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July 27, 2013

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Facebook has boiled down to so much bullshit in the past few years. All I see is anti-Obama/anti-government “The man is watching,” 1994, Atlas Shrugged, type hyperbole. Laced with bigoted, and racists overtones under the flag of American patriotism, which is at an all time high of obliviousness when you consider how far down hill the USA has fallen since the 60s; it’s difficult to feel proud to be American anymore with all this American idiocy occurring. Self-righteous tea-party douchebags, and oblivious Obama-bot liberals really doesn’t make me feel to be a proud American. Then sprinkle in a few deaths here and there from family and friends; FB is just depressing.

FB never really WAS fun to begin with really. Full of negative depressing crap is all I see anymore. It’s better to visit the BF pages of subjects, topics, TV shows, movies, or even products that you’re interested in than reading the mindless “cut and paste” crap you see in my feed.

So let me cover some topics here:

Alright already! I get it! Obama sucks yeah so where the fuck were you guys when Bush was doing all this SAME crap 9 years ago, eh? I didn’t vote for Berry the 2nd time around, I didn’t even vote for Bush for his second term (I did for his 1st) yet both these “evil” presidents got reelected despite ALL the massive HATE they both had during their reelections. Democracy was long dead LONG before either of these assholes took office, yet everyone points to them (obama mainly) on how he’s single handedly burning the constitution. He isn’t folks.

This is proof that both democrats and republicans are both worthless and neither have any “real” power to get anything done in this country for the sake of the people anymore. More evidence that both parties are being controlled by the same group people, OR they are all on the same team, and play this game of “democrat/republican” as roles merely to placate the illusion that we have a democracy, when we all know it’s people/corporations with the deepest pockets are the ones who have the power to get laws passed, not obama. You don’t have to believe in Illuminati, tinfoil, conspiracy-theory crackpot to figure that out.

So when you post propaganda on Facebook you’re the ones being played by the politicians if you think you’re trying to get-one-over on them. Politicians thrive on this shit. You’re not informing anyone, this crap has been going on for over 100 years and it’s been a corrupted system for even longer. The Democrats aren’t here to ruin America, the Republicans aren’t here to save it either and this was vice-versa back when Bush was president, reverse again when Clinton was president. See a pattern yet?

Neither party has any REAL interest in Americans nor America unless it meets with the selfish needs of the rich and corporate America. As long as big corporations have deep pockets to pay off politicians to pass laws like SOPA, NAFTA, DMCA, etc. we won’t have a democracy, it will be socialism.

I’ve CLEARLY demonstrated in these paragraphs above that Republicans and Democrats are a fraud. If you can’t understand that by now (not to mean that you agree) then please shoot yourself now with your shotgun that you keep handy, because it’s patriotic to have one in case a Muslim shows up at your door with a copy of the Koran. Oh wait Muslims don’t go door-to-door like many Christian churches do. I digress…

Everyone please stop being a pawn in this political game where we hate whoever is the sitting president, and act like the OTHER political party that isn’t in power at the White House has all the answers. All that does is cause Congress to flip party majority in two years, and we have gridlock again. Rinse repeat.

We Americans are so caught up in being Americans we forget what it’s like to be just humble people anymore. After the events of 9/11 over a decade ago we act like we are entitled to be self-righteous patriotic zealot assholes. It’s embarrassing to be an American seeing all these patriotic douche bags strutting around as if the own the Internet.

So many people in different countries have suffered much more tragic loss and still ARE STILL being attacked even today, than we had on 9/11 over a decade ago. Yet we believe we are some how more special, as if we deserve more sympathy for the 9/11 events, more than any other. That really just makes us come off like total ASSHOLES to the rest of the world.

I constantly see images of American flags, Red White and Blue all over, virtual chest beating slogans since we still have guns (for now) and this over inflated egotistical sense of patriotism to the point it’s like a religion to be an American asshole. And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us? GET OVER IT don’t be a patriotic douche!

I can’t see how proud Americans can be anymore considering how much we (i.e. our government) has been FUCKING other countries since WWII. There’s a real reason a lot of countries and cultures hate Americans, it’s because of these meaningless wars we keep having, corrupt foreign policies, as our young men and women are constantly being ordered to do these things most of us aren’t aware of; whatever that might be.

9/11 happened for a reason. It wasn’t because Muslims think Americans worship the wrong God (it’s the same God, SURPRISE!). Most Muslims are passive people, until we Americans came along and started fucking with them.. for oil and other resources.

