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July 23, 2015

Fuck GeForce Experiance

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I had been using Geforce Experience for some time, even before I got my GTX 980 last year. Recently I had upgraded my PC adding a second GTX 980 in SLI, and upgrading to 32GB of system RAM. I had been using the same install of windows 8.1 for about 9 months, and after the upgrade my PC had a very awkward slow boot up, that I now know is due to Geforce Experience software.

What happens is after my PC boots, I tap a key I then enter my password as normal and it takes me directly to my desktop, except I have no desktop icons. My desktop is usable, i can draw a box on my desktop, i can right click and get the context menu, I can use the taskbar, but none of my other startup apps have loaded up yet, almost no icons in my system tray. it’s like half-ready to go, something is holding it back from loading up everything I want.

It will be like this for a good minute before my icons appear my start up apps load and run, and then I can do something on my PC. It didn’t do this BEFORE my upgrade. So I though maybe my boot drive was getting to full. So I decided to clean install windows 8.1. That did resolve the problem with my desktop icons not showing up after login. BUT once I installed GeForce Experience software, this behavior came back!

GeForce Experience didn’t do this when I only had 16GB of system RAM, and a single GTX 980. For some reason GeForce Experience doesn’t like my upgrades. I don’t know if it’s due to going SLI or having more ram, maybe both, but uninstalling it restores my PCs behavior after logging in. So screw GeForce Experience when it screws with my experience with my own PC.

January 2, 2013

Windows 8 Buggery

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For the most part I’m rather happy with my copy of Windows 8 on my slowly ageing Core 2 Quad based PC, however it’s a bit buggy. I tend to crash after bootup and going to my desktop from the Start (aka metro) screen.  Windows 8 has the FASTEST boot time I’ve ever seen from Microsoft.

I’m also having weird icon behavior.  Below is a snippet of my desktop icons.  Notice how some folder icons have a bar above the icon, and folders with pictures in it look like upside computer monitors. Anyone get weird folder icons like these?

my buggy folder icons

my buggy folder icons

Update: (march 2013) seems all that weirdness is gone for the past couple months.  I not longer see glitched and upside down icons anymore. Win8 has updated at least 3 times since then.

September 30, 2012

Minecraft for PC.. should I bother?

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I’m really wanting to do more in minecraft but the PC version just doesn’t seem worth buying,  It costs much more than the 360 and android pocket versions combined but those ports are lacking in so many ways. The PC version isn’t playable. When playing in offline mode the game just starts to freeze up on me every 30 minuets forcing me to save and quit, which that it self is a pain in the ass since the menus lag too. I’m playing this in offline mode so I don’t understand why performance goes to shit on a regular basis on the PC; must be some kind of memory leak. The $27 price for such a shitty performing game (even in local single player) just isn’t worth it.

1.8.2 is about to hit the Xbox edition any moment now adding the basic things the PC version has had for a long while. So again should I pony up more money for a lagtastic local game or wait for the Xbox update?

July 8, 2012

Skyrim Dawnguard: the buggy!

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Been playing the Dawnguard DLC for the past week now in Skyrim, it’s nice to be back bitch slapping dragons and learning new shouts to illicit fear in my virtual foes. But by the Nines it’s very buggy and crashes my 360 often.

I’m trying to do as many achievements as I can in one run though. I already have the initial 1000 gamerpoints from the original game, which did require roughly two complete replays of the game as well as many reloads going back about 20 levels to complete missions that for whatever reason couldn’t be completed when I had progressed more in the game. So for instance, I do have the Attachments for “One with the Shadowswhere you have to complete all the Thieves guild missions, yet i still have the Skeleton Key which if I did finish this properly I would no longer have.  I had to use a much older savegame to complete the Thieves guild/Nightingale missions since it glitched out.

I could probably do that again in a single playthough now that I know the game better, but even then the game is so flakey and bugs cause missions to be un-finishable that you have to start over to redo those missions that some how get broken.

The nice thing about this DLC is that it dosen’t isolate you from the main world map. So Dawnguard just comes up as another side mission compared to Fallout 3/NV DLCs where you’re often isolated main map so you can’t return to your home(s) to rest, nor visit vendors to sell off your loot. Also these DLCs often force you to discard the majority of your inventory, ditch any companions you had tagging along with you (and their inventory) and forces you to finish the DLC missions before you can return the main world map.

