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May 19, 2013

Interest List is Sooo complicated.. how?

Have you noticed in the past few months how attachments vanish after you teleport, or objects and structures don’t rez in the area you’ve just teleported too? You have to right click on your attachments or where other objects are missing for them to appear. Many people think this is a bug with the new Firestorm 4.4.0 viewer, but it’s not. This is a SERVER SIDE issue that effects all viewers, including LL’s own viewer. This has been going on for some years now (about 4 years).

The problem lies with in the “Interest List” which is a set of code that is supposed to speed up and prioritize what appears first you you after a teleport. The reason why your attachments seem to vanish is because they actually DO detach the moment you teleport (not sure why, lag reasons?) and then reattach after you arrive, but the “interest list” for whatever reason doesn’t prioritize their appearance to you, and gets lost in the shuffle as to what “should” be rezzed, but they ARE attached.

LL and even the firestorm team claim this is a “complicated” system. But really? How is it that complicated to the point that the way it was BEFORE the “interest list” was implemented was BETTER than having it now?  The basic concept of the “interest list” makes logical sense by drawing objects near you and going outward. But only a committee of coders could fuck up a simple idea like this. HOW is prioritizing objects closest to your avatar to rez that complicated?  Yet every time I teleport I see objects way out in the distance appearing, yet the floor I’m standing on is invisible and my boobs are gone.

All you need to do is:

1) Highest priority to your avatars attachments to rez.

2) Rez objects with in 20m

3) rez object 40m away.. then

4) keep rezzing objects in 20m increments (or 10) until you reach the viewer draw distance.

For fucks sake this “stepping” procedure was used in SCRIPTS by increasing the draw distance over time. This was an old script trick used in EMERALD back in the day. Later it became a built-in function in Phoenix, and it’s STILL present in Firestorm but it’s off by default. You can find it under, Preferences – Firestorm – General – (near the bottom of the list) checkmark “Enable progressive draw distance stepping..” but this won’t fix the bugs with the interest list.

The only thing I can see that makes this complicated is the simulator just sends you object information randomly in a list (probably not a complete list) when you teleport and only rezzes what it sees in this randomized list. Even then it’s distance from you (your avatar) to the object is known, otherwise it won’t know where to draw it in the first place. So what is so damn complicated about prioritizing what should be rezzed first? If it’s too far away, don’t rez it, wait for something else to be downloaded from the simulator that is nearer and rez it if it is. And if all else give avatar attachments PRIORITY!

December 23, 2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

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They silently updated the XBL Edition with little fan fare it seems.  This update adds a lot but still it’s not quite the same content as the PC version.

There still isn’t:

Maps are still very small and limited (not as bad as pocket edition)

March 1, 2012

The legacy of Emerald

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It’s supprising to see the amount of ignorance that spreads in a virtual world, even years after the fact. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) is what keeps rumors alive, and feeds the fear-mongers that continue to spread these lies. There’s still many many clueless users in Second Life that belive Phoienix is still like Emerald, created by “hax0rz” to steal passwords, L$, and private information, and all sorts of hysterical bullshit.

Friend of mine recently got “hacked” by a spambot in SL, where all it did was just spam “get 2500L 4 free at,,,,” with a URL from .tk domain. It links to a malicious site that apparently infects your machine with a keylogger; which is how her password was stolen in the first place. Fortunately she didn’t lose anything but she’s convinced that Phoenix is to blame because of it’s legacy, and the FUD that continues to spread from ignorant people since the banning of Emerald about two years ago.

I asked her if she even knew WHY Emerald was banned so many years ago, and her reply was “it’s a hacker program, 300 pepole got thier accounts hacked. bla bla bla” which is basied on pure ignorance, and bullshit from others who blew smoke up her ass about what happend with Emerald.

When Emerald was accussed of DoS attacks, most people got upset (I did) and the rumor machine went total apeshit with more claims about keylogging, hacking accounts, and everything under the sun when it comes to malware.  This is what FUD does; smear the facts and exaggerates everything feeding on your Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt so you’ll buy into the bullshit. The only reason why Emerald was banned was because of a lame attempt at a DoS attack.

