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May 19, 2013

Interest List is Sooo complicated.. how?

Have you noticed in the past few months how attachments vanish after you teleport, or objects and structures don’t rez in the area you’ve just teleported too? You have to right click on your attachments or where other objects are missing for them to appear. Many people think this is a bug with the new Firestorm 4.4.0 viewer, but it’s not. This is a SERVER SIDE issue that effects all viewers, including LL’s own viewer. This has been going on for some years now (about 4 years).

The problem lies with in the “Interest List” which is a set of code that is supposed to speed up and prioritize what appears first you you after a teleport. The reason why your attachments seem to vanish is because they actually DO detach the moment you teleport (not sure why, lag reasons?) and then reattach after you arrive, but the “interest list” for whatever reason doesn’t prioritize their appearance to you, and gets lost in the shuffle as to what “should” be rezzed, but they ARE attached.

LL and even the firestorm team claim this is a “complicated” system. But really? How is it that complicated to the point that the way it was BEFORE the “interest list” was implemented was BETTER than having it now?  The basic concept of the “interest list” makes logical sense by drawing objects near you and going outward. But only a committee of coders could fuck up a simple idea like this. HOW is prioritizing objects closest to your avatar to rez that complicated?  Yet every time I teleport I see objects way out in the distance appearing, yet the floor I’m standing on is invisible and my boobs are gone.

All you need to do is:

1) Highest priority to your avatars attachments to rez.

2) Rez objects with in 20m

3) rez object 40m away.. then

4) keep rezzing objects in 20m increments (or 10) until you reach the viewer draw distance.

For fucks sake this “stepping” procedure was used in SCRIPTS by increasing the draw distance over time. This was an old script trick used in EMERALD back in the day. Later it became a built-in function in Phoenix, and it’s STILL present in Firestorm but it’s off by default. You can find it under, Preferences – Firestorm – General – (near the bottom of the list) checkmark “Enable progressive draw distance stepping..” but this won’t fix the bugs with the interest list.

The only thing I can see that makes this complicated is the simulator just sends you object information randomly in a list (probably not a complete list) when you teleport and only rezzes what it sees in this randomized list. Even then it’s distance from you (your avatar) to the object is known, otherwise it won’t know where to draw it in the first place. So what is so damn complicated about prioritizing what should be rezzed first? If it’s too far away, don’t rez it, wait for something else to be downloaded from the simulator that is nearer and rez it if it is. And if all else give avatar attachments PRIORITY!

February 25, 2012

New 3rd Party Viewer policies

LL annouced just before the weekend, about some additional requirements for 3rd party viewers. My inital reaction was “oh shit what did they fuck up this time?” but after reading it, it dosen’t seem like that big of a deal. On the other hand these new policies could slow down advancements in viewers if ALL viewer devs as well as LL has to collaborate on changes and advancements. and we know how fast LL is to change and advancement.

The first thing they laid out will basically break viewer ID tags. No big deal for me since I turn this off since it clutters nametags far to much. This also means that the phoenix team won’t have to bother implementing viewer tags into the Radar list which phoenix already has.

My theory on this change makes sense to me. LL made a shitty viewer, and anyone seen using Viewer 2 is often ridiculed and made fun of. They are targets for bullies, and it’s a sign of “noob” when you see users run around using viewer 2.

The other change is about online status. This largely moot since the lag is so bad at times that you can’t really tell if someone is really online or not. How many times have you seen a friend online for hours on end, and you IM them for it to pop up saying they are offline? I mean, so what? online status is flakey as it is so this policy change isn’t a big deal.

September 7, 2010

A disbanned Team has a hissy fit

Gawd, just when you think this Emerald-Gate bullshit is over.. it keeps on going.

I checked on the Emerald blog tonight, not really expecting anything, since after all, the Emerald team dosen’t exist anymore, right?  So on the heels of Linden Lab’s announcement that they are going to block  ALL versions of Emerald to connect to Second Life, Arabella has a tantrum “Fuck you LL” post on the Emerald Blog about it.

