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December 12, 2009

FireFox All better

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A few weeks a go, I tweaked FireFox using tips from MaximumPC, that bascially involed changing settings in about:config.  I’ve done these things in the past with much success with older version of firefox (2.0 and 3.0) but I’m using 3.5.5 right now and those settings just made things WORSE.  Maybe it’s because I’m running Windows 7 now, or it’s a 64bit OS, and FF is still a 32bit app. (shrug)

Half the time clicking links would stall, and not load at all. Even when a page did start to load up, the rendering of a page was SLOW and tedious. You’ll see the ads and banners appear long before the content, which was just text anyway.  This would mostly be the case for any new pages/sites I’ve not visited before, that weren’t already in my cache.  These hacks/tweaks for FF were supposed to allow the browser to make more connections to website servers, so pages would load faster as well as ignore if the website sends an “ack” so that it will just go ahead and send requests for data, so it can render the page regardless.  These changes did the exact opposite. If I clicked on more than two links after initially loading a page, they didn’t work.  Even clicking on bookmarks would just sit and stall.

So I went back into the about:config to manually undo the changes, but it didn’t change fix it.  So weeks later I finally got fed up and just uninstalled Firefox.  I first downloaded 3.5.5, and backed up my bookmarks before I did so. Ran CCleaner  to remove any remits, though I didn’t clear out plugins, but I did lose all my extensions; no big deal.  But after installing a fresh copy of FF 3.5.5 loaded my bookmarks in, customized  to how I like it, everything went back to smooth surfing, no more stuttering, lag, page load stalling!  YAY! 🙂

August 18, 2009

FireFox and Windows 7

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For years I’ve been using a little backup app for Firefox called MozBackup, so every time I reinstalled my OS for whatever reason, I would simply back up FireFox and Thunderbird using this app, export out everything I needed (including cookies, plug-ins, and so forth) allowing me to switch over with no problems.  I didn’t have to remember all my logins/passwords to every site used, all my email history was intact, everything i used regularly, and was important to me was flawlessly transferable.

Then Firefox 3.5 came out. When I updated my browser it broke all by plug-ins and extensions I had for FF.  I started getting mass pop up ads for porn sites, and banner ads I normally wouldn’t have seen.  It was a nightmare to use, and it felt like I was on some strangers PC who was still using IE.  At first i thought it was some incompatibility with Windows 7 64bit.  After all Win7 has two separate folders for program files.  \program files and \program files (x86) for old 32-bit apps.  This is where Firefox would install in.  Every time I tried to install a plug-in there was an error during the install, and it would refuse to install.  I even switched back to FF 3.0.x and I STILL had the same problems!  GRR!

I thought the folks at firefox would fix it, but it’s never did happen with FF 3.51’s release.  I have more than one PC, and on my 2nd PC I’ve had windows 7 (64) running since the beta was out (now running RC).  But i never did get around to installing FF on it since I don’t use it much. I guess for months I made the false asumption that FF 3.5 plugins werne’t compadible with Windows 7. Until i realized I never tested it, and would only take moments to test.  Low and behold it ran fine, all the plugins I downloaded installed just fine as they should.  The only difference this time is I never restored my MozBackup on this.  I’m assuming MozBackup broke something in 3.5 when it restored particular files, or settings so plugs weren’t found in the proper place, even after downloading they wouldn’t install. So it looks like I need to do a “fresh” install of FireFox on my main PC to get everything working properly.  I hope i can still remember all my logins and passwords.  <sigh>

At least now I can start out clean, even some quirks will be cleared away, and I just need to export my bookmarks to HMTL and I’ll be fine.  I’ll likely keep using MozBackup when I transition from Windows 7 RC, to the final version released this fall.  I’m also gonna give Bing a whirl as my default search engine, and see how that works out.

October 1, 2008

Dropped Chrome

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I switched back to Firefox which just functions a lot better.  Chrome had rock solid stability, but the actual functionality of it was annoying.  Every time I downloaded a video from Revsion3, it would add an extra “.avi” extension to the file that already HAS an “.avi” extension, and it would save the file where I didn’t want it.  Firefox has this ability to know that I want my video downloads to go into \my documents\my videos folder. And other files I DL in FF just go strait to \my documents.   Chrome would just dump everything into \My Documents which isn’t a folder I have shared for sharing media files with my Xbox 360, and the other computers in the house.

Also I fucking HATE the download manager.  For a web browser that prides it self in running with separate instances between tabs, if you forget you’re downloading stuff and you close out Chrome, you stop downloading, and you must START OVER.  When I close FireFox it dosen’t close the downloads window, which that runs as a totally separate instance.

Application support is fucking annoying.  If I launch a url that links to a spcific app, I have to go though a bunch of dialogs to get the application to launch.  With Firefox, it’s just one click and go.

I also get my bookmarks back on the left side of my screen. yay

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