A lot of this patriotism comes from this subliminal obligation to support our troops whom are over seas sacrificing themselves to keep our freedoms. Yes this is a noble selfless cause, but are they REALLY out there to keep our freedoms intact by fighting secret undeclared war(s) half-way around the world? When at the same time, the same people who drone on about how patriotic we are, and we all must be, are also the same anti-Obmama puppets who keep saying how Obama is single-handedly breaking down the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Seems to conflict somewhat don’tcha think?.

I support our troops, but I do NOT support why they are out there since we really DO NOT know what they are fighting for. For that matter you can ask any active on duty troop and they will probably not know why they are shooting at brown people in a desert town in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. After all solders aren’t meant to ask questions about their orders, or THEY get shot.

Please GET OVER 9/11! It’s been over 12½ fucking years now and people are still licking their wounds as if was just yesterday that WTC fell. Every time a firecracker goes off in a public gathering, airports get shut down, police, NSA, FBI, HLS all gather and get their panties in a bunch as to what happened while REAL CRIMES are occurring elsewhere during distractions like this, and we wonder why our freedoms and rights keep vanishing before our eyes.

Also face facts here. Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God. IT’S TRUE! Jews follow the Bible which Christians call “The Old Testament.” The Muslim’s Qur’an (Koran) is largely about the Gospel of Muhammad, it also shares many of the books of “The Old Testament” most notably the books (Scrolls) of Abraham, which talks about how we are all descendants of the chosen people (Jews actually). Also it contains scriptures from Moses, David (Psalms) as well as the Gospels of Jesus (OMG!!) That is the basis of the three major religions but all three are at war with each other for (ahem) God knows why. When a Muslim screams “Allah” he’s isn’t screaming the name if “his” God. He is literally saying the word “God” (in Arabic) which his the same God Jews and Christians follow. I’m no expert on the bible or religion for that matter, but this should be common knowledge but so many people ignore this because there is SO MUCH FUCKING HATE between these people, even among themselves! Fucking ridiculous.

Even among Muslims, there are different branches who don’t agree on aspects of the Koran and emphasize some parts over others. EXACTLY the same reason there are so many different branches of the Christian Church and Judaism. There are Hasidic, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, even “Jews for Jesus” for fucks sake.  Religion is not for “God,” it’s for people. It reminds me of that old saying when you’re at a funeral or wake. “Funerals aren’t for the dead, it’s for the living.”

Be atheist (or Buddhist), then you won’t have to deal with the hypocrisy of religion, and be fully responsible for your own actions rather than pointing fingers at some invisible man in the sky, or some invisible red man with horns deep underground… or Obama.

Stop the madness people PLEASE.

March 20, 2011

Old school spam on FB

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Remember the good old days of the internet when spam was simply a bunch of your friends sending you “The Joke of the Day” and recipes, plus the dreaded chain letter you had to forward to 20 dozen friends? These were messages not writen by your friends, but they WERE purposely sent to you by the people you know.  Probably one of the first things that go “viral” before we had youtube.

Today we are more familure with automated emails we get for Viagra, breast enlargement, and of corse the Nigerian bank scams. Though lately most spam is incoherent random garbage that makes no sense, which his odd since if they are trying to sell something or scam you, shouldn’t you be able to understand it so you’ll fall for the ruse?  But I digress.

I no longer get any of the old-fashioned type spam in E-mails anymore, but since joining Facebook I see it there. Facebook has become the epicenter for chain letters now since it’s PERFECTLY designed for it. Once I saw a message from someone i knew asking to repost this message on my wall, so that Facebook can measure their activity, and won’t shut down.  I can’t believe anyone fell for this.  Since when is Facebook unable to measure how much activity they have? All FB does is boast about how popular and active the website is, had they been guessing? And why would it ever shut down at all? It DEFIANTLY won’t be because of a lack of use.

Plus you’re constantly seeing crap on your wall from people playing those games and FB apps you could couldn’t give a shit less about. I know there is away to filter out that crap, I haven’t seen any farmville and mafiawars bullshit for some time, but since FB keeps changing the layout of thier site, I can’t remember how i did it.  Thanks Zukerturd.

Oh wait, I found it.. yay! Still i can’t use this to block those chainletter messages.

March 7, 2011

Veterans gave me what?

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I’m getting really tired of this spewing of so-called patriotisim ever since 9-11. When someone protests war, or our solders in a war and with the scars left by 9-11, people act all indignant and spew forth this already tired cliché about how our solders are sacrificing life and limb so we can keep our freedoms and liberties here in America. So how dare does anyone talk against them, so people like me can continue to have the right to act like complete assholes. News flash people; this isn’t actually happening. We could have easily not gotten involved in any of these wars and still would have the same amount of freedoms and liberties we have now, if not more!

