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October 19, 2010

Calm the FUCK down people!

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Well I figured as such… but the rest seem to have short attention spans.

Philip Rosedale made a blog post today announcing he’s stepping away from his interim CEO position he got four months ago.  But people are turning every announcement that LL makes (Phillip especially) into some kind of scandal-gate fiasco controversy, when it simply IS NOT.

When Phillip became (again) INTERIM CEO when M Linden left four months ago, everyone already knew it was temporary. That’s what INTERIM means; “temporary” Look it up for fucks sake!  He’s not leaving LL outright, he is still a board member.  Yet everyone is acting like he’s abandoning us like we are suddenly orphaned children.

Gawd I’m getting sick and tired of people exaggerating every little thing that come out of Linden Labs. People are so fucking paranoid that LL will be going out of business, or be sold off to some big corporation; do people WANT LL to shut down? Seems everyone wants doom, and gloom; not sure why. I guess people are so bored they want some drama in their lives, even more so if they will be directly impacted by it.

August 9, 2010


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What the fuck is wrong with second life? Nothing works, everything glacially lagged, my avatar never seems to rez, everyone is a cloud or gray, error messages spew about how gestures and inventory wasn’t found, constantly getting logged out of the sim because it times out since there’s so much fucking lag. WHAT THE FUCK LINDEN LABS?

So you laid off 30% of your work force, your short lived CEO quit, and a few other employees jumped ship. So you must have some extra cash floating around from payroll to get things fixed up. Plus there’s the millions of L$ that goes though BOTH market exchanges (LindeX, and XStreet) that you guys take a cut from every transaction; yet you can’t seem to scrape up enough money for faster asset servers that don’t have a meltdown every SIX months, and better internal network?  Shit maybe if you didn’t have several co-locations AROUND THE COUNTRY, your VPN wouldn’t be so congested?

Who bothers with JIRA anyway? It’s a pain in the ass to search for an issue so you don’t dupe a JIRA problem. When you do post an issue, some asshole (who isn’t a LL employee) who does nothing in his life but troll and track everything that is the JIRA, has to point out that your post is a dupe, that’s probably been there for over a year but one one else has read it.  Let alone any LL employee has read it, yet will act surprised and apologetic by the issue, as if they never heard of this tired old issues before… assuming anyone bothers to point it out to a Linden.

You know the Lindens don’t bother reading JIRA posts, since it’s no different than anything else. Hundreds of dupes, people complaining and whining, flame wars, plus spam. So it’s like weeding though  Email, or worse message forums!  So most people just don’t bother with that crap, and so the JIRA is no better than a forum post, or an Email lost in a pile of spam.  JIRA is just a waste of time.

So what is left for us residents to do to get ANYTHING done on Second Life?  Sit around and bitch about lag as we wait an hour for our avatars to rez?  Gets really boring you know.

June 24, 2010

M Linden steps down

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All day I kept reading tweets from SecondLie that M Linden (Mark Kingdon) was fired/laid off, or has quit his CEO position at Linden Labs.  After finnally seeing a blog post from Phillip Linden announcing that M Linden has left LL, and Phillip has been named “interim” CEO, and CFO Bob Komin has been promoted to COO (meaningless alphabet soup). Also see PR Newswire about it.

It’s lovely to see all the ass kissing, thank-yous, and praises towards M Linden for his “contributions” which were what exactly? He barely had this CEO role for six months, so what contributions could have have possibly done? As far as I can tell nothing. I don’t blame him directly for technical problems with LL (Mono script load bugs, excessive lag, shitty Viewer 2, broken search engine, did i mention lag?. That’s all networking/programming problems and as far as i know Mark isn’t a programmer… is he?

However, I can blame him for the layoffs two weeks ago that caused the value of L$ to drop to shit, and it’s only recovered marginally, but I’ve already lost money from this fiasco. And now he leaves his position; why?  Is he ashamed for what little to nothing he’s done?  Were the policies he tried to put in place were a failure, because he ignored what actually makes Second Life work (adult content and activities).  Now that he’s gone and Phillip is back in the commanders chair, will he reverse the bullshit M Linden put forward, or will he continue to do what M was trying to do?

Do CEOs really do ANYTHING in the best interest their customers (residents) really want, no they do things in the best interest of the company they work for (remember CEOs are HIRED by the company like any other employee, it’s not like CEOs own the company) and spin-doctor it to make it sound like the customers are getting “more choice/value/content/fun” when in reality residents are being censored and segregated.

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