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March 7, 2011

Veterans gave me what?

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I’m getting really tired of this spewing of so-called patriotisim ever since 9-11. When someone protests war, or our solders in a war and with the scars left by 9-11, people act all indignant and spew forth this already tired cliché about how our solders are sacrificing life and limb so we can keep our freedoms and liberties here in America. So how dare does anyone talk against them, so people like me can continue to have the right to act like complete assholes. News flash people; this isn’t actually happening. We could have easily not gotten involved in any of these wars and still would have the same amount of freedoms and liberties we have now, if not more!

There are two reasons why our bothers and sisters are risking their lives for something OTHER than our Freedom and Liberty.’s not even for the freedom and liberty of other people in a different country.

First, all these wars we have been involved in were covering the asses of other countries located at the other side of the world from us. There has not been a conflict that was a direct threat to Americans, with the exception of WWII. So American solders have NOT been defending our freedoms in any past war, since World War 2. Since then it’s all been skirmishes over resources. There are countless war videos from the middle east showing American solders killing civilans, and children. Even some abusing dogs and other animals. How the fuck is THAT defending our freedom and liberty in America?

Secondly, ever since 9-11 we have been LOSING our freedoms and liberty in America ever since the passing of the Patriot Act, as well as the DMCA that was recently renewed.  New copyright law keeps holding our freedom of expression at bay. Invasive screenings at airports violating our privacy. Stupid laws that are supposed to curb pollution and “global warming” which just sucks more money away from tax payers and again restricts our freedom. Lawmakers continue to deny us our rights and freedoms under the guise of national security, fighting terrorism, and other such clichés that muddles what’s really going on.

How can ANYONE seriously say that the men and women who risk their lives fighting in a war on the other side of the planet, that even our solders have no ides why they they are STILL there. After all wasn’t the war declared over when we captures Saddam? Wasn’t Bush on an aircraft carrier declaring “we won” and the war was over even BEFORE Saddam was captured.  Oh wait, Saddam and Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks of 9-11, yeah they mistakenly thought they had chemical weapons in Iraq.  It’s Bin Laden we are after, right!  We forgot who the enemy was for a moment there… so the war marches on.

At least most people realize that this war is pointless and nothing at ALL is coming from it and it needs to end ten years ago. Buy why are we still there?  How does this war defend my freedom? How does this insure my Liberties, when our lawmakers are slowly chipping away at what we have?

So what are our bothers and sisters risking their lives for? Oil and other natural resources. Some say they are helping to traffic heroin from the middle east to the States. This is probably the only so-called war that has resulted in depressed economy. In past wars (like WWII) the economy booms, so what’s going on here?

So, when someone tells you that our solders are fighting for our freedoms, ask them HOW? How exactly are our boys, who are fighting a war at the other side of the planet, defending my rights, liberties, and freedom when we have slowly been losing them for the past ten+ years? Our lawmakers keep passing stupid and paranoid laws that continue to chip away at our freedoms, rights to privacy, and our civil liberties. What exactly are our men and women fighting for? So next time someone get’s all indignant and uses this tired cliché, tell them shut up and open their eyes. It’s not working like that.

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