There are two reasons why our bothers and sisters are risking their lives for something OTHER than our Freedom and Liberty.’s not even for the freedom and liberty of other people in a different country.

First, all these wars we have been involved in were covering the asses of other countries located at the other side of the world from us. There has not been a conflict that was a direct threat to Americans, with the exception of WWII. So American solders have NOT been defending our freedoms in any past war, since World War 2. Since then it’s all been skirmishes over resources. There are countless war videos from the middle east showing American solders killing civilans, and children. Even some abusing dogs and other animals. How the fuck is THAT defending our freedom and liberty in America?

Secondly, ever since 9-11 we have been LOSING our freedoms and liberty in America ever since the passing of the Patriot Act, as well as the DMCA that was recently renewed.  New copyright law keeps holding our freedom of expression at bay. Invasive screenings at airports violating our privacy. Stupid laws that are supposed to curb pollution and “global warming” which just sucks more money away from tax payers and again restricts our freedom. Lawmakers continue to deny us our rights and freedoms under the guise of national security, fighting terrorism, and other such clichés that muddles what’s really going on.

How can ANYONE seriously say that the men and women who risk their lives fighting in a war on the other side of the planet, that even our solders have no ides why they they are STILL there. After all wasn’t the war declared over when we captures Saddam? Wasn’t Bush on an aircraft carrier declaring “we won” and the war was over even BEFORE Saddam was captured.  Oh wait, Saddam and Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks of 9-11, yeah they mistakenly thought they had chemical weapons in Iraq.  It’s Bin Laden we are after, right!  We forgot who the enemy was for a moment there… so the war marches on.

At least most people realize that this war is pointless and nothing at ALL is coming from it and it needs to end ten years ago. Buy why are we still there?  How does this war defend my freedom? How does this insure my Liberties, when our lawmakers are slowly chipping away at what we have?

So what are our bothers and sisters risking their lives for? Oil and other natural resources. Some say they are helping to traffic heroin from the middle east to the States. This is probably the only so-called war that has resulted in depressed economy. In past wars (like WWII) the economy booms, so what’s going on here?

So, when someone tells you that our solders are fighting for our freedoms, ask them HOW? How exactly are our boys, who are fighting a war at the other side of the planet, defending my rights, liberties, and freedom when we have slowly been losing them for the past ten+ years? Our lawmakers keep passing stupid and paranoid laws that continue to chip away at our freedoms, rights to privacy, and our civil liberties. What exactly are our men and women fighting for? So next time someone get’s all indignant and uses this tired cliché, tell them shut up and open their eyes. It’s not working like that.

October 19, 2010

Phoenix & Ubuntu

I got Ubuntu 10.10 (x64) running on one of my PC, but I can’t get Phoenix Viewer to do anything.  The README instructions simply state you extract the .bz2 archive into any folder and simply type in the console Run ./secondlife from inside that folder. I understand that, but that does nothing.  Shouldn’t there be a folder called /secondlife for that to even WORK?   Since there isn’t such a folder, it obviously dosen’t launch the app.  Yes I do know I need 32bit compatibility environment files installed but if this app was installed properly it would have at least TOLD ME THAT, but it never gets that far since this install is half there!

I’ve also noticed that 10.10 app for reading archive files (.bz2) is fucking SLOW. Takes like 30+ seconds after double clicking got it to show anything, then to read a simple text file it takes a bit too long than it should take for a decent PC, and modern OS.

I’m starting to understand why Macs are better at these things.  When you download a new app, you just drag and drop the file into your applications folder, and you’re done (there may be other steps, depending on the app but that’s usually it).  You don’t even have to “extract” the compressed archive you download, which would take up more drive space.

Windows is still somewhat easy but you have to step though a wizard when you run the installer.  Microsoft has to make it more complicated than it really needs to be. The “installer” needs extra hard drive space than the application actually uses. It has to throw files all over your hard drive, and the REGISTRY file has to be updated.  The Windows registry file is the bane for this OS and is the root of a lot of it’s problems and bitrot.

Then you have Linux and some apps are a piece of cake to install, others make no fucking sense, and you have to dig into the console command line to get something working.  At least windows avoids having to deal with the command prompt when you’re installing something. I don’t think I had to drop into the old DOS command line in YEARS when dealing with software installs.  Not since  Windows 3.1 had I bothered using a DOS command line to deal with issues (other than for other reasons) but not to get an application installed and running.  Windows 3.1 was when the registry file started being used.

