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September 24, 2010

Gotta be a better way on a Mac…

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Okay the one thing that really lacks in OS X is mutli-threading. Not that OS X can’t multi-task (multi-thread) it’s just trying to make your apps run in different instances that’s a pain in the ass. Trying to get Phoenix viewer to launch as as a separate thread is really a pain in the ass.

You can either copy the Phoenix Viewer inside your applications folder and launch that, but that wastes disks space and you’d have to make more copies for every instance you want.  Or dig inside the “package” and run the application from there directly.  This works best but it does spawn a console window, as the viwer is running.

There’s no way to make a shortcut to that that you can slap onto your desktop or the dock so you can launch it as many times as you like. Creating an “alias” dosen’t work in that regard. Some times Widows is just easier to do things…..

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