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April 24, 2013

Linux Mint don’t like me

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So while I’m still dealing with building my new i7 PC, I still have my old rig which now consists of:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (2.5ghz)
  • Mobo: Asus P5Q, LGA 775, P45
  • RAM: G.Skill 8GB (2GB x 4) DDR2 1066
  • Video: Asus GeForce GTS 520 (DDR3 1gb) (low profile, fanless)
  • HDD: Western Digital 160GB SATA HDD
  • PSU: Antec Basiq 500w

This is basically the same PC I’ve been using for the past 6 years, except I had “downgraded” the video card and HDD by replacing it with a smaller, and slower 160gb “green” WD drive.  I’m keeping the Geforce GTX 550 Ti, and my Velociraptor drive for my Sandy Bridge-E rig that I’m still trying to build for over a month now. I just shipped back the motherboard after using two different sets of ram with different brands, and different CAS settings this stupid mobo keeps seeing “abnormal” on any simm I place in slot D1, so it must be an issue with the motherboard.

So back to my old PC; I tried installing Linux Mint Mate 14, so I created a boot USB drive using an ISO-USB type loader, booted it and the login screen comes saying that it will login the user “mint” in 10 seconds. 10 seconds pass, screen kina goes weird, login screen comes back. This repeats over and over. If I manually logging as “mint” with a blank password, same thing. If i keep doing this enough times i get a message that X server has failed too many times.

Apparently looking at the log files, the X server (which is the GUI shell linux uses) keeps crashing. I have no idea why. The video card I have in this PC works fine, windows has no problems at all with it. So whatever default drivers Mint comes with just crashes Mint’s X server so there is no way I know of on how to install it. I’m far too clueless to use the command line to install the OS and manually install a nvidia driver to bypass X crashing. When I do get to the command line, I type startx and it just crashes again anyway.

I just tried a Ubuntu on a boot USB drive and it worked perfectly fine. I even watched a YouTube video that played fine; no issues at all. So is it just a bad nvidia driver in this Linux Distro? This little GTS 520 video card is slow, but it isn’t faulty. I’m gonna try some more Linux distros and see how they fair on this humble PC.

September 27, 2010

A week with a Mac

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Yep it’s been a week since I’ve received my MacBook Pro and it’s been mostly all good. I’ve realized that the OS is probably the least important aspect of any PC, or at least it should be seen that way.  It’s not so much the OS but the apps you use on it. Every OS does what they do just fine, be it Windows, Linux/Unix, or OS X, they all do the same thing.

Consider the fact that a lot of apps (and games) we use are cross platform now. Plus consider the services we use (Facebook, twitter, the web) is even used out side of the “PC.”  You can use these service on your phone, your video game console, and more recently you can get a new TV with these services built-in.

Now, getting back to personal computers; it’s all the same hardware. Each OS has its own nuances, and quirks that most people learn to get around. Especially on an OS they start using when they first start using computers. What you see as something common and meaningless quirk about an OS you use all the time, a different user will seem extremely strange to them, almost to the point of hating it.

Operating System loyalty is too much like religion.

  • You have the mindless redneck windows users who amass in the millions around the world, and more and more people are getting them since they are so cheap and popular, yet most people are unaware of the drawbacks to windows and become victims.

  • Then you have the self-righteous mindset of mac users who worship Steve Jobs like Jesus, and pay though the nose for what they think is the “righteous” PC/OS to have. They behave snotty and smug towards everyone else, and since Apple hardware is expensive, they posterize their use of Apple products as a fashion accessory. They will instantly replace that item if a new version comes out; even if it’s just a new set of colors. These people tend to become isolated and stuck in a “bubble” from the rest of the PC community from others hate and jealousy.

  • Then you have the underground fundamentalist extremists linux/unix users who most of them know all the minutia of the internet’s infrastructure and have the power to terrorize the internet at large. We are under constant threat from these users who have amassed a huge zombie-bot army (of mindless windows machines) who are responsible for the majority of cyber attacks and attempts to take down well known web sites as a protest or political cause.

Yet users seem to forget that we use operating systems to do the same thing with our PCs.  We all use the same internet, we all use the same Facebook and Twitter; it doesn’t it matter what OS you use.  The same can be said with the use of religion. We all use religion for the same purposes in life that everyone else uses theirs for.

The difference is no wars were declared that caused millions of lost lives, and bloodshed over the use of an operating system. Plus people can live a life with out religion, you can’t use a computer with out an operating system.

August 26, 2009

Linux Distros are still a pain in the ass

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Wanna know why windows is so popular?  because when you want to download and install an app, or a plugin/addon to an existing application you have, it just works.  Trying to do the same thing in a linux environment is damn near impossible.

