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December 7, 2010

Multiple instances on a Mac

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Macs aren’t really into multitasking, even though the OS and hardware is made for it.  For the past couple months since I’ve had my Macbook pro, I still have not found a simple way to run two or more instances of Phoenix Viewer (or any SL viewer) with out resorting to using the terminal, or opening Finder and digging deep into my Applications folder and manually launching the viewer from there (which just spawns a terminal window anyway). All of that adds more crap on my desktop that I just don’t want.

The only way I can do this by installing a different viewer and launching that, but that really isn’t practical. In Windows you simply just run the app again by double clicking the shortcut on the dekstop again; simple. Why can’t OS X be that simple? After all Macs do things in a much simpler manor compared to the overly complex unnecessary cluster-fuck of how Windows does things. Running two+ more instances of the same app should be a no brainer on a mac…. But Noooooooo!

Is there a way to edit the Phoenix icon on my dock, or desktop, to allow me to run Phoenix in as many instances as I like?  I’ve noticed if I right-click Finder on the dock, I have the option to open a new finder window. But that’s technically not running in another instance, since Finder is the core of OS X, just as Explorer is for Windows.  But still if i can have that option for Phoenix on the Dock, it would be perfect!

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