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September 22, 2008

My new Stratocaster

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I finally got the new Rockband2 guitar. Wireless, yay! It even came with batteries! It is a big improvement over the old strato, the neck seems thicker from front to back, but still seems paper thin compared to my GH3 Les Paul.  Yeah the faux wood, and fire burst looks cool. My biggest concern was the strum bar and whammy bar.  I’ve have used four other stratos and three of them had bad whammy bars where the spring breaks off and it no longer springs back.  The ones I got back from the RMA they still felt crappy, and some had noisy springs, and the whammy bar it self would slam against the body of the guitar. Others had what sounded like loose bits inside of it when you shook it, and I hated the mushy strum bar.

The new Strato is much better.  The whammy feels a bit more solid, and you don’t feel the spring squeaking and rubbing as you whack the whammy bar, and it doesn’t touch the body of the guitar as you go all the way down with it.  What they did with the strum bar was they shorted the “throw” of the strum bar. It still doesn’t CLICK like the Guitar Hero guitars do, but it no longer has that mushy feel that you haven’t moved it all the way.  Now it stops cold when you strum it up or down and it feels like you hit the note proper.

The auto-calibration isn’t really that great for me.  Audio calibration works fine, and I was amazed I had a 2ms lag time, which is barely noticeable anyway.  The video calibration was a problem, while it was able to calibrate, watching the green progress bar grow every time the screen flashed, it continued to say it couldn’t get a reliable reading from the guitar when it was done.  Seemed fine to me, and the calibration was ZER0ms. The real thing is to test this on my friends system who I KNOW has a lag delay on his surround sound (all surround sound system do!!), but he keeps insisting it doesn’t, and I know this since I keep missing notes on really simple songs that have a long rhythmic set of the same notes or chords (not rapid ones) and I’m always off, fucking up the song.  This should prove I’m right!

So WHERE the fuck is the juke-box mode on Rock Band 2?  If you leave the game on the main title screen where it asks you to press start, all it does is play that intro video (which I’m sick of now), and then it usually it’s plays a partal song of AC/DC’s “Let there be rock” and repeats.  Doesn’t change the song unless you restart the game.  Where the hell is the juke box mode so I listen to all this music I have (about 250 grand total) with out having to actually play it each time?

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