Also for those of you trying to figure out how to start the Dawnguard story line you simply listen to any guard passing by and he may mention Dawnguard and the mission will pop up on screen.  You can also try talking to a guard directly about it, but mine appeared from a guard passing by me.  You can also find Fort Dawnguard at the far southeast corner of the map (Southeast of Riften) but you’ll have to enter a cave first to get to it. I also believe you have to be at level 10 for it to trigger as a mission.

This new DLC brings in two new perk trees for both Vampire lord, and Warewolf with 11 perks each that give you an achievement for both. Basically all you have to do is kill things while as a vampire lord, or a warewolf that adds experiance points over time you can spend on perks. This remains separate from training your skills and character. Which is probably a good thing since I’m sure many players already have maxed out characters at level 100 and can’t earn more XP anyway.

I didn’t feel that playing the DLC story line would give you much experance to level both perk trees so I decided to just go on rampages and killing as much as I can to gain experience and ignoring the Dawnguard missions. The problem is that they didn’t play test Vampire Lord mode much since there are issues fitting under low ceilings in caves, mine shafts, and other places in doors.  Plus you’re forced in 3rd person mode so the walls get in the way of the camera view and makes everything even more claustrophobic. Even when you’re “on foot” as a vampire lord my i didn’t have the headroom to get past some areas. I was forced to revert back to normal human form to get around.

After leveling Vampire Lord, I switched over too Warewolf (just head back to the Companions to switch) and it only took me a few sessions to quickly run though on a rampage to level up on warewolf. If you have Serana as a companion (which she joins you early in the story line) she can’t die so she can help make kills you can feed on but she IS a necromancer so if you’re not quick about it she will revive a body before you can feed. Also once you’re done leveling your warewolf she can make you a vampire again right on the spot. Problem is that after spending all day warewolf rampaging, you’ll say in warewolf mode for a good while (unless your health is low).

BTW avoid dragons while in either vampire lord, or warewolf form since the dragon (especially fire breathers) will fuck you up good. So anyway I found the game to lock up often, and repeatedly in particular locations, while exploring skyrim as a warewolf attempting to level up. Fortunately i was able to level up both warewolf and vampire lord, and now I can get back to the Dawnguard story line and see if i can get the last four achievements with out having to restart the the mission and join the Dawngaurd.

Also one last gripe I think the devs kina fucked up on. Why do I have to level Smithing to 100 to work on Dragon bone/scale armor and weapons when Daedric armor and weapons (which is at level 90) is BETTER rated? The ONLY exception to this is dragonbone arrows which has a damage of 25 vs Daedric arrows at 24.

The only other good thing about the dragon smith skill is Daedric dosen’t have light armor option, but dragon scale does, so I believe dragon scale armor is the best light armor you can get. However Daedric heavy armor is still better than heavy dragon bone armor.

I think I found a sort of glitch while playing as a Vampire.  As a vampire lord, you cast this life sucking spell which works towards your vampire experience for it’s perk tree.  But I really didn’t like being in this awkward form all the time. This one time I revered back to human form while still a Vampire Lord in hover mode, and I noticed I had my sword in my left hand (I usually dual weld one-handed swords) but I STILL had the Vampire Lord Life absorb spell in my right hand. I still functioned and let me gain experience for my Vampire perk tree!  Sure I had a smaller magic pool to use this spell but it much nicer to run around in human form (not bumping my head on everything) and still being able to use other weapons or spells in my left hand, plus still have access to my inventory and take potions to get more magic power.  But the moment i equipped anything in my right hand it went away, except for any two-handed weapons, bows or crossbows, once you unequipped them the life absorb spell came back.

November 8, 2011

What needs

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With the impending opening of, there are some things I just want to address:

Get rid of the zone chat in Phoenix Park (aka CosmoGirl, aka Tiki Cove park for you OGs). This place isn’t a funzone, ppl use it to spam voice, no one chats in it, and I really don’t give a shit when ppl come and go from Phoenix Park. It keeps making my there-icon blink in my task bar and it’s just FUCKING IRRITATING. Please REMOVE IT.

Deleted quest kits are still present in my inventroy, but are hidden. This was an issue from about 4-5 years ago. These were skill items that I never wanted. I couldn’t delete them so I had to request them t be deleted, and all they managed to do is just “hide” them. But I can still see them load up during login (espcially if it’s a bit lagged).

Drop reliance of Internet Explorer. It’s common sense to NOT use internet exploder.