I’m also REALLY disappointed in this 10.10 release.  First I had issues with just installing it on my PC since it would never complete the install saying “ready when you are…” when there was nothing TO DO.  The Ubuntu Software center is fucking RETARDED, the search never finds anything I need that I know DO exist.  Searching for the 32bit environment files came up with NOTHING. WTF?  Same problem with Synaptic Package Manager, I can’t find anything I need on it.

Mac is good since they can keep things consistant, but they abandon and orphan old platforms in about 10 years.  Windows has to keep support for old legacy platform, and has no control on hardware so it’s always full of holes, yet maintains SOME user friendliness while complicating things it dosen’t need to, which simply get botched up over time. xUnix based OS’s are just overly complicated to start with. Since there are so many different flavors of it making it very inconsistent from one distro to another whcih just confuses end users like me.

December 12, 2009

It’s hopeless

Obama Hopeless

Obama Hopeless

Did we get change? I’m still waiting for something to be changed. You know a least one thing different since Bush left office.  Say increase in unemployment numbers, pulling troops out the middle east. Corporations not failing left and right. My bank not changing it’s name every 6 months. Maybe free health care that doesn’t end up costing more money in the long run.  You know something. Obama DID have a lot of great ideas.. and very common ideas that EVERYONE has. For example he was in favor of ending the war, just like 90% of the WORLD does, yet he gets a fucking nobel peace prize for it? So where’s mine?  I support ending the war in the middle east, and I haven’t done anything about that.  Oh wait, I didn’t announce that we will be sending in more troops into Afghanistan. Maybe that’s why i didn’t get my own nobel peace prize?

Some may say it’s gotten worse since Bush left office, but while I did vote for Obama, it seems to me he’s only maintaining the status quo.  The few things he did do to supposedly help the economy hasn’t done anything but get rich executives more money, as they continue to lay off more employees, and close down regional areas of their company, to maintain profits.  And yet more money we don’t have is flying out the white house, and capitol hill to 3rd world countries for no apparent reason, erecting statues in his honor.

The thing about all politicians isn’t that they lie during their election campaigns, as if they are full of shit; it’s just they don’t KNOW shit.  Once Obama came into office and was debriefed about all our country’s top secrets, conspiracies, the budget, and all the corruption that actually exists, had HAD to keep the status quo that Bush left him, or end up like JFK. That corruption has probably been brewing probably since World War II. After all a lot of the same people who are involved in politics back 50-60 years ago are STILL AROUND still pulling the strings on figure heads like public policy makers (president, congress, senate, etc.)

The president doesn’t really run the country, it’s his cabinet that advises him on what to do. Those people are then controlled by their own greed and competition wanting more control over the white house and the presidents ear; rather than working as a team.  In order for them to gain ground, they need more money.  More money than they earn as being a member of the president’s cabinet. So they make deals with congressmen and senators, who are back by the lobbyists (or they deal with Lobbyists directly) to work out deals to make more money, or work out deals for these lobbyists’ interest.

The war keeps going on because there’s money to be made doing so, regardless of the sacrifices our young men and women must endure. In an age were corporate penalties take precedent; always trying to improve the value of your company, regardless of what that may costs, so that your shareholders don’t sue you into oblivan if you don’t make a profit every quarter, is a serious problem in America.

Sure the concept of corporations is fine and dandy, but corporations can reach a critical mass of growth and profits. I don’t know if it’s because of greed, but when a company gets so big, it becomes it’s own liability when they end up cannibalizing themselves to maintain a constant, always improving profit margin, or be sued into oblivion by their share holders.  There’s little to no room for failure.  This is why Obama paid them out so that the shareholders won’t sue them and take the entire company down.  All of that money these corporations got didn’t save peoples jobs, it didn’t improve the products nor services that produce, and these companies are STILL FAILING.

What we need is a true overhaul to the way we do business.  Remove the threat in corporate law so when a business just loses profit, they aren’t jeopardizing so many people’s lives.  If a corporation does poorly, let them fail since the alternative is going to be much much harsher as we are already seeing today.  You’re better off closing down shop, rather than laying off half your work force, forcing your remaining employees to take up the slack, while also trying to improve your product and/or services.  It just doesn’t work, and it stresses the fuck out of everyone.  At the same time you’re being a HUGE drain on government resources when the government hands you a bucket of billions of dollars… which is money THEY DON’T HAVE.  Especially when they aren’t expecting that money to be paid back, even with out intrest.

