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April 11, 2011

fucking SMB on mac

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So since I had my mac, I’ve been accessing my stuff on my windows PC using SMB with no problems.  Untill recently.  Friend of mine wanted to test this little program he made on a bootable USB thumb drive.  You boot it and you get a Linux environment (text) and the program that runs gives you the ability to clear out a windows password.

So we tried it on my windows 7 machine, it cleared out the password, and when you reboot windows it just goes right into the desktop and dosen’t ask for a password.  Since then the smb:// from my Mac to my windows machine broke. I figured all I had to do was put the password back on my windows login.  But that had no effect.  I guess what that little program did was clear out ALL authentication.

I can still see the shared folders when I goto my PC, but trying to connect to them just brings up a message saying “You do not have permission to access this server…”  so what the hell?  I tried changing the login and password on my PC to match the login on my Mac, no dice.  But what really bugs me is IF it’s a login/password issue on my Mac, WHY won’t my Mac just prompt me to re-enter my login and password?

I’ve not tried to see if I can access my shared folders from a different computer (running windows) it might work, but one of my other PCs is having issues and don’t really care if it runs or not since i don’t really need it. Still i wanna be able to access my stuff when I’m on my mac, though my local network.

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