 6; totally unfair. Xbox is worse, even though tiers cap out at 6, still you can be tier 2 facing tier 6 tanks. I find it annoying that when attacking a tank that’s two or three tiers above you, you don’t make ANY damage. Often I the voice over saying “Critical Hit” yet the enemy tank is still at 100% health.

Driving the tank seems slightly awkward when I’m backing up. I tend to think pressing [D] for right will turn my tank to the right as I back up; like a car. But it’s backwards for a tank tracks? Also why is it some tanks can’t keep moving forward when going up hill while turning. Some of them go into a dead stop to turn. Plus some tanks can barely make it up a hill.

The controls on the Xbox version work well EXCEPT when I need to aim, target, and zoom in to snipe. Moving around is fine, but I get lost as to what I need to press to lock on a target, zoom in and zoom closer to snipe. not as intuitive as it is on the PC version.

All-in-all WoT fun to play but as relative newbie I still feel ignorant about what should be the most basic of knowledge when it comes to XP and how you spend it and where it comes from. That should be something you should learn up front when you’re Tier 1 so you don’t waste your XP. Rather than vague pop ups that you might miss reading and won’t be able to read again.

March 21, 2013

Minecraft Madness!

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So I finally dove into the PC side of Minecraft and bought the game. I can now join multiplayer servers rather than playing single player on the Xbox, since there are no dedicated servers to play on XBL and none of my friends are playing it anymore since it didn’t take long to get all of it’s achievements. Also Minecraft Pocket Ed is a joke and has ZERO internet multiplayer.

Skyblock is a mod in Minecraft I’ve been rather fond of. Rather than playing strait “vanilla” you’re giving a tiny tiny little sky-island “block” mostly made of dirt, a few sand blocks, a chest with limited supplies, and one grown tree on the edge. The trick is to expand your little “island” around, create a cobble stone generator so you can expand it, build a farm, and whatever else.  Since there is no proper “overworld” there is no coal to mine, no iron, gold, diamond, redstone, none of that.

Depending on the server you play on, monsters will still spawn at night however monster spawning isn’t an issue much until you start expanding so there are areas that are far enough away from you for them to spawn (something like 25-30 blocks away).

One trick i learned is to place water on the edges for emergency purposes. If you fall off the edge, you are still able to “move” while falling, so all you need to do is get over towards your waterfall and you’ll be able to swim back up.  When you fall into the void, you’re dead and you can’t recover what you dropped. You mainly need to use a waterfall so you can swim under the island and build a platform under it. This will catch anything that falls down there like sand blocks, apples, and saplings from trees as the leaves decay.

Dirt blocks are in limited supply, and grass dirt blocks is even more rare. If you dig out all your grass blocks then any more dirt you place down will remain dirt. If you don’t have a proper grass field (say 3×3) you can’t use bonemeal to grow tall grass which in turn gives you seed so you can grow wheat.

There’s also one block of bedrock that basically marks your /home spawn point. I like to use that as part of my cobble stone generator as a backing so that the cobble i break down doesn’t get lost falling out into the void, and whatever pickaxe I’m using won’t break it away accidentally. This way i can just keep my left mouse button down as i harvest more cobble. But that isn’t really an option to do that when you first start out.

Infinite water is easy to make, and once you have that made you can make a trough of water (about 2×12) that you can use to go fishing in. Oh and by the way you’re only given one bucket, which has lava in it when you first get it. The water you get is usually given to you as 2 block of ice you have to place and then break (with your fists or it shaders and you get nothing) to have flowing water.

September 30, 2012

Minecraft for PC.. should I bother?

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I’m really wanting to do more in minecraft but the PC version just doesn’t seem worth buying,  It costs much more than the 360 and android pocket versions combined but those ports are lacking in so many ways. The PC version isn’t playable. When playing in offline mode the game just starts to freeze up on me every 30 minuets forcing me to save and quit, which that it self is a pain in the ass since the menus lag too. I’m playing this in offline mode so I don’t understand why performance goes to shit on a regular basis on the PC; must be some kind of memory leak. The $27 price for such a shitty performing game (even in local single player) just isn’t worth it.

1.8.2 is about to hit the Xbox edition any moment now adding the basic things the PC version has had for a long while. So again should I pony up more money for a lagtastic local game or wait for the Xbox update?

April 4, 2010

Anyone want a used PC or two?

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Ok my little laptop is dead, it’s not useable anymore.  I have far to many computers in my home as it is and I’d like to save up for a Macbook pro laptop. So I’d like to sell off these PCs since I really don’t need them. I can’t sell these with an OS installed. At most I can install linux (ubuntu) or DOS.  I’m selling just the desktop computer it self (and power cord) but with out a keyboard, no mouse, nor a monitor. Also I don’t know what shipping costs will be considering how far away you live, and these are fully loaded PCs.  Since you’re paying for shipping you can find your own way to do this.  These are fine PCs for kids messing around on the net, and are also decent gamer PCs; they run Second Life just fine, but don’t expect to run Crisys on the 1st PC listed below.  These are home-built PCs by me.  Anyone interested please email me hugsalot

Desktop PC #1
AMD Athlon XP +3000 Barton 2.2ghz
MSI K7N2 nForce 2 ultra 400fsb Socket A
onboard sound
2x 512mb DDR PC3200 (1gb total Dual Channel)
Nvidia 6200 128m AGP 8x
Western Digital WD102AA 10gb PATA
Plexwriter 12/10/32A PATA
PowerMax 235w PSU (modified)
Generic Case
$100 plus shipping costs

This PC above does have an old 3½” floppy drive, but it’s not hooked up, just there to fill space.

Desktop PC #2
AMD Athlon x2 +4800 939 2.5ghz Toledo
Abit AN8 Ultra nForce4 socket 939
onboard sound
2x A-Data Technology DDR PC3200 1gb (2gb total dual channel)
nvidia 6800 GS 256m PCIe
WD5000AAVS 500gb Green SATA
Lite-On LDW-4515 DVD+-RW single layer PATA
Antec SL300S 300w
Antec Lan party case (has a front door to expose DVD drive)
$200 plus shipping costs

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