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July 23, 2015

Fuck GeForce Experiance

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I had been using Geforce Experience for some time, even before I got my GTX 980 last year. Recently I had upgraded my PC adding a second GTX 980 in SLI, and upgrading to 32GB of system RAM. I had been using the same install of windows 8.1 for about 9 months, and after the upgrade my PC had a very awkward slow boot up, that I now know is due to Geforce Experience software.

What happens is after my PC boots, I tap a key I then enter my password as normal and it takes me directly to my desktop, except I have no desktop icons. My desktop is usable, i can draw a box on my desktop, i can right click and get the context menu, I can use the taskbar, but none of my other startup apps have loaded up yet, almost no icons in my system tray. it’s like half-ready to go, something is holding it back from loading up everything I want.

It will be like this for a good minute before my icons appear my start up apps load and run, and then I can do something on my PC. It didn’t do this BEFORE my upgrade. So I though maybe my boot drive was getting to full. So I decided to clean install windows 8.1. That did resolve the problem with my desktop icons not showing up after login. BUT once I installed GeForce Experience software, this behavior came back!

GeForce Experience didn’t do this when I only had 16GB of system RAM, and a single GTX 980. For some reason GeForce Experience doesn’t like my upgrades. I don’t know if it’s due to going SLI or having more ram, maybe both, but uninstalling it restores my PCs behavior after logging in. So screw GeForce Experience when it screws with my experience with my own PC.

November 16, 2014

The elusive ASUS STRIX GTX 980 and Amazon

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Amazon never had any ASUS STRIX GTX 980 in stock since mid October. They started pre-orders around October 30th, which is when I made my pre-order. Nvidia started a new free game promotion when you purchase a GTX 980 card the following week. Amazon is participating in this promotion.

Since the promotion started after I made my pre-order, I asked customer service if my order will qualify for this promotion, since I technically hadn’t bought it yet since it hasn’t shipped yet, nor was I billed yet. They said it wasn’t because I made the order (a PRE order) on the 30th outside of the promotional period. I was TOLD by Amazon customer support I had the option to cancel my original order and re-pre-order it again to qualify for the free game. They offered free 1 day shipping as compensation. So reluctantly that’s what I did on November 8th.

Now a week passes and my video card has finally shipped! (yay!) Only after waiting over TWO WEEKS since my original October 30th PRE-order, but I didn’t get my free game code. I asked Amazon customer support AGAIN about this and they simply said it wasn’t apart of the promotion simply because the item listed on amazon isn’t marked with that promotion. WTF?

This is bullshit. Amazon is participating in this promotion, I bought the video card FROM amazon, BILLED by amazon on November 13th. Nvidia lists Amazon as one of the vendors participating in this promotion. I almost bought an eVGA GTX 980 card because they were in stock, and I was getting tired of waiting. Granted the STRIX GTX 980 didn’t display this promotion in it’s item listing but that’s ONLY because they never had this video card in stock for the past four weeks, long BEFORE the promotion started. You could only pre-order it. Even now it’s still NOT not in stock, but now you CAN’T pre-order it anymore. All Amazon shows now is a 3rd party store selling the card WAY OVER PRICED.

The only compensation they gave me was free 1 day shipping, but it shipped on a FRIDAY I’m not going to get it till MONDAY. They offered this only if I canceled and re-ordered it so i could get my free game, but that was all for nothing.. What a waste of fucking time dealing with Amazon customer support for something I clearly qualify for but I do not due to some stupid technicality. Even my “compensation” wasn’t even worth the time and hassle.

TOTAL BULLSHIT AMAZON! I think i’ll stick with NewEgg when comes to PC hardware purchases, but keep buying mundane commodities like toilet paper from Amazon.

October 5, 2014

Jonesing for an ASUS STRIX GTX 980

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Last month Nvidia released the new 900 Maxwell series of GPUs  Asus also released their new non-reference designs of the 900 series called STRIX 980 and 970s. These video cards sold out faster than anything since the GeForce 8800 GTs back last decade. These cards are so revolutionary that they actually have “less” under the hood vs the 780 ti cards, yet the performance is identical.