I wrote some choice words asking why Arabella cares anymore, and throwing shit back at HER since he’s obviously on the verge of nervous breakdown. Arabella’s attitude just pisses me off! This old euro trash hag has her granny-panties all up in a bunch over something THEY GAVE UP ON.

However this blog posts has commenting set to be “approved” by a moderator, and most of the time they never approve of my posts.  But hey! I have my own fucking blog right?

So please go ahead and read Arabells histarical rant first, and perhaps the other pre-approved ass-kissing comments on it, and then come back to me.

Welcome back, and here’s my comment that I posted but won’t get approved on their blog.

Dear Arabella Steadham,

Why do you care anymore Arabella? Who’s left at Modular systems to give a shit anymore since you all disbanded the Emerald team anyway?

Why do you BOTHER to be bitter about this when you all chose to take the responsibility of Emerald-Gate by disbanding the team, and orphaning your users? That’s sad but fine. Shit happens and you move on with your life. That’s the normal approach….

*BUT* here you are a week later and you’re throwing shit towards LL, like brat having a tantrum. Why? Over something isn’t your fucking problem anymore!  Right?  You guys made one final build of the Emerald viewer, packed your shit and quit. With no intentions of making newer versions. So why bother ranting on this blog acting like a victim because LL is banning an *orphaned* viewer?  The fact it’s orphaned now gives it a short life anyway.  LL banning it’s use on the grid is just a mercy killing. (which is rare since LL likes to let problems linger on for years…)

Don’t you see that there’s something wrong (perhaps a bit psycho) with this sad tantrum post?

Arabella, Emerald-Gate never really WAS your problem in the first place, since you’re not a coder, you weren’t the one that put the malware code into the software… did you?  We were all told that  the person responsible for Emerald Gate was “punished” and/or already removed from the team. Then a day or later Fractured takes responsibility and posts his resignation.

Arabella you’re a complete fucktard and you have no integrity to speak of. The Pot is on the phone, and would like to have a word with you Arabella. You were not a dev for the emerald team, you don’t code. You’re basically a spin-doctor bullshit spewing spokesperson. You’re just a keyboard monkey typing words into a wordpress blog (a highly regarded position to say the least, they pay in bananas).

You were easily manipulated by Phox, Fractured and Jessica for what you typed on this blog, and a lot of it was misleading, if not out right BULLSHIT. You’re as much of a puppet for Phox, Fractured and Jessica than Oz ever was for LL; the only difference is Oz gets a paycheck.

Ethics indeed?  Or is it just blissful incompetent ignorance?

So, please with sugar on top. It’s OVER, it’s BEEN over in many minds of your users since you CHOSE TO ORPHAN all of your users, LL is just doing you a fucking favor for banning the viewer from the grid. This blog post is just a desperate cry for what’s left of pathetic team that made an epic fail. Get over it. Shut the fuck up already Arabella, and stop talking out of your ass as you blow smoke up ours.

__HUGSaLOT Valkyrie

August 23, 2010

Emerald dust has settled…

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After digesting what has happened this past weekend, it really does seem that it was really blown out of proportions.  Not to defend with Fractured Crystal did, but then again what he did do ended up rather benign. However the malicious intent was clear, regardless that bringing down that blog site failed.

One totally coincidental thing that was planned months in advance, was the booking of Emerald Devs on the show “Tonight Live” which is an in-world talk show interviewing avatars with voice chat. Streamed live every Sunday night. Very well and highly professional production. Emerald-Gate happened, Fractured quit,  Arabella also quit, and there was almost no show.  Read about Behind the Scenes Paisley Beebe posted on her blog after the show was over.

During the show (posted here) Arabella and Jessica really did redeem themselves, especially Arabella. So much so that I recant my “Fuck you Modular Systems” line from yesterday to:


Arabella was the one who wrote the original so-called apology Shenanigans post, stating it wasn’t a DDoS attack, and it was a prank, and so forth. Arabella admits she was lied and manipulated by Fractured. After all she is NOT a dev, she dosen’t program, and I don’t know to the extent of her technical knowledge. So she relied on everything Fracture told her, which was all bullshit.