Are we still in the worst economic depression since before WWII? Many of us are in debt our meager incomes barely cover the cost of living, while we max out our credit cards just to buy groceries for the family.  Ironically it was WWII that got us out of the depression back then. Because jobs were created to support the war effort, and American lives were rationed which in-effect lowered cost of living. But we have been this war for the past eight years (among others) and it’s not helped us, except fat-cat executives and bureaucrats.   But then again WWII was an actual DECLARED war by an act of congress; the last time they declared war was (I think) the Korean war.  We never declared war in Vietnam, and we had the energy crisis of the 70s.  The reason why they don’t want to officially declare war on Iraq/Afghanistan is because they don’t want their actions and spending to be kept in check. With a war that isn’t declared, the money and responses spent on it can be completely done with no supervision.  If they consider it as an action, it’s assumed temporary and with a specific goal; but this is hardly a temporary, and we have no fucking idea what that action is really supposed to be.

Then there’s health care. Wow it’s amazing what people believe in this world.  Idiots running around shouting “I don’t want government interfering with my Medicare!” makes me cringe. The reason why this is fucked up is because it’s too expensive.  Again we go back to the corporate mentality as to why. Perfect example is what’s referred to as “big pharma” or the big pharmaceutical corporations.  They create drugs that don’t really cure or fix anything, but just postpone the inevitable so they can keep selling more drugs. Creating made-up diseases that are common aliments, and creating drugs that simply COVER the symptoms so you must take a pill EVERY DAY for the rest of your life now, so that you won’t suffer “acid reflux” anymore.  Which is just fucking heartburn for fucks sake, it’s NOT A DISEASE!  Also while lobbying to pass laws that declare that only “drugs” can cure disease. Because of that they ended up making up new diseases.  Home remedies suddenly no longer cure anything, and they almost passed a law that declared vitamins as drugs (vitamin C actually), so they would be under their control, taxed and profited from.

So now we get some so-called “health care reform” that is just what the insurance companies wanted.  Not Doctors, not patients.  Much like California’s law that states all drivers MUST have car insurance, soon everyone in American is REQUIRED to have health insurance, or pay a fine.  The ironic thing is that it seems to be CHEAPER to pay for the penalties than to actually pay for insurance.  After all when you do get sick you will get medical attention and also long term support if you have a condition.  Once again it’s all about money, not health care.

The only good thing that Obama and our government SEEMS to have a good idea on is legalizing marijuana, but that’s mostly just something they can tax the hell out of to help pay off the debt.  Problem is that buying pot illegally will probably be cheaper.  But it may be the “new tobacco” for tobacco companies to switch too and start making money again.  Come to think of it, why didn’t the tobacco industry ask for a bailout?

Now about the environment. When did carbon dioxide become so evil? People are treating it as if it’s toxic waste; it’s not. This compound is ESSENTIAL part of life. In grade school we learned that plants absorb it and produce oxygen for us to breath. with out it life wouldn’t exist.  Now all of a sudden collage professors are telling (not teaching) students it’s poison to the environment.  It’s just insane to think that something so basic and common is suddenly a huge threat to the planet.  Not to downplay the issue of pollution, but this bullshit has been building up over the past 30 years.  Back then it was “Give a hoot, don’t pollute.” and slowly it turned a GLOBAL environmental phenomena largely due to, I think, the largely the population ignored it.  If you go back in time and move forward you see this snowball effect, from cute PSAs on Saturday morning cartoons, too “holes in the ozone” which came and went. Then we had “El Nino” which was more like a FAD to talk about. Then “Green House Effect” came into being, which then mutated into global warming, and now we have “Climate Change” with ex-Vice President Al Gore leading the way, trying to pass a law that supposedly controls the emissions of CO² by using a trade/barter system.  This is were you buy or trade “credits” for your pouliting bussines so you only limimted to what you buy. With the money made from those credits, for some reason, that money will be given to 3rd world countires who barely have any industry that polutes the planet. But guess who is going to run the business that sells and trades these carbon credits?  Al Gore, and he’s poised to make billions of dollars from being the middle man for what amounts letting companies pollute for money.

As if money is karma, and all those polluting companies in the world will feel better about the pollution they cause by fund money into developing countries, just so they can be polluters too?   IS THAT good for the planet? So how did we get from a guy in an OWL costume singing and dancing with children on PSA ads saying “Give a Hoot…” to an ex-Vice president making billions of dollars from polluting business while at the same time giving us guilt-trips for farting CO² and driving to work every day in CO² spewing cars?

So don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a clean and healthy enviroment, but this is complete bullshit.  Global warming isn’t caused by cow farts, and too many gas guzzling cars. And you shouldn’t feel guilty for how you live your lifestyle; be thankful you have a life.  The real problem is that we will run out of coal and oil reserves and we need to switch to something easily renewable.  That’s rather obvious, but that has little to do with how polluting those fuel sources are.  But won’t that fix the so-called global warming problem by it self when we run out?  If we are head-fast into running out of coal and oil in less than 50 years, won’t it fix it self when we run out?

November 20, 2009

XStreetSL charging for freebies

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Two posts on Xstreet talk about how they want to charge creators 99L a month for free items.  They believe that freebies are really just promotional ways to get people to buy your other products, so they think it’s logical to charge people a monthly fee to list FREE items.  Details are here.

Two threads in the Xst forums (here and here) are exploding over this announcement, and it ‘s a really sad state of affairs when they actually believe in the bullshit they spew.  Everyone knows they are just trying to squeeze more money out of this dying economy, so they just squeeze harder allowing content creators to just slip between their fingers.

They actually have the gall to state that there is a cost associated when people get freebies from Xstreet.  How so? It’s no more of an overhead of costs from people just browsing the XstreetSL website, and not buying anything. This is simply ridiculous and they go on to say how they had big meetings and group sessions over this, yet I never heard anything about this. They rarely give much awareness for these things for people to attend.  Sure I’m not a big content creator, but these kinds of choices effects EVERYONE.

September 20, 2009

Healthcare is officially fucked up

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This new “Baucus Bill” that was just hammered out by our Congress this past week, is a prime example of lobbyist influences and corruption, and shows how our elected officials are so isolated from the real world. According to this bill, everyone will be REQUIRED (read forced) to have health insurance, or pay a penalty.  How exactly is this going to help uninsured people who can’t afford health care in the first place?  This doesn’t change anything, but force people to pay for something they can’t afford already.  I’m sure insurance company execs shot a huge wad when they saw this new bill, since it will give them more business.  Maybe this could lead to more jobs to be had at insurance companies?  Either way it’s a good time to buy stock in insurance companies.

This sounds a lot like how in California all drivers are forced to have car insurance.  But at least you can choose not to drive a car, and therefore you won’t be forced to have car insurance.  However everyone ALIVE is going to be forced to pay health care insurance, or just go and die. Sure there will be provisions for people who can’t afford health care to get that, but that isn’t the so-called public option, and it’s really no diffrent from the system we already have now, but worse!

Insurance companies don’t want a public “single payer” option, since they won’t be able to compete with it and go out of business.  People talk about how we should open this into a free market, and let companies compete for better services and prices, but this bill isn’t doing that.  If anything this bill was practically written by health care insurance so they can be shovel-fed more money from people who are already too broke to buy health insurance in the first place.

This is not health care reform, this is just reinforcing how fucked up it already is.

August 12, 2009

The 912 Project

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I recently started watching Glen Beck on Fox News, and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.  These two shows are complete polar opposites over the same topics and it’s really hard to filter out the bullshit.  It’s like matter, and anti-matter, put them together and you get nothing!  You’d think there would be some truth left over when you do that, but these two shows contradict each other to an extreme. You’d think my DVR would blow up from having these shows  recorded.   The other show, a podcast, I like to listen too that seems to balance this out is “The No Agenda” podcast. But keep in mind, I am a registered Republican, but I voted democrat in the last two presidential elections, since Ron Paul never made it far enough.

So anyway I read up on this 912 project, I thought it had to do with 9/11 as if something special happened the next after after the terrorists attack.  But no it’s just a list of statements where only two things I have an issue with.


This is something a modern society needs to just get over.  There is no God that cares; please get over it.  Stop trying to do things in God’s name when he dosen’t give a rats ass.  He has no agenda anymore, but everyone makes it out as if he does, yet nobody knows what it is.  It’s like some asshole’s personal agenda hiding under the guise that it’s the “Will of God” when it obviously isn’t.  Last time people did this people lived in monarchies, where everyone had to obey Kings and Queens because God spoke directly to them, and ordained them as rulers of the land is if God was to do so himself.  Maybe if religious nuts would focus on real issues, and not vague impressions and twisted meanings of the Bible; the world would be a better place. You don’t have to be a religious person to know what’s right and wrong, good or bad.  Spirituality is good if you need it, but far too often bullshit “religious agendas” gets in the way real life, and starts the problems and the cataclysms that the Bible it SELF warns about.  Get your head out of God ass people, thank you.


I understand that’s how it is right now, but I believe equal rights SHOULD be guaranteed.  That is something the world has been STRIVING for for millenia. You don’t have to be a bleeding heart liberal to understand this, and want this for the world at large.  We could have this if resources were easy to obtain and unlimited.  But wait… isn’t this already guaranteed?  Isn’t that what the bill of rights is about?  The Constitution? All those old documents they wrote over 200 years ago that founded this country?  Should we disregard documents written so long ago (cough!)The Bible(cough!) just because it’s old, written by dead people, and just try something else that isn’t proven to work?

I believe equal opportunity should be guaranteed, but if you make bad choices (or lack there off) in life, then all bets are off.  Everyone should be guaranteed this, regardless of what neighborhood you live in, or what last name you were born with (or changed it too).

All these talking heads on TV, like Glen Beck, like to talk about Hitler and Socialism and how we SEEM to be heading in this direction.  However #6 is probably the most socialistic statement I’ve ever heard from this guy.  #6 can be seen to mean that equal rights only belong to the people who deserve it, and yet he warns us about socialism?

With that said, it’s nearly impossible to make a guarantee.  To do so means that if one person wasn’t given equal rights, that person will be given something else of equal value; that’s what guarantees do.  Like if you buy a product that’s has a defect, you’re guaranteed for it to get fixed, or you get your money back.  But how can you apply a guarantee to equal rights?

The rest of this 912 Project document is all common sense.  If it wasn’t for #2 and #6, you could say that perhaps a moderate, or even a liberal wrote this.

June 15, 2009

New SL viewer, and Zindra!

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I’m not sure why they did this but they changed a few fundamentals in this viewer that’s bugging me. First of all some of the pie menus have been changed around so you might accidentally choose something else.  Clicking on your avatar and going ‘down’ now activates appearance mode, so if you were clicking on an attachment you won’t accidentally click on “detach.”

Also the mini map compass has black letters and you can barely read it now, so you can’t tell which direction you’re facing now.  Arg!

Of course the big deal about this new viewer is the new adult content filters, and restrictions to the new sim classification of “Adult” (adding to the existing PG, and Mature sims we already have).  Which will lead to the adult content being segregated and moved onto a new mainland.  God knows this will be one big fiasco. Friends are calling this the end of SL, and it won’t last for another year.  I hear this every time LL makes a controvierial announcement, and we are still here.  But it would be nice if LL stopped making stupid choices like this, hopefully there won’t be a need for bonehead announcements after this big one has blown over… assuming it ever does considering how long this might take.

What I don’t get is what is actually making land owners move to the new mainland? It’s not like the Lindens can automatically earmark a parcel as “adult” and force them to move to Zindra.  Land owners who believe they have an adult themed area should submit a support ticket for the move, then wait for the Lindens to call their ticket up and help them move. In fact for the next two weeks the new mainland called “Zindra” will be an open house for users fly out and check out and claim spots.  However you DO have use an avatar with either adult verification or billing info on file/used, however you don’t need to use the new 1.23 viewer.

So apparently there won’t be a landgrab like there usually is when a new mainland opens up, allowing for the Lindens to take care of each landowner that wants to move.But that’s my point, the land owners who WANT to move, there’s was nothing said about being FORCED too. The Lindens like to talk about how no one is ever forced to do anything, like Adult Verification was never “forced” on anyone and back then adult themed land owners weren’t forced to flag thier land as adult.  They had to rely on other residents to submit abuse reports if they see adult themed areas that aren’t properly flagged. And NO ONE ever did that!  Even then it’s not like the Lindens automatically lay down the law, they probably have to get many reports about the same land for them to even care. Which supprised the hell out of me, since there are a lot of evil douchebags in SL who could EASILY abuse this and use thier army of alts to send abuse reports about landowners who didn’t properly flag thier land as “adult.”  I’m sure now the same will hold true for this segregation once people find left-over “adult themed” areas still on the older mainlands.  Probably from landowners who don’t login cept maybe one every six months.

As for Zindra it self, you don’t need to use the new 1.23 viewer to access the new mainland. However you DO need to have payment info on file/used, or be adult verified. All of the “adult” filtering is done at the viewer side of things, so using the older viewer, or alternate viewers aren’t required.