What is a DoS attack? Basically getting thousands or millions of different PCs on different IP address to access/request connection to another site all at once.  The result is supposed to overload the host server and “deny” access to anyone else who’s trying to legitimately access that server.

Basically what one of the Dev did was changed the login screen that appears when you launch Emerald viewer, which is just a webpage no code changed on the end user client software it self. The page loaded hidden frames that connected to someone’s blog on the web. Apparently this blog was of another TPV developer, and it was an attempt to jack up the hit count as a prank, and to show how popular Emerald was.  So every time any Emerald user launched Emerald, you were connecting to this blog page with out you knowing it and that blog page useage went up a tick. With Emerald’s huge userbase of Emerald is so HUGE (in the estimated hundreds of thousands) this was SEEN as a DoS attack.  Not that it was intended as a DoS attack, or that it actually took the site offline; since it wasn’t and it didn’t.

Reguardless this is a direct violation of LL’s policies and so LL demanded that two members of the Emerald Dev team would leave Emerald. They refused and so Emerald viewer was banned.  The group reformed WITH OUT those two devs, and formed Phoenix team as we know it today. The actual “DoS” attack amounted to almost nothing other than increased traffic numbers to that site; no denial of service was ever accomplished, even though that was never the goal of this prank.  But pranks often never go as planned.  …shit happens.

These facts doesn’t stop the fear and rumor mongering DRAMA that always comes about anytime something like this occurs (anything LL does always causes over exaggerated drama). Because of this people’s imaginations went wild and made assumptions that Emerald was an app made by hackers, and since all hackers are apparently evil; you’re at risk. <sigh!>

Even YEARS after Emerald has been all but forgotten, and Phoenix has become the dominant viewer next to Viewer 2/3 people STILL belive in the fear-mongering bullshit that was the legacy of Emerald.  Yes sure some of the Devs of Emerald/Pheoenix were known to create copybots clients, known grifers, and all that other crap. But that lead to a LOT of special features in viewers that we all enjoy in OTHER viewers.  Keep in mind folks.  Second Life client software (viewers) are open source.  Everything Phoenix has made is also open source and a lot of other 3rd party viewer dev teams adopt many of their code and vice versa.  If their was EVER anything malicious about their code, it would have been spotted a long time ago. Because it’s open source it’s EXTREMELY important that if you should ALWAYS download Phoenix or firestorm directly from since anybody else can re-compile their own viewer with malware, and call it Phoenix.

This hyperbole from the fall of Emerald needs to end. It’s been over two years for Christ’s sake.  I thought it WAS over back then but people still keep clutching to bullshit like this due to fear, ignorance, and hate.  Even if this claim that 300 users were “hacked” for using Emerald (or phoenix) out of the 200,000+ phoenix and firestorm users (guesstimate since LL doesn’t share usage numbers publicly) who use it EVERY DAY seem VERY minor and meaningless if only 300 users were effected.  Unless all those 300 users were specifically targeting content creators, land barrons, and residents who had al ot of L$, then that cause alarm. Likely these 300 people are ignorant noobs clicking ads from spambots promising free L$.

September 7, 2010

A disbanned Team has a hissy fit

Gawd, just when you think this Emerald-Gate bullshit is over.. it keeps on going.

I checked on the Emerald blog tonight, not really expecting anything, since after all, the Emerald team dosen’t exist anymore, right?  So on the heels of Linden Lab’s announcement that they are going to block  ALL versions of Emerald to connect to Second Life, Arabella has a tantrum “Fuck you LL” post on the Emerald Blog about it.

I wrote some choice words asking why Arabella cares anymore, and throwing shit back at HER since he’s obviously on the verge of nervous breakdown. Arabella’s attitude just pisses me off! This old euro trash hag has her granny-panties all up in a bunch over something THEY GAVE UP ON.