Use re-sizeable screens!  I really don’t like how I’m forced to use fixed-resolutions while in windowed mode.  Almost all games (including second life) let you re-size the screen to anything you like.

Drop fixed camrea posistions.  I want to be able look around.. not be forced to what thinks i should be looking at.

Use passive IMs. Instead of having to “call/page” someone to answer an instant message, the message is just sent. In you have stop what you’re doing and answer the IM. Plus you’re limited to about 4 IMs. Where as in SL, IMs can be freely sent, even to offline users who will see them when they login (usually).

Consolidate the inventory. My BIGGEST gripe of all is how much the inventory, and the UI in general is one big clusterfuck. There are like 2-3 diffrent ways to deal with friends lists, inventory, and decorations. Oh and if you want to organize them you have use yet a DIFFERENT applet to do so.  Why not have it all in once place, and not have to fuck with a half dozen menu popups.  I suggest deleting everything and expanding on Organizer to deal with all your invntroy. buddy’s list, droppables, clothes, etc.  Yes even getting rid of changeme and it should only appear at the spa.

Speaking of spas.. why not just get rid of them anyway and be able to edit our bodies with out having to goto a spa?

September 17, 2011

Firestorm bugs/issues

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Yeah i know there’s a Jira for this but i really don’t like jiras and forums. These things are a complete clusterfuck and it’s damn near impossible to find anything useful. Half of everything are duplicate posts, which is only due to JIRAs craptastic search function when looking for know bugs and issues.  It’s only the anal retentive jira TROLLS who know every jira post by heart can tell if a post is a duplicate or not.  So i never really found jiras (and forums for that matter) useful. They are a pain in the ass to weed though, far to much bullshit to deal with, only to get some troll to flame you for posting a dupe.  There’s got to be something better. Wiki’s are just as confusing.  Especially Phoenix’s wiki with this horrible color scheme; I can’t read anything when typing in a search in their wiki.

So in lue of that, I’ll just post on my own blog.

Also if you are a Phoenix or Firestorm viewer user, you really should join the Phoenix/Firestorm Viewer support group, there are always helpful people who will answer your questions about the viewer.

AO dosen’t activate at login or when you turn it on, until you move your avatar (walk, crouch, or turn) Phoenix’s AO would run the moment it’s turned on or if you already had it on when you login. Scripted AOs run the moment you turn them on. FS’s AO has had this behavor since it was put into it. (mac and windows)

When detaching an object from your avatar, or HUD, your inventory window pops open. Does this on both mac and windows.

The new friends management system is nice, but it only works per-computer. If you use more than 1 computer to login to SL your organized friends list will not trasnfer to your other computer.  Thusly clean installing the viewer will clear this out.

There needs to be less redundancy.  With the new friends management, we now have THREE places where we can see our friends list.  Conversations window, people window, and now the new friends management organizer thing.

There is some confusion with Font Scalling (used to be UI Scalling) and font Size in a different area of preferences.  These sort of things should be under the same section in prefrences to avoid confusion, and give it some more consolidation for options of a simular nature.

Still having problems with font scaling and the cursor being WAY OFF position in edit fields (note cards, script editing, profile notes, etc) due to the settings mentioned above. There was mention that the phoenix team had hired someone to fix this problem.

Noticing some occasional de-rendering of attached sculpted prims (with transparent textures on them) that dissappear but often come back after zooming in on them or right clicking on a parent prim linked to them.  It dosen’t flicker off and on it just dissappears on occasion.

Can there be temp uploads of mesh for testing, as we can already do with textures?

I make quite a few sales every day and get paid directly, but why does FS have these lingering notices about someone paying me L$? Why should I have to babysit these stupid notices cluttering things up, for something that happend hours or days ago?  STOP IT!



July 6, 2011

Firestorm Beta

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New beta of Firestorm came out last week, and been trying to deal with how everything seems to be bass-ackwards on where things are located, and how things seem to be missing all together. Here are some bugs and other issues i’ve found.

  • If you’re in a very lagged region it really plays havoc on Firestorm. Nametags will only show group titles, or nothing at all if an avi doesn’t have one activated. Radar shows  nothing but a long list of UUIDs instead of names.  IMs with people will not show the avi’s name in the “tab” but it is shown in side the chat text with each message the send.
  • Every time I relog (usualy after a crash) the button for inventory at the bottom is missing, and I have to change it off and back on again for it to reappear.
  • In profile, Notes & Privacy, also in script editor, the cