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October 5, 2014

Jonesing for an ASUS STRIX GTX 980

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Last month Nvidia released the new 900 Maxwell series of GPUs  Asus also released their new non-reference designs of the 900 series called STRIX 980 and 970s. These video cards sold out faster than anything since the GeForce 8800 GTs back last decade. These cards are so revolutionary that they actually have “less” under the hood vs the 780 ti cards, yet the performance is identical.

The GeForce GTX 980 reference cards have lower CUDA core count, 256bit memory bandwidth (vs 384bits), lower clock speeds, and lower thermal rating (TDP) than the GTX 780 ti. It’s performance is on par with the 780ti but those cards cost $200 more than the GTX 980 reference cards. Nvidia has truly optimized and refined what their CUDA cores can do since the Kepler series.

Now if you consider what ASUS has done with their version called Strix, a non-reference design, then you’re dealing with an overclocked video card, with a better and quieter HSF assembly and high end power regulation to extend the lifespan of the card when it goes into overclocked modes, and better performance over the 780ti.

The only card faster than the GTX 980 are Kepler-based TITANS which simply have large CUDA core count, but that costs upwards of $1000 which is ridiculous. Imagine what a TITAN version of the Maxwell GPUs could do?

There is no reason why I would want a last-gen GTX 780 when it performs slower than the GTX 980, and performs identical to the GTX 780 ti while the GTX 980 is much cheaper. The GTX 980 has less but does more with what it has compared to the GTX 780 ti, AND runs cooler and requires less power, so you don’t need a massive 1000watt PSU to use it.

I’m hoping to order one by sometime before Halloween, assuming I can get the money together in time when they become available again since they sold out so fast some vendors have hundreds of these cards on back order. I may have to wait longer even after the next batch of STRIX 980s ship out to stores. The  video card I have now is a GeForce 550 ti, which is really showing it’s age now.

October 22, 2009

Emerald rocks

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Seems like every time there’s a new release of Emerald there’s always something cool they added to it, but they don’t really document those new things very well. Sure they have a change log, but it’s long and tedious to read and a lot of it is esoteric stuff I have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. So if you haven’t been following their changelog since they started development on this project, you’ll be clueless of other features that may not be so apparent in the interface.

One “Feature” i just learned today was if you double click a name on the radar, your camera will instantly snap over to them, if they are in range.  FOOKING AWESOME!  But I don’t know if this is a new function added in since I started using Emerald this past summer, or something that has been in it since early on.

But then there are the frivolous new features like breast physics, which I have no use for since I wear prim boobs (though it will give booby physics to all avatars), but there’s always one douche bag who has to complain about adding “features” and not working on bugs, lag an all those “important issues.”

This reminds me of an pet peeve I’ve had for years since I’ve been beta testing games and software.  Just because a small group (or even just one person) is working on a feature or function of an application that some people may deem useless, doesn’t mean the development team as a whole is being distracted from the so-called “important issues,” and those issues aren’t getting the attention they need to get them resolved as soon as possible. That’s bullshit.

This isn’t an RTS game, like War Craft, Star Craft, Total Annihilation, or SupCom where the more workers/engineers you have building or repairing a unit, the faster it is built or repaired.  Real life doesn’t work that way.  If you dedicate more people to work on a problem; that won’t guarantee the problem will be fixed any more faster, and thusly if you take away some people to work on something else won’t hurt the over all progress.

Now there IS the risk that when you add new features/functions into an application that’s already buggy, that can exacerbate the problems it already has.  But we live in an age where software development is on such a grand scale like a movie production costing millions of dollars just to produce a days worth of work, it’s impossible to avoid problems that arise when you have so many ppl working on the same project.  Ever heard of the old saying of “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil (or ruin) the soup?”

This “too many cooks…” analogy is status quo in all aspect of productions, TV, movies, video games, even books; especially government too. Mainly so that when something goes wrong, which almost always does, no one can blame a single person for the failure, so the whole group are failures, or that the shit rolls down hill for the blame.

Back in the 80s, most software wasn’t created by huge teams of professionals who each spent four years in collage/universities for their creativity to get sucked out of them and produce mundane software and games (cough-Microsoft-cough). Back then it was done by individuals who mostly created awesome works given the limitations of computers back then.  Now we have extremely advanced computers compared to 20 years ago, but now 20 times more people working as developers to create uninspired contrived unoriginal games like, for example Halo. And continue this mundane-ness umpteen times with squeals, or “prequels” just to make it seem “cool” ever since George Lucas did it 10 years ago with Star Wars. >sigh<

But I digress, I wanted to talk about bugs and requests I have for Emerald Viewer.


  • Logins ALWAYS fail the first time you try, claiming it’s a bad login/password. If you log out, and then launch the viewer again and login with a different avatar, it ALWAYS fails. Including if you just installed Windows, and a fresh copy of Emerald viewer for the first time, and you login, it will fail that first attempt, always.  Has something to do with how it handles multiple accounts with a drop down menu, but I’m just used to manually typing in my login and password.
  • Double clicking on objects in inventory to “wear” doesn’t always work, and brings up their properties. (this may have been fixed since the new release)
  • The built-in AO is a cumbersome to use when you need to turn it on and off, or load up a different set of animations.  I’m considering going BACK to using the ZHAO-II HUD attachment, but I love the concept of the VIEWER having these nessessary functions and not relying on SLS that simply adds more load to the simulator and grid over all.
  • At start up, after it shows the “splash screen” and it goes away, there’s a very significant delay between that and when the login screen appears.
  • The sitting AO [checkmark] often comes back on on it’s own, after re-logging.
  • While on the login screen (before you login), often the random in-game screenshot doesn’t appear. That’s not a big deal really, but the links on the screen do not work, until the the image appears.  Which isn’t a good thing since I often DO want to click the link to see LL blog posts, and Emerald Blog posts that seem important (like down times, updates, and other issues)

What I want in Emerald Viewer:

  • Sculpted flexi prims (a la CoolViewer)
  • The new shadow rendering engine that’s been seen in different viewers.
  • Double clicking on a group in your groups list, activates that group, instead of starting a group chat.
  • When an object “speaks” in local chat, you can click on it to see who it belongs too.  It either shows the users profile (if worn) or a smaller dialog with a SLURL, and a button to mute the USER.  Why isn’t there an option to mute the OBJECT?
  • Support for wild cards mutes (for objects) so I can specify *xcite* and it will mute every spammy xcite product on the grid (assuming the owner didn’t rename it).
  • Full mute function so I won’t get *anything* from that user.  No inventory exchanges, no script pop-up menus, no IMs, no ANYTHING.  Hopefully this will thwart grifers.
  • If a user installs the “optimized” verison of Emerald Viewer onto an older PC that won’t work on it, it should give a message STATING SO when the user tries to run the app.  As of right now, it just doesn’t do ANYTHING when you double click the Emerald icon to run the viewer.  No error message, no anything.  Would also be nice if you guys had a “compatibility” list for the optimized version.
  • External (floating) Local Chat/IM window.  IM windows that appear as separate window(s) so you can drag your IMs outside of the viwer, or minimize the Viewer, and still have your IM window open for chat (also great for dual monitor users!)
  • 64bit Windows, and Linux versions, assuming there would be any benefit to it.
  • Speaking of Linux; how about a .deb installer please!

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