When she realized this, she too quit the team, but I never did see any announcement of her doing that.  In fact all these blog posts were signed off as if the entire emerald team had wrote it (which they did colaborate together with Arabella typing it up, there is a youtube video of them text and voice chatting). She did say on Tonight Live she had quit, but at the same time she said she reorganized the entire Emerld Dev team, started a new domain and they are starting over.

On a side note, after reading the Behind the Scenes post from Paisley,what I saw EXTREMELY hypocritical is how the production of “Tonight Live” was griefed by a bunch of assholes, because of what Fractured did.  Arabella and Jessica had nothing to do with this, and were manipulated by Fractured.  Griefing caused so much lag, and crashed avatars logged into the sim, as they were forced to leave the sim and goto a secret location and do the show with out a live audience.  I find this completely hypocritical.  These people wanted to punish the Emerald team for DoS attacks by attacking the sim with DoS attacks?  Fuck you!

As for going back to using Emerald Viewer; not yet.  The current “official” build 1636 isn’t based on any thing they had been doing in betas for the past month.  No alpha masks, no colored nametags, no extended inspect mode, nada.  I still have the 2439 build that was pulled,  and i know those “hidden frames” to boost traffic for that guys’ bog page are gone, i still don’t feel comfortable since it STILL contains emkdu code which they can still push code updates to do more of this kina bullshit.  Not that i expect the emerald team will do this again, but any other grifer will probably take advantage of it.

So.. after waiting about a MONTH since 2439 build for an update, members of the Dev team having hissy-fits and leaving, and ironically ex-Lindens joining the Emerald team, and then the fiasco that’s called “Emerald-gate,” hopefully by now they can sit down and RELEASE A NEW BETA FOR FUCKS SAKE!

So, I’ll keep using Imprudence viewer, but I still find it very LACKING that Emerald’s beta has spoiled me with. They list so many features that Emerald has too, but WHERE the fuck are they in Imprudence? I’m starting not to like having the radar list attached to the minimap, since the list is SO TINY, and it doesn’t have a lot of info in it.  Just to read it you have to enlarge the minimap to an obnoxious size, and there’s no cam-tracking function!  I also miss emeralds spell checker.

August 21, 2010

Emerald Gate, and Imprudence viewer

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I’m sure you’re all aware as to what happened. A member of the Emerald team modified the log-in screen to, in effect, cause a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack a website that apparently blogs critiques Emerald viewer. Jezzuz, should I worry? Anyway, the individual who had no accomplices that anyone out side of Modular systems is aware of (or has admitted to), was kicked off the Emerald team.

Oddly, two former Lindens joined the team. However these former Lindens are still jobless, no one who works on Emerald actually gets paid, do they?  I mean does Modular Systems do anything else but work on Viewers?  Even the person who DID DDoS attack said he dosen’t get paid.

Now there’s word that Linden Labs will drop Emerald from their “approved” Third Party Viewers Directory (TPV). However there’s two problems with that.  LL’s policy on TPV states:

(2. d. iii) You must not launch Denial of Service (“DoS”) attacks, engage in griefing, or distribute other functionality that Linden Lab considers harmful or disruptive to Second Life or the Second Life community.

This DDoS attack was NOT against Linden Labs, nor the Second Life grid it self, or any particular user. Unless the claim can be made that the victim’s website is apart of the “second life community,” then it this might hold up. However Modular Systems claims the website that was attacked is a blog owned by a creator of a malicious viewer, not just a critique of the Emerald viewer, which even I am one.

Secondly and most importantly the Third Party Viewer Directory is bullshit. They do not enforce this policy what-so-ever. You can use any client software viewer you want on Second Life. It’s just how LL washes their hands of the responsibility if a 3rd party viewer does something naughty. If they REALLY could enforce this policy, then copybot viewers would have been banned YEARS AGO.

Now the reasons I’m dumping emerald, isn’t just because of Emerald-gate, but the smoke they kept blowing up our asses for the past month on their blog.  Since build 2439 was out, the blog stated they would have a new release candidate (RC) in about 2-3 days.  Weeks later nothing! Then they pulled 2439 off their blog and was no longer available due to “security issues.”  My guess is this was the build was causing the DDoS attacks. Which doesn’t make much sense since this build was out more than a week before August 9th; the date when the DDoS attacks apparently started.