However this blog posts has commenting set to be “approved” by a moderator, and most of the time they never approve of my posts.  But hey! I have my own fucking blog right?

So please go ahead and read Arabells histarical rant first, and perhaps the other pre-approved ass-kissing comments on it, and then come back to me.

Welcome back, and here’s my comment that I posted but won’t get approved on their blog.

Dear Arabella Steadham,

Why do you care anymore Arabella? Who’s left at Modular systems to give a shit anymore since you all disbanded the Emerald team anyway?

Why do you BOTHER to be bitter about this when you all chose to take the responsibility of Emerald-Gate by disbanding the team, and orphaning your users? That’s sad but fine. Shit happens and you move on with your life. That’s the normal approach….

*BUT* here you are a week later and you’re throwing shit towards LL, like brat having a tantrum. Why? Over something isn’t your fucking problem anymore!  Right?  You guys made one final build of the Emerald viewer, packed your shit and quit. With no intentions of making newer versions. So why bother ranting on this blog acting like a victim because LL is banning an *orphaned* viewer?  The fact it’s orphaned now gives it a short life anyway.  LL banning it’s use on the grid is just a mercy killing. (which is rare since LL likes to let problems linger on for years…)

Don’t you see that there’s something wrong (perhaps a bit psycho) with this sad tantrum post?

Arabella, Emerald-Gate never really WAS your problem in the first place, since you’re not a coder, you weren’t the one that put the malware code into the software… did you?  We were all told that  the person responsible for Emerald Gate was “punished” and/or already removed from the team. Then a day or later Fractured takes responsibility and posts his resignation.

Arabella you’re a complete fucktard and you have no integrity to speak of. The Pot is on the phone, and would like to have a word with you Arabella. You were not a dev for the emerald team, you don’t code. You’re basically a spin-doctor bullshit spewing spokesperson. You’re just a keyboard monkey typing words into a wordpress blog (a highly regarded position to say the least, they pay in bananas).

You were easily manipulated by Phox, Fractured and Jessica for what you typed on this blog, and a lot of it was misleading, if not out right BULLSHIT. You’re as much of a puppet for Phox, Fractured and Jessica than Oz ever was for LL; the only difference is Oz gets a paycheck.

Ethics indeed?  Or is it just blissful incompetent ignorance?

So, please with sugar on top. It’s OVER, it’s BEEN over in many minds of your users since you CHOSE TO ORPHAN all of your users, LL is just doing you a fucking favor for banning the viewer from the grid. This blog post is just a desperate cry for what’s left of pathetic team that made an epic fail. Get over it. Shut the fuck up already Arabella, and stop talking out of your ass as you blow smoke up ours.

__HUGSaLOT Valkyrie

August 28, 2010

Banning viwers not on the TPVD

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I’ve heard stories of people getting banned from areas because they are running viewers that aren’t on the Third Party Viewer Directory. It’s a very small list mind you, but just because a viewer is on that list dosen’t guarantee any safety or reassurance.  Remember Emerald was on the TPVD, and they still had malicious code in it. The malicious code was already REMOVED by the time Linden Labs removed Emerald from the TPVD, so how exactly safe is this list anyway?  This directory is voluntary anyway, there are many many more viewers than the handful shown on the TPVD, like the Hippo Viewer, and Emergence is my personal favorite.

What I like about Emergence is it’s made by one of the first Emerald Devs to jump ship BEFORE Emerald-Gate hit the fan, LordGregGreg.  He is refered to as a “white hat” coder and was one of the ppl who would look over the code for anything wrong. But since Fractured used encrypted code, and would have the final say before it went public, LordGregGreg was basically left out of the loop.  He was frustrated and eventually said fuck it. So he took the source code he already had of Emerald, removed all the bad stuff, and created his own viewer.

Also why do we need a TEAM of people like “Modular Systems” who come off as if they are some sort of company, who makes a business making SL viewers?  They are all volunteers. Does Modular systems do anything other than Emerald? Remember the Nicholas Viewer from years ago? That was created by a single person; he didn’t need a TEAM of developers and play himself off as if they are some sort of “company.”