The GeForce GTX 980 reference cards have lower CUDA core count, 256bit memory bandwidth (vs 384bits), lower clock speeds, and lower thermal rating (TDP) than the GTX 780 ti. It’s performance is on par with the 780ti but those cards cost $200 more than the GTX 980 reference cards. Nvidia has truly optimized and refined what their CUDA cores can do since the Kepler series.

Now if you consider what ASUS has done with their version called Strix, a non-reference design, then you’re dealing with an overclocked video card, with a better and quieter HSF assembly and high end power regulation to extend the lifespan of the card when it goes into overclocked modes, and better performance over the 780ti.

The only card faster than the GTX 980 are Kepler-based TITANS which simply have large CUDA core count, but that costs upwards of $1000 which is ridiculous. Imagine what a TITAN version of the Maxwell GPUs could do?

There is no reason why I would want a last-gen GTX 780 when it performs slower than the GTX 980, and performs identical to the GTX 780 ti while the GTX 980 is much cheaper. The GTX 980 has less but does more with what it has compared to the GTX 780 ti, AND runs cooler and requires less power, so you don’t need a massive 1000watt PSU to use it.

I’m hoping to order one by sometime before Halloween, assuming I can get the money together in time when they become available again since they sold out so fast some vendors have hundreds of these cards on back order. I may have to wait longer even after the next batch of STRIX 980s ship out to stores. The  video card I have now is a GeForce 550 ti, which is really showing it’s age now.

April 24, 2013

Linux Mint don’t like me

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So while I’m still dealing with building my new i7 PC, I still have my old rig which now consists of:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (2.5ghz)
  • Mobo: Asus P5Q, LGA 775, P45
  • RAM: G.Skill 8GB (2GB x 4) DDR2 1066
  • Video: Asus GeForce GTS 520 (DDR3 1gb) (low profile, fanless)
  • HDD: Western Digital 160GB SATA HDD
  • PSU: Antec Basiq 500w

This is basically the same PC I’ve been using for the past 6 years, except I had “downgraded” the video card and HDD by replacing it with a smaller, and slower 160gb “green” WD drive.  I’m keeping the Geforce GTX 550 Ti, and my Velociraptor drive for my Sandy Bridge-E rig that I’m still trying to build for over a month now. I just shipped back the motherboard after using two different sets of ram with different brands, and different CAS settings this stupid mobo keeps seeing “abnormal” on any simm I place in slot D1, so it must be an issue with the motherboard.

So back to my old PC; I tried installing Linux Mint Mate 14, so I created a boot USB drive using an ISO-USB type loader, booted it and the login screen comes saying that it will login the user “mint” in 10 seconds. 10 seconds pass, screen kina goes weird, login screen comes back. This repeats over and over. If I manually logging as “mint” with a blank password, same thing. If i keep doing this enough times i get a message that X server has failed too many times.

Apparently looking at the log files, the X server (which is the GUI shell linux uses) keeps crashing. I have no idea why. The video card I have in this PC works fine, windows has no problems at all with it. So whatever default drivers Mint comes with just crashes Mint’s X server so there is no way I know of on how to install it. I’m far too clueless to use the command line to install the OS and manually install a nvidia driver to bypass X crashing. When I do get to the command line, I type startx and it just crashes again anyway.

I just tried a Ubuntu on a boot USB drive and it worked perfectly fine. I even watched a YouTube video that played fine; no issues at all. So is it just a bad nvidia driver in this Linux Distro? This little GTS 520 video card is slow, but it isn’t faulty. I’m gonna try some more Linux distros and see how they fair on this humble PC.

April 8, 2013

New PC partial fail :(

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Finally got all my parts delivered only to find out that the RAM I ordered isn’t compatible with my Asus P9X79 motherboard. The RAM I have is a  DDR3 16GB kit by PNY; a decent brand name. But looking up the ram compatibility list for this motherboard, not a single PNY module exists on the list.