The thing that really bugs the hell out of me is what the Emerald team said after the shit already hit the fan.  They tried to pass it off as an apology. Saying this was not a DDoS attack is a FLAT OUT FUCKING LIE. They used ME, and thousands of other users as a BOT NET to connect to a remote website EN MASS to attempt to overload a web server.  That’s the CLASSIC definition of a DDoS attack even if the attack wasn’t successful at taking the website offline. How DARE they low-ball this scandal with a post calling it a prank?  Pranks are usually funny and are usually NOTICEABLE by everyone involved, otherwise who’d laugh?  But we were in the total dark about this so-called “prank”.  Besides breaking federal LAWS and possibly incriminating ME, and thousands of other unknowing participants can get us *all* into trouble IS NOT FUNNY!

FUCK YOU Modular Systems!

Now with that off my back….

Imprudence is a lot like Emerald, it has a lot of the same functions and whatnots.  One thing so like is that the “radar” is apart of the minimap, as a colapsable little list, with the same functions as Emeralds Radar, but there is a lot less information on this radar list (ages, actions, viewer, etc)

Also the built-in AO in Imprudence has an option where you can put the AO on/off button in the lower bar, next to the local chat dialog.  nifty.

The one thing Imprudence lacks that Emerald has is a HUGE preferences page setting for really advanced options to tweak everything.  Like you’re able to mute the spam that the radar sends out, but on Imprudence there seems to be no way to do this.

I also noticed that Imprudence uses a different font for all text.  It seems to be using Veranda, which is fine, but why not have an option here i can use whatever font I have?

I don’t like how the profile dialog looks in Imprudence. I’ll probably get used to it, but Emerald had the function to “full size” the images on profiles so you can see them in their full resolution.

I also miss the spell check Emerald has. Double Click teleports, and a few other things I’m a little to tired to remember right now.  It’s well past midnight, and I should sleep.

August 9, 2010


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What the fuck is wrong with second life? Nothing works, everything glacially lagged, my avatar never seems to rez, everyone is a cloud or gray, error messages spew about how gestures and inventory wasn’t found, constantly getting logged out of the sim because it times out since there’s so much fucking lag. WHAT THE FUCK LINDEN LABS?

So you laid off 30% of your work force, your short lived CEO quit, and a few other employees jumped ship. So you must have some extra cash floating around from payroll to get things fixed up. Plus there’s the millions of L$ that goes though BOTH market exchanges (LindeX, and XStreet) that you guys take a cut from every transaction; yet you can’t seem to scrape up enough money for faster asset servers that don’t have a meltdown every SIX months, and better internal network?  Shit maybe if you didn’t have several co-locations AROUND THE COUNTRY, your VPN wouldn’t be so congested?

Who bothers with JIRA anyway? It’s a pain in the ass to search for an issue so you don’t dupe a JIRA problem. When you do post an issue, some asshole (who isn’t a LL employee) who does nothing in his life but troll and track everything that is the JIRA, has to point out that your post is a dupe, that’s probably been there for over a year but one one else has read it.  Let alone any LL employee has read it, yet will act surprised and apologetic by the issue, as if they never heard of this tired old issues before… assuming anyone bothers to point it out to a Linden.

You know the Lindens don’t bother reading JIRA posts, since it’s no different than anything else. Hundreds of dupes, people complaining and whining, flame wars, plus spam. So it’s like weeding though  Email, or worse message forums!  So most people just don’t bother with that crap, and so the JIRA is no better than a forum post, or an Email lost in a pile of spam.  JIRA is just a waste of time.

So what is left for us residents to do to get ANYTHING done on Second Life?  Sit around and bitch about lag as we wait an hour for our avatars to rez?  Gets really boring you know.