So it’s nice to see that only one person does the whole job. We know he’s responsible for this viewer; we know who to blame if something goes wrong.  Unlike Modular systems who kept pointing fingers at each other, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and calming that the dev who was responsible was “punished” when they were still coding the viewer.  They claim the one responsible was cut from the team, then later he announced he quit.  So which is it?  Was he kicked off the dev team a week prior to his voluntary resignation?

August 21, 2010

Emerald Gate, and Imprudence viewer

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I’m sure you’re all aware as to what happened. A member of the Emerald team modified the log-in screen to, in effect, cause a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack a website that apparently blogs critiques Emerald viewer. Jezzuz, should I worry? Anyway, the individual who had no accomplices that anyone out side of Modular systems is aware of (or has admitted to), was kicked off the Emerald team.

Oddly, two former Lindens joined the team. However these former Lindens are still jobless, no one who works on Emerald actually gets paid, do they?  I mean does Modular Systems do anything else but work on Viewers?  Even the person who DID DDoS attack said he dosen’t get paid.

Now there’s word that Linden Labs will drop Emerald from their “approved” Third Party Viewers Directory (TPV). However there’s two problems with that.  LL’s policy on TPV states:

(2. d. iii) You must not launch Denial of Service (“DoS”) attacks, engage in griefing, or distribute other functionality that Linden Lab considers harmful or disruptive to Second Life or the Second Life community.

This DDoS attack was NOT against Linden Labs, nor the Second Life grid it self, or any particular user. Unless the claim can be made that the victim’s website is apart of the “second life community,” then it this might hold up. However Modular Systems claims the website that was attacked is a blog owned by a creator of a malicious viewer, not just a critique of the Emerald viewer, which even I am one.

Secondly and most importantly the Third Party Viewer Directory is bullshit. They do not enforce this policy what-so-ever. You can use any client software viewer you want on Second Life. It’s just how LL washes their hands of the responsibility if a 3rd party viewer does something naughty. If they REALLY could enforce this policy, then copybot viewers would have been banned YEARS AGO.

Now the reasons I’m dumping emerald, isn’t just because of Emerald-gate, but the smoke they kept blowing up our asses for the past month on their blog.  Since build 2439 was out, the blog stated they would have a new release candidate (RC) in about 2-3 days.  Weeks later nothing! Then they pulled 2439 off their blog and was no longer available due to “security issues.”  My guess is this was the build was causing the DDoS attacks. Which doesn’t make much sense since this build was out more than a week before August 9th; the date when the DDoS attacks apparently started.

The thing that really bugs the hell out of me is what the Emerald team said after the shit already hit the fan.  They tried to pass it off as an apology. Saying this was not a DDoS attack is a FLAT OUT FUCKING LIE. They used ME, and thousands of other users as a BOT NET to connect to a remote website EN MASS to attempt to overload a web server.  That’s the CLASSIC definition of a DDoS attack even if the attack wasn’t successful at taking the website offline. How DARE they low-ball this scandal with a post calling it a prank?  Pranks are usually funny and are usually NOTICEABLE by everyone involved, otherwise who’d laugh?  But we were in the total dark about this so-called “prank”.  Besides breaking federal LAWS and possibly incriminating ME, and thousands of other unknowing participants can get us *all* into trouble IS NOT FUNNY!

FUCK YOU Modular Systems!

Now with that off my back….

Imprudence is a lot like Emerald, it has a lot of the same functions and whatnots.  One thing so like is that the “radar” is apart of the minimap, as a colapsable little list, with the same functions as Emeralds Radar, but there is a lot less information on this radar list (ages, actions, viewer, etc)

Also the built-in AO in Imprudence has an option where you can put the AO on/off button in the lower bar, next to the local chat dialog.  nifty.

The one thing Imprudence lacks that Emerald has is a HUGE preferences page setting for really advanced options to tweak everything.  Like you’re able to mute the spam that the radar sends out, but on Imprudence there seems to be no way to do this.