May 5, 2009

California Special Election

Oh no! The economy is all fucked up, quick lets have an emergency (knee-jerk) election to fix it all!  After all it was just six months ago we had the biggest voter turn out in history! Why not capitalize on that momentum by setting up a bunch of meaningless state propositions and make it seem like the average voter will help!  So can voters fix the state economy?  Hey we were able to ban homosexual marriages in California!  Yes we can!

Prop 1A – Rainy Day Budget Stabilization fund
Increases the size of the states “Rainy Day” fund and requiring “above-average” revenues to be deposited into it, for use during economic downturns. Fiscal Impact: higher state taxes.

This is complete bullshit.  First of all, California’s budget is always in perpetual deficits. Every year in Sacramento they are always late in finalizing a budget, causing state ran institutions to stop running, laying off firemen, police officers, and sending out IOUs as paychecks to state employees. So when they finally do settle on a budget, they add billions of dollars in DEBT!  So how can ANY money be put into this “rainy day” fund when there is never any revenues, let alone “above-average” revenues in the first place?  How is “revenue” defined anyway?

Also when have we not been in a “economic downturn?”  Seems like the whole country has been in an economic downturn since the ’80s.  Sure the economy is really bad now, but it hasn’t been doing well for at least 25 years.  And the fact that Prop 1A will raise taxes is an automatic “NO!” since you can’t TAX your self into economic prosperity.

Prop 1B Education Funding, Payment plan
Requires supplemental payments to local school districts and community collages to off set the budget cuts they did last year.

This sounds good, but they will just cut their budget’s again the next time they hammer out another state budget, and still create an all-time-high state deficit. Vote NO on this, it’s meaningless.

Prop 1C Lottery Modernization Act
Allows state lottery to be modernized to improve it’s performance with increased payouts, improved marketing, and effective management.

At first this seemed like a feeble attempt to revive a dying horse that needs to be shot.  It’s hard to believe that we voted in the state Lottery about 25 years ago and it really hasn’t helped much.  These days we almost forget there is a lottery/lotto anymore.  The only time people give a shit is when the jackpot is huge which hasn’t happened since the ’90s, and lately it’s barely over 15 million.

If this passes it’s supposed to “modernize” the lottery, that started back in the ’80s.  So, does that mean they still using old Commodore 64’s to manage the lottery? What exactly do they need to modernize? I do agree they need to improve marketing since like I said people just don’t care about the lotto/lottery anymore anyway.  Hopefully if the Lottery gets more popular with better marketing, more money will funnel back into our schools, which is something they promised to do since it’s inception.

I’m going to vote yes on this since they are going to “borrow $5million from future lottery profits” so it’s like they borrowing money from themselves. But it’s really just taking more taxpayer money, in hopes the Lottery becomes popular again, and people buy more tickets.  If this fails we won’t be any more worse off than we already are.  If it passes then there’s a chance it can help, as long as whoever is going to work on “improving marketing” does a decent job. Just means we will see more lotto commercials on TV.

Prop 1D Children Services Funding
Temporarily provides greater flexibility in funding to preserve health and human services for young children.

I love it when they say “temporary” since laws pass usually end up lasting forever.  I really don’t see how this is going to help when it states on the ballot that there will be reductions in funding for early childhood development programs, and that some how saves money when for the next 5 years. So kids born after 2014 are shit outta luck?  None of this makes a whole lotta sense, and wording on this also mentions “difficult economy” as if it’s going to remind everyone we are already IN one, so people vote yes.  Fuck it.

Prop 1E Mental Health Funding. Temporary reallocation
Helps balance state budget by amending the mental health services act of 2004. Transfer funds, for 2 years, to pay for mental health services.

This is worded EXACTLY like Prop 1D. It makes no sense, it’s forcing money out from somewhere into both 1D and 1E when we clearly have no money in the first place.  More wording of “difficult economy” to cause knee jerk reactions for YES votes.  Vote no, it’s horseshit.

Prop 1F Elected officials’ salaries preventes pay increases during budget deficit years
Encourages balanced state budgets by preventing elected members of Legislature, state wide constitutional offers, and the governor from receiving a pay raise.

HOT DAMN something that makes complete sense and is written in such away that you can’t possibly get confused as too a double meaning, nor does it seem meaningless.  It’s not like any of our elected state officials NEED a pay raise when they are doing better off than any of their constitutes are doing. Plus they can probably live off thier reelection funds anyway! Since we have had a deficit in our state budget for as long as I can remember, they will never get a raise again.  It would be better if they were getting PAY CUTS, which is probably a $1billion right there that can be used to hire more firemen.  This is a no-brainer YES.

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