June 24, 2010

M Linden steps down

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All day I kept reading tweets from SecondLie that M Linden (Mark Kingdon) was fired/laid off, or has quit his CEO position at Linden Labs.  After finnally seeing a blog post from Phillip Linden announcing that M Linden has left LL, and Phillip has been named “interim” CEO, and CFO Bob Komin has been promoted to COO (meaningless alphabet soup). Also see PR Newswire about it.

It’s lovely to see all the ass kissing, thank-yous, and praises towards M Linden for his “contributions” which were what exactly? He barely had this CEO role for six months, so what contributions could have have possibly done? As far as I can tell nothing. I don’t blame him directly for technical problems with LL (Mono script load bugs, excessive lag, shitty Viewer 2, broken search engine, did i mention lag?. That’s all networking/programming problems and as far as i know Mark isn’t a programmer… is he?

However, I can blame him for the layoffs two weeks ago that caused the value of L$ to drop to shit, and it’s only recovered marginally, but I’ve already lost money from this fiasco. And now he leaves his position; why?  Is he ashamed for what little to nothing he’s done?  Were the policies he tried to put in place were a failure, because he ignored what actually makes Second Life work (adult content and activities).  Now that he’s gone and Phillip is back in the commanders chair, will he reverse the bullshit M Linden put forward, or will he continue to do what M was trying to do?

Do CEOs really do ANYTHING in the best interest their customers (residents) really want, no they do things in the best interest of the company they work for (remember CEOs are HIRED by the company like any other employee, it’s not like CEOs own the company) and spin-doctor it to make it sound like the customers are getting “more choice/value/content/fun” when in reality residents are being censored and segregated.

June 9, 2010

Linden Labs lays of 30%

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Reading a Cnet article about that Linden Labs is up too, after an announcement of the layoffs the current CEO Mark Kingdon spouts:

”Today’s announcement about our reorganization will help us make Second Life even simpler, more enjoyable, relevant and engaging for consumers starting with their first experience. It will also enable us to invest in bringing 3D to the Web and will strengthen our profitability.”

What a complete bullshit. I mean what else can you expect from a talking head CEO? All they do is speak in double talk and lawyer onlooking spin-doctor jargon.  But if you read it again it sounds like to me they are paying more attention to “first user experiences.” which means they don’t give a FUCK about us old folks.

This article also points out ”a devoted base of hardcore users have kept it more than afloat” implying that everyone else just gets burned out and leaves after playing for a short while.  It’s it’s clear to Cnet that it’s the old-school user base (ME!) on SL that keeps it online and running, why dosen’t Linden Labs see this?

Why does Linden Labs see them selves as a virtual tobacco company?  Where customers get addicted, and then die off, so the company has to keep marketing to NEW users, rather than appeasing their existing users.  LL doesn’t give a shit about existing users once you have drank the LL Kool-aid and paid thousands of dollars for fake land. All they care about is getting the next user hooked on it, since so many are quitting from burnout.

You know maybe if they fixed the lag bug with Mono scripts when avatars teleport into a region, then maybe I’ll take what the CEO says with more consideration. For now it’s all bullshit hiding the fact they are hurting.  However I would agree they seemed to have TOO MANY Linden employees being redundant. Still 30% is HUGE, nearly one-third (1/3) of their workforce getting laid off.

Last time I got laid off from a job, that business didn’t last another 8 months.

CEO Mark Kingdon was quoted as saying “To me, the Web is crying out for a third dimension,”

Ummm.. no it’s not Mark. This notion has been going on for about 15+ years now.  Remember VTML?  Guess where that is now? None of this 3D web stuff has EVER panned out. It’s just not useful.  We don’t need LL lagging up the web with it’s poor database asset servers.

March 6, 2010


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Fear, uncertainty, doubt.  That’s the sense I get hanging out at during it’s final days online. Also add to that a lot of anger towards Micheal Wilson who honestly you can’t blame for the circumstances the service finds it self in.  Maybe if the user base wasn’t a majority of broke noob tweens, it wouldn’t be in this mess.

Unlike the US Government, which can continue to operate on bazillions of dollars of debt, and keep functioning; Micheal can not keep afloat with bills piling up in the millions.  After all, he can’t print his own money like the US government can do.  And with the announcement of closing on Tuesday, the money he could “print” (ThereBucks) is now completely worthless.