I also noticed that Imprudence uses a different font for all text.  It seems to be using Veranda, which is fine, but why not have an option here i can use whatever font I have?

I don’t like how the profile dialog looks in Imprudence. I’ll probably get used to it, but Emerald had the function to “full size” the images on profiles so you can see them in their full resolution.

I also miss the spell check Emerald has. Double Click teleports, and a few other things I’m a little to tired to remember right now.  It’s well past midnight, and I should sleep.

August 7, 2010

Emerald gets unstable

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I’ve been using Emerald 2439 build since it was released 2 weeks ago. It was running fine, but for the last couple days it’s been flaking out on me.

1) If I login already wearing an alpha mask on my avatar, the part of my avatar that is supposed to be invisible, keeps flicking in and out as I move my camera around my avatar. I have to take off the alpha mask, wait a second, and then put it back, let it rebake my avi, and then won’t flicker anymore.  It wasn’t doing this earlier this week, started on Friday.  However, I think this is related to the asset server meltdown LL had Friday, since it’s been pokey every since then.

2) Viewer fails on start up when initializing texture cache. Again it wasn’t fucking up like this a few days ago, it’s been doing this consistently.  Rebooting my PC dosen’t even fix it, and since I can’t actually get the viewer to launch so i can go into preferences and select to clear texture cache. I have to MANUALLY delete the texture cache burred deep in system folders and files. (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\SecondLife  <-delete that folder!!)

3) Colored name tags do work, but WHY can’t they make it so I can see my own colored nametag? I I ought to be able to change colors on my name tag from the pie menus from right-clicking my nametag (or avatar), rather than dig in a few layers in preferences for it.

Also it’s been two weeks since Emerald this last version of emerald was released, and they stated on their own blog a release candidate would be out the following Monday or Tuesday, but there has been nothing.

July 7, 2010

Suggestions and bugs for Emerald

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Been on the 2270 beta for over a week now, really enjoying the alpha masks.  But I am noticing some bugs not sure if it’s related to alpha masks or not, I’ll list’em out

  • I see a “seam” at my waist line when wearing a shirt with the torso exposed. Skin texture no longer matches my lower skin, as the upper body seems darker. This only seems to manifest when the shirt is set in “appearance mode” with the “shirt bottom” is raised up. If the shirt’s TEXTURE has an alpha layer that has this area exposed, you don’t see this problem.
  • In the IM/Local Chat window, if i scroll up to look at old messages, and then try to click an avatar name (to see profile) or highlight text, the windows immediately snaps to the bottom, and I end up clicking the wrong name, or highlighting the wrong text.  The scroll needs to be LOCKED.
  • Export function in inventory (right-click – Export) doesn’t seem to do anything. Even if it did work, where is there the import function?
  • When the newer “shadow rendering” is enabled, screenshots in this mode are totally flat with no effects, and any object with an alpha channel aren’t visible.
  • Is it possible to fix the “see though” bug with .PNG textures on objects with alpha channels? This is when some objects using .PNG alpha textures will appear solid (where it needs to be solid) and then transparent depending on distance and angle of view.  It also makes objects in the background appear in front of these objects totally screwing up your perception. Is this purely a nvidia bug?  Why can’t this be fixed/worked around client side? Why wait for LL to fix this? It’s been like this for over 5 years.
  • I hate the client bridge!  Why does it need to rez and create a new one EVERY TIME I login? (yeah not an issue in beta)  Why can’t it just keep using the existing one i already have, unless there’s an update to the script?  Why does it need to rez the prim in world first to do this?  It is possible to put a script in an object when you’re wearing it.
  • I love the built-in AO, however forcing us to place everything in the #emerald folder just makes one giant clusterfuck. If you’re a user who likes to switch around from one AO set to another (especially of you change avatar looksets that require a different AO to look and work proper). You’ll have to go down pages and pages though animations and different notecards just to find the notecard you want want to use is a bit of a pain in the ass. There needs to be an easy way to change from one set of AO’s to another.
  • I’d also like to see a built-in dance animator. We just drop a bunch of dance animations we have and mark the folder as “dances” and Emerald uses them when I wanna dance.  This would be like a simpler version of the built-in AO, but separate from that but has controls to change to a different dance, timer adjustments, random toggle, but no need for a notecard to set it up as the AO does.  It should automatically turns off the AO when in use, and turns the AO back on when you’re done dancing.

