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May 20, 2012

More Mac Woes

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Never ending issues with this thing. There was a recent OS update about a month ago and for some reason it just failed on me during the update but it didn’t seem to effect anything. Then weeks past and apps started taking FOREVER to load up, bouncing on the dock 100 times before the app loaded. iTunes would load up fine then just quit out unexpectedly no error messages. iCal wouldn’t run at all but it at least it kept the current date as it sat on the dock.  Apps were disappearing from my Dock as I try to lunch them and fail for whatever reason. I guess the OS thinks that if it app is broken remove it from the dock. WTF?

Turns out there were permission settings fucked up. Some how the last OS update fucked things up, so running disk utilities seems to have some of those issues but it ended up making the the entire computer useless.  It got to the point where I said fuck it, wipe the drive and re-install the OS. However installing the OS from the DVD would just fail. After a certain point it would error and say it couldn’t copy files to the harddrive anymore. I was trying to install OS X Lion, so i tried using the discs that came with my mac that had Snow Leopard, same problem,  Was my harddrive bad?  granted i did drop my mac a few times and laptop harddrives (and macs) are prone to HDD failures due to this.

So then i tried using the diagnostic tools that came on the 2nd DVD. Hold down D key while it boots into this odd little mode where it does hardware tests. I’ve done this before and had no issues.  But the moment I START the test it just freezes.  Mouse cursor won’t move, i can’t abort the test.  I even let it sit there for about 20 mins but nothing.  The first test it does is memory test and the last thing I need is the 8gb i just bought 2 months ago to crap out on me. So i figured well lets try this copy of MemText +86 v4.0 (yeah slight older version).  The moment that fires up there are errors ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Constant stream of errors that never end.  I still had the original 4gb of ram my Mac came with. I popped those in, ran Memtest +86 again and same problem.

So what the fuck?  Memory controller fucked up? When running Memtest +86, I noticed both times that the memory settings were way off.  It was showing running at 2051mhz listing as DDR3 4123.  WHAT? Both pairs of ram are only DDR3 1067. That’s twice as fast as this ram is supposed to run at.  How in the fuck did my Macbook Pro get overclocked?

Since Mac’s use EFI it’s not like I can just dump into Bios setup and reset it.  There is no OS on my harddrive anymore, and I haven’t been able to check to see if the HHD is bad or not. So I have no way of getting into guts of this Mac and reset it self so it sees the RAM properly.  I thought maybe swapping back to the old 4gb memory it came with would make the system reset.. but it didn’t.  so what the fuck can i do?

So any information would be helpful here.  I don’t want ppl telling me to take it to a mac store, I DO NOT have the money for that.  I barely have any money for anything anymore.  My tech gut tells me it’s just a FIRMWARE problem that just needs to be RESET. The RAM is fine, and likely the harddrive is fine too.  I just need to reset it’s EFI but who the fuck knows how you do that on a fucking Mac.

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