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September 13, 2012

Dupe Minecraft items

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As of October 16th, Minecraft XBL edition has been updated to 1.8.2, and the item dupe exploit has been patched.  If you have a save game already with duped items, it will still load and your duped items will still be there. But you wont be able to duplicate any more items. This is moot now since this version of Minecraft now has Creative mode which lets you create things with out having to craft, with all item blocks available in unlimited quantities. Keep in mind however achievements are disabled on maps originally made in creative mode.  No new achievements have been added to this update 😦


Today my friend told me while in conversation that you can duplicate items in Minecraft on the Xbox 360. I looked up on the net and found some videos that were posted 4-5 months ago (april/may 2012) and when duplicating what they did in the videos did not work at all. I just assumed it was an old exploit that’s already been patched up.

After speaking with my friend again while in Minecraft, I figured out what the exact steps are. But keep in mind this will likely be fixed in another update. I used the split-screen mode using a “guest” login on a second controller, but it also works online with a friend.

This only works on STACKABLE items. It will NOT work on tools, armor, weapons, food, buckets (empty or otherwise), bowls, and for some reason I could not get it to work on sticks, but it does work on wood and wooden planks.  And yes it does work on obsidian. You could do this with dirt, sand, cobblestone, and stone, but those are already plentiful in Minrcraft so don’t waste your time.

If you want to make a mass amount of iron, gold, or diamond, it’s better to make a BLOCK of that item and just duplicate the block. Since each block is worth nine ingots, you’ll make 9x more in the same amount of time, plus using less storage space.

Here is what you do…

  • Clear your inventory for both players, so you have room make copies.
  • Get one small chest, and only have one set of the item(s) you wish to copy, no stacks of them. The other player shouldn’t have any extra copies of the items being copied either.
  • There is a likelihood of losing the item you’re attempting to copy. So keep some backup copies in another chest. Do not keep them in your player’s inventory. If only one copy exists in your game, manually save your game so if you lose the item just reload and try again.
  • Place the chest on the floor, and position both players facing the chest.
  • You (or player 1) opens the chest holding the item in the chest in an empty spot, do not drop it into chest yet! Just let it “hover” there.
  • Have your friend (or player 2) start breaking down the chest by holding right trigger.
  • Then when you see the chest breaking up, hold down the (A) button on your controller so that you’re repeatedly putting in and taking out the item in rapid succession. If you’re doing this split-screen and do this in reverse order, holding (A) will stop when the other player presses the trigger. Kina odd.
  • When the chest breaks, the chest and the item you’re trying to copy will drop on the floor.

At this point there are three possibilities as what will happen.

  1. The item and chest drop on the floor and either player picks the items off the floor in the usual manor.  Failed… Try again
  2. The item you’re trying to copy vanishes, and in rare cases the chest may be gone too. Reload if need be, and try again.
  3. One or more of the item you’re copying drops on the floor, but it doesn’t come off the ground. Both players should be near the dropped item, and have a copy of the item in their quick inventory. Congratulations you did it!!

If your attempts keep failing, try switching up which player is breaking the chest, and who is holding (A) inside the chest. Eventually the trick will work after about 4-6 attempts. Often after the 1st try it will work.

The behavior of this “phantom” drop that dosen’t seem to be picked up, as well as the item you manipulate in your inventory is very glitchy, and you could lose every copy you’ve made if you do it wrong. You may want to experiment on how this behaves before you take the time to make copies in mass quantities.

The following is what seems to work but even days after making your copies and opening a chest where I’ve made thousands of copes, the all nearly vanished when moving them between my chest and inventory, or vice versa.  So save your games!

  • Walk over and stand near the “Phantom” item, and it should appear in your quick-inventory as non-stack. Your second player as well as any friends in your game can pickup a copy of the copyable phantom drop and make their own copies if they wish.
  • Sometimes you may see more than copy of the item drop. One will be pickup-able, the other will be the phantom one.
  • Open your inventory (or open a chest near by) and press (A) on the item you picked up. You’ll notice right under it will appear instantly a 64 stack of the item you’re copying. Place the item in your cursor elsewhere, and then pickup the stack in your cursor.
  • Move your cursor into your inventory (or chest) and hold down (X) to start dropping single copies and build a stack up. This stack you’re holding is your “mother stack” as when you fill a stack, your cursor’s stack instantly fills back to 64, so you can move it to another empty spot and create another stack. You can do this forever in your own inventory, or other chests. You can also press (B) while outside of inventory, and spam copies all over the floor.
  • For the duplication to work you MUST be standing near the “phantom” item that’s on the floor. It acts as a source item as it keeps refilling your “mother stack” as you place copies in your inventory. The phantom drop does eventually disappear but you’ll still be able to keep making copies. You can “drop” a new phantom stack by pressing (X) or moving your mother stack out of your inventory window.

It takes about 6 seconds to build a fill 64 stack while holding (X) like this. To fill an entire large chest will take about 6.5 minutes to fill up.

Sometimes that 64 stack may not copy and replenish back to 64 you may have moved away from the “phantom” drop or it may have timed out and disappeared. You can drop a new phantom drop pressing (B) or moving it outside your inventory. There are times when you don’t need to be near the phantom drop to make copies.

If you do this trick with Coal or Charcoal and place the “mother stack” into a furnace by pressing (A) instead of (X) so the whole thing drops. It will end up having an endless supply of fuel and never run out always showing a full 64 stack. BETTER THAN A BUCKET OF LAVA! Be sure to go back to the phantom drop to make another mother-stack to drop if you have more furnaces.

You will notice some other weirdness as you experiment with this trick. If you drop your “mother” stack and pick it up, you’ll often see a stack over 64 in your lower “quick” inventory. You’ll also notice if the “mother” stack is in your quick inventory, it dosen’t show a stack count when you’re not looking in your inventory screen. This is a good way to keep track of the “mother” stack if you get it mixed with your other stacks.

As you craft items you’ve used with your duplicated items, the crafting window (or table) may show you don’t have any copies to craft. This is likely due to having the mother stack still in your inventory, so try to drop it somewhere so you don’t pick it up again.

Also often you’ll see stacks vanish as you move some of them around. As long as you held down (X) to make the stack they should be permanent. Also I’ve noticed that duplicated coal can’t be made into torches, but you can make them into torches on a crafting table.

Enjoy making massive builds in Minecraft!

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