Lots of the more vocal people hanging out in sure like to blow smoke up people’s asses, exaggerate things, say half truths about what has happened, act like they have inside information when it’s really just rumor.  The really sad thing I keep hearing often from Therians is how horrible, evil, perverted, low quality that Second Life is (among other MMOs, but SL gets all the attention now), when they probably never used it, and the constant misinformation they spew about it, and flat out lies.  The main one I keep hearing constantly is Linden Labs will also shut down Second Life in a couple years, just as will.

What complete bullshit. They are only saying that in hysterical reaction to’s closure. They are bitter, angry, and feel robbed and if apart of their own self is about to be killed, so it’s natural for this kind of knee-jerk reaction.  After all, it’s not like they have accrual proof, it’s just more rumor, and conjecture, plus they wouldn’t be saying this if was not closing down.  The way Makena Technologies, and Linden Labs does business are VERY VERY different, even though they offer essentially the same product.  Just because one similar service goes under, doesn’t necessarily mean the others will follow suit.

Other things that simply annoy me is how others opinions about SL Vs. There are just utterly wrong with the facts. SL has a horrible inventory system? Really? Compared to what? You’re junk drawer in your kitchen with miscellaneous junk you don’t what they are for but don’t want to throw away?  Seriously, whenever added new functions and features into the world, adding that into the UI was like an afterthought.  Tacked on at the end of the code base forcing you use an entirely different section of the UI to accually deal with those items that many levels deep in the menu system, and redundantly spread around all over the place.  Three different ways to interact with your buddy list.  A separate interface to change clothes, yet a different place to use props (drinks, etc), yet a completely OTHER (and the most horrid) way to deal with object to decorate your home/paz/zone.  And if you have a LOT of items it can be a fucking nightmare thumbing though your inventory.  “Favorite places” in yet a different part of the menus, where you again have to thumb though all your crap.  And if you want to organize it all, yet ANOTHER part of the UI you have to open up and mess with. wasn’t created with the idea of having a very large inventory.  In Second Life, everything you deal with is ALL IN ONE WINDOW.  You can organize it however you like, and DO that with in the SAME fucking window.  You can even open two separate inventory windows so you can view different folders and move/copy items around between them.  Brilliant!  The only thing that’s separate is your friends list which is integrated with IMs and local chat.   Sure this is a matter of opinion as to which UI is better, but COME ONE people this is a no brainier.

Most of the back talk for SL is out of total ignorance.  People complain (and I’ve heard this for longer than I’ve been a user of SL) is how the avatar animations are fake, stiff and robotic, and how you walk around with a virtual stick up your ass.  This is true, but they fail to realize that there are unlimited animations your avatar can DO, and replace defaults them with.  Unlike where we had to wait FIVE FUCKING YEARS for a hugging emote, when users of SL had been able to CREATE their own animations and upload them to the service and use them!  Sure they may have clipped inside the body of the other avatar, or might look strange, but there’s thousands of animators on SL, creating their own animations.  It’s a free market, you’re not STUCK to just the handful of animations the system gives you by default.

Seriously people, it’s not the technical reasons why you don’t like Second Life, it’s the friends you made in and you have no reason to start-over anew as a n00b again in a new MMO.  But get over it people, start using REAL LIFE and get in contact with your friends out side of  Email addresses, IM chat, phone #s, Skype, Twitter, Facebook/Myspace, something!  There’s a lot of talk of yet more RL There meetings being set up.

Just because is shutting it’s doors doesn’t mean you all have to act like complete douche bags, uttering lies about other online services you’ve barely used, bitching and moaning on how you feel ripped off from the all the money you paid into it, and didn’t know how to earn that money back.  Don’t go to the feeding troff like a mindless sheep, and then complain that you’re being sacrificed like one.  You knew FULL well that am online service can go belly up in a moments notice, and you’re not entitled to SHIT. Please get over it, stop lamenting over your regrets, move allong, and let pass on with SOME GRACE AND RESPECT.  And lets hope it ends in a real bang, and not a whimper.

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