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February 22, 2012

Gawd OS X Lion sucks!

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I did a clean fresh install of OS X Lion on my MBP and I’m starting to realize it’s missing basic apps that Snow Leopard had.  iDVD doesn’t exist on Lion, and apparently I can’t play any divx videos on it. Even after installing the codec, quicktime still acts retarded about it. Fortunately VLC on the Mac runs anything as it does on windows, but that doesn’t help me burn movies I DL on DVDs… even if I DID have a copy of iDVD installed.

Seems Apple wants to squeeze yet even more money out of their over priced computers by making you buy iLife separately so you’ll have iDVD. Apparently you can demand a free copy of iDVD, sent to you on a disc, but why can’t I just download it off apple’s website?  I’ts not in the app store, can’t find it on Apple’s website anywhere.  Even on torrent sites I can only find old version from ’09.

There are other little naggy things Lion bothers me with.. like when I shut down my mac it’s always asking me if I want to retain apps and windows open when reboot.  Why do I give a fuck about that? when I shut down my PC I want it to boot fresh, not retain whatever crap I was already doing; otherwise I’d just put it in fucking SLEEP MODE.

Now my Mac came with Snow Leopard. Is there a way extract iDVD (and any other apps that I might find useful) and install from the DVDs that came with my Mac and use it on my Lion install?

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