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May 3, 2013

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition Terrain Generation B0rked!

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Since the last update of MCXE that introduced the End (which I’ve not seen yet) I’ve been having some serious problems with creating new worlds. Since old maps I’ve made in the past don’t have Strongholds, there is no way to reach to the END. So I I have to generate new maps and start from scratch.  Sure sounds like fun, no?

Not really. I end up getting maps with MASSIVE biomes that take up 80% of the map (and as you know XBox edition has rather small maps compared to the PC) no villages, and the other 20% is just some other biome that may or may not have trees. Twice I’ve had maps come up was nearly all mushroom biome, which is largely water, and NO TREES were on the fucking map!  Other times I get on maps that 80% snowland, and one small field of grassland.  Nearly all of these worlds generated NO structures on the surface, at least no villages. In versions past some maps would generate like 4-6 villages! Now I’m getting nothing.  And i can only assume that abandon mines and strongholds aren’t being created either.  But most of the time i can’t do anything due to the lack of wood.

Just recently i made a new map, using the seed “END” since I was gonna work on going to the END, and i ended up smack in the middle of a massive OCEAN that was about 75-80% of the entire fucking map! There were two large mountain mushroom bomes areas, one long desert island that resembled Japan, and the rest was all water with LITTLE TINY grass islands dotted around that had a single tree on them. and yet again NO villages even though i DO have structure generation enabled. Can strongholds and Abandon mine shafts exist on a world that mostly water?

I know on the PC version you have the choice of “large biomes” for world generation, but the XBox version obviously doesn’t since the maps are so small, but it SEEMS like it’s enabled which is why I’m getting such large 4:1 ratios of just two biomes. It really is making the game unplayable. And the fact they’ve added so much to this version with no new Achievements sure doesn’t give me much incentive to play anymore. Seems more fun to watch others play MC on Youtube, which is what got me into minecraft in the first place. Because of this problem, if i use any seeds i find online they just don’t work and end up creating a totally different worlds.

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