I have an Asus EEE PC 900, and I hate it’s stupid linux install.  So i tried Windows XP, but it’s a bit too large for this little 4gb C: drive.  I had been using Windows 2000 for the the past 6 months or so, but it’s a DEAD OS now. The apps I want to use depend SO MUCH on newest version .net bullshit that the newest .net installer refuses to install on anything less than XP. It’s exactly like Linux where whatever you download either won’t do anything since the OS has no fucking clue what the file does, or the dependencies aren’t satisfactory.  What kina bullshit is this?

With Windows, you just download an installer, and it installs every thing you need.  Some installers are smart enough to download the files you DO need while it installs, and guess what it RUNS.  Why do i have to go though so much BULLSHIT with Linux and it’s umpteen zillion distros that are so fucking particular about every little thing that using this as an every day OS is practically worthless?

Yes I’m a linux noob, but for fucks sake how long has Unix/Linux been around vs Windows, or even Microsoft it self?  At least Microsoft shed it’s user-unfriendliness legacy DOS baggage 10 years ago.. why hasn’t linux gotten the same thing.  Could it be the fact that there is a zillion difffrent distros all trying to do thier OWN THING, while at the same time pretending to be “open sources” and interoperable when they ARE NOT to the average home user.  Sure if you’re a fucking unix NERD you can recompile apps to work on whatever distro you’re using, but when it comes to Joe Average tryng to install FUCKING FLASH pluging.. you’re SOL.

So I’m trying this Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my EEE PC 900.  IT SUCKS.  It has a nice looking UI that it calls it’s “netbook dekstop” that has all the apps you need to use right on screen, but it’s so fucking SLOW.  MY mouse skips and studders making me over shoot the icons of the apps I want to launch.  Ironically it looks like some kina bogged down FLASH GUI animation, since the icons pop when you hover over them, but it just makes my netbook choak. Fortunately you can turn this POS off and just get a normal GNOME desktop that doesn’t make my mouse stutter across my screen.

It comes with FireFox preinstalled (3.0.8) but it doesn’t come with flash plugin. So trying to download the flash plugin for it doesn’t work for the exact reasons i mentioned above.  No point surfing the web with out flash.

So I’m at a loss here.. what the fuck can I run on this shitty little netbook with it’s ANNOYING LOUD CLICKING FAN!  Man I sure did waste $600 on this little pile of shit.

UPDATE: Ubuntu updated it self allowing me to install Flash into FireFox. And the installer applet was then smart enough to install any dependancies it needed, and it installed fine. Yay!  From there I was able to also install Second Life, but it runs horribly on this little lappy. Next I’ll try QuakeLive.

August 2, 2008

Going back to Windows

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For a couple weeks I was stuck using Ubuntu (8.02 x64) to get on SL.  My main windows PC was kaput and I just recently got it working again (new Mobo and PSU), and it’s a bit faster now.  The one thing I’ve noticed in SL is I often crash the client when I’m moving my camera around really fast across areas (ALT-CLICK-DRAG).  You can feel it about to crash when the game freezes for a moment, and you get the crash logger.  On ubuntu it does the same thing and it freezes too, but it dosen’t crash.  It seems to recover from the rapid juggling of textures and just keeps going. Where as windows just falls over and crashes, which if this happens too often you’ll need to clear out your texture cache (prefrences – networking – clear cache)

There is a lot to be said for the stability of Linux in general, but the actual usefulness of Linux towards end users isn’t as much as windows has established it self as. With the different flavors of Linux (and different choices for X) just dilutes how useful Linux can be since you don’t really have to worry if a particular app or driver will work with your flavor of windows as much as you do with the different distros of Linux (and Unix, BSD, and MacOS).

The biggest problem I had with Ubuntu and Second Life was that while it ran OKAY, it didn’t run as smooth as it shold as it did with Windows XP.  This apparently has to do with how the drivers are install in ubuntu.  If you use the internal automaticly updated nvidia drivers in ubuntu (and having to manually enable them) they don’t run at full tilt, and have some bugs.  When I minimize the viewer and restore it, the screen goes completly black and it’s bascially locked up.  there a little more going on than just that, but the result is you’re SOL, and just closing the viewer is an activity in futility.  It’s quicker to just reboot your PC to get back to a normal state of things.

Apparently if you install the drivers with out X running (pure console mode in root) the drivers that Nvidia supplies are more robust and less buggy, and mainly won’t crash SL when you minimize and restore.  But trying to acctually DO this is a pain in the FUCKING ASS.  Ubuntu dosen’t really have a simple way to exit out of the gui and drop into the shell, ru root, to just do this.  Even then you have “runlevels” you have to change so things run proper, but ubuntu renumber thier runlevels diffrent from the rest of the linux world since “init 3” launches GNU, instead of just giving me network access on the command line.  ARG!  I’m no linux expert but I’ve been using MS-DOS since the early 90s, and even in the 80s I was using command line OS’s so im no stranger to the text screen. But for fucks sakes xUnix command line is a pain.

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