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June 7, 2012

Restaurant Reality Shows

I’m a huge fan of shows like “Restaurant Impossible” and “Kitchen Nightmares” but there’s a common theme on every episode you see. Service sucks, the chef cooks bland food since they don’t cook with salt, they don’t use fresh ingredients since they believe canned and frozen food is cheaper, the kitchen and walk-in freezer is a fungus and bacterial wasteland. Yet the people who own and/or managing the restaurant are clueless as to why their business is failing. Like Duh!

Why is it that both Irvine and Ramsey taste the food BEFORE they see how filthy the kitchen is? I think there’s only been one episode on Ramsey’s show where the kitchen was clean. Every episode the food was shite except the one episode on Irvine’s show where he was helping out a soup kitchen.

These shows have been on for years now.  Chef Ramsey’s show has been on for about 6 seasons and more if you count the shows what he did in the UK before he started doing shows on FOX. You’d think the people who ask for help from either Chef Ramsey or Chef Irving already have a clue as to what their problems are, I just listed most of the common ones above. It’s as if they never saw these shows before?

I really hope that other restaurants that are having issues actually watch some of these episodes and get a clue and check to see how filthy the kitchen is, or how much spoiled food is sitting in their walk-ins. This is just basic fucking common sense in running any business. but I also understand how people can get into a rut and not want to change anything.

I’ve seen many many episodes between Ramsey and Irvine. I’ve only seen one mexican restaurant, dozens and dozens of Italian restaurants, a few French restaurants, and plenty of regular american diner burger/steakhouse restaurants.  But I’ve yet to see any Asian (Chinese. Japanese, Koren, Pilipino) food restaurants on these shows.  Must be the MSG?

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