June 17, 2010

Emerald Beta & Crazy LindeX

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I’m really happy with the current beta of Emerald 1.3.2 (2100). The previous official version was a CPU hog and I had a hard time multitasking different games/apps at the same time. Now with this 2100 beta, I can run two instances (minimized) of SL with two alts logged in, and play a different game with no lag or frame rate drops at all. Previously everything would lag to hell, and just alt-tabbing between them would chug along so slow and often crash one or both viewers.  Even opening a 3rd instance of Emerald would crap out bad.  This is a nice change.

Oh crap! There’s a new version already out build 2165!  I hope it’s runs as smooth as 2100.
[update: it lags a lot now running two instance of SL and playing another 3D game, grrr!)

Now about LindeX, and the falling value of L$.  Who the hell are these knee jerking panicking douche bags who had posted L$ at 300L/$1? That’s fucking crazy. L$ is a lot like owning stock of Linden Labs, yet they don’t follow the same rules as corporations do in regards to their stock holders. Usually when a company lays off 30% of their work force, the value of their stock goes UP, not down.  Though idealistically that should also happen with corporate stocks when a big conglomerate fucks over their work force. But still, L$ is still selling above 275L/$1 and people keep posting these cheap rates since the layoffs last week.  It really blew up yesterday (Wednesday) when ppl were posting at 300L.

This really sucks for someone like me who’s been saving their L$ on a long term basis to cash out.  The dilemma is if I sell out now I’ll loose a few hundred dollars, if I wait the value of L$ might rise again and go back to normal (or better?) but it can also easily drop in value.  First time in years the value of L$ changed at all.  But it’s a good time to buy L$ now!

[Update] The value of L$ is starting to get better. The rate is still higher than it was a week ago, in the middle-upper 260’s (267 as of this post) but it sure is a far cry from the 285, and 300 rates we saw on Wednesday.

April 27, 2010

Ideas for the next Emerald

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Here’s a list of wants in the next version of emerald
Of course these ideas should be toggleable, so you can enable or disable.

  • In the “communicate” window, on the groups list; double clicking on a group will activate the group, instead of opening group IM chat.
  • An export function of ALL settings in Emerald for transferring settings from one PC to another, or as a backup when you need to reinstall your OS.  Export functions include:  log files, preference settings, beam patterns, debug settings, Advanced menu settings, viewer AO setting, alt avatar login lists, pre-made build prims,
  • Also the export file should be cross compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Emerald.
  • A way to manage Log files. A way to browse them, sort them, SEARCH THEM, read them, delete copy and backup. Maybe even merge older log files with other ones from conversations with the same avatar.
  • An automatic animation stop that occurs during teleport (default toggle ON), so noobs aren’t constantly stuck in a sex animation when teleporting from a poseball.
  • Fully detachable window floaters that can be moved OUT SIDE of the viewer window.  This includes IM/local chat windows, inventory, torn-off menu floaters, Edit/build dialog, anything! This would be ideal for dual monitor users, then I can put all my IM/local chat on my 2nd monitor.
  • The ability to mute attached objects with out muting the avatar.
  • An automatic message sent to muted avatars who try to IM you; the message can be changed from whatever is default.
  • Add support for 3D glasses as someone has already done this in another viewer, but is outdated.
  • Radar should highlight avatars on your friend list, as well as mark avatars on your mute list, in some way (colored text or highlights.)
  • When I get a friend request, I’d like to be able to quickly click a button to view their profile on the blue drop down menu before I accept, deny or ignore.
  • Ability to turn a SLURL into a Landmark
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