So my first though was to update the BIOS in hopes some compatibility was added.  The BIOS download page did mention that more RAM compatibility was added, but I had no luck getting my PNY ram to work fully.

The BIOS version on this motherboard was very old, so old that the new format of the ROM files were incompatible with the BIOS I have. So I first had to flash the BIOS with a special update that actually rebooted and ran some sort of updater which reminded me of Windows update, with warnings about not turning off or resetting the PC. After it rebooted it let me update the bios again with the newest version that was released last month.

I’m actually using this incompatible RAM to type this post, but it’s not fully working. The ram is running at 1333mhz, single channel and with all four ram modules installed but the one module in D1 slot appears “abnormal” to the BIOS. So I’m only running 14gb instead of the full 16gb.

I’ve tried swapping the ram modules around into diffident slots, but which ever module I put into D1 always came up abnormal. This slot D1 is apparently the “master” slot you need to use if only had one ram module; which oddly is the 6th RAM slot out of all eight. So if I only put in one stick of ram into D1, it won’t post. RAM in any other slot just won’t be seen by the motherboard, as if it was empty.

So it seems all four ram modules are fine, just not kosher with my Asus P9X79 motherboard. So I’m gonna return them and order some ram that IS on the compatibility list. Perhaps some Corsiar Vengeance? Or G-skill Ripjaws? I’m not exactly looking for high end performance, just something that fully fucking works!

Fortunately the new i7-3820 works fine, and I also got a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO HSF which is a friggin MONSTER! It barely fits in the cheap-ass case I bought a couple months ago. It looks exactly like the Hyper 101 I have for my old Core 2 Quad rig, but at least 2.5x bigger. Then again the 3820 is a GIANT CPU with a double latching deal on the LGA 2011 socket and built-in screw hole mounts for your HSF so there’s no need to mess with a backplate since it already has one stock.

It did take me a while to figure out how to mount the Hyper 212 Evo, and it did come with the extra parts needed for a LGA 2011, so I’m happy with that. I just need fully compatible RAM.

June 17, 2011

nvidia 240 GT crashes on youtube

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I’ve tried FireFox and Chrome, and it still crashes on youtube videos.  I’ve even tried videos on Vimeo, same thing. I’ve updated flash, i’ve updated my video card drivers, and then even tries Beta drivers from nvidia. IT STILL CRASHES!

This problem has been going on since I got this video card, but it’s now crashing more and more frequently. Now it sounds like an over heating issue since it doesn’t crash right away. Perhaos there’s dust buildup in the video card and it’s causing it to crap out on me more frequently. I can play about a dozen videos or so before it fucks up.  However it ONLY craps out with flash videos. I can play 3D games all day (Second Life, Duke Nukem Forever, Portal, QuakeLive) and it won’t EVER crash on me, until i wanna play a simple youtube video, it will crash in about 30 mins.


Maybe I’ll switch to AMD (ATI) cards now?  I’ve hated ATI for years for shitty drivers.  But for fucks sake a video card shouldn’t choke on a simple youtube flash video, yet plays Portal flawlessly. Must be an issue with nvidia’s drivers and windows 7, and I’m using service pack 1 for Win7 64bit.  But this problem has been going on long before I installed SP1.

I used to have an nvidia 8800GT w/512m before this video card (it to crapped out.. probably on youtube videos but not like this) but im still using the same install of windows as i was on the older card.  So maybe it’s time to reinstall windows 7 fresh again?  Really?  after 20 years of Microsoft windows we still have to do this reinstall bullshit?  When was the last fucking time you had to reinstall Mac OS X?  Hell i’ve only had my mac for 9 months and it’s running fine.  You run windows more than 6 months it starts to fuck up.  Hell my Mac also has an nvidia GPU (550m w/ 512m) too and doesn’t crash! So WTF Microsoft?

At this rate I may as well go hackintosh on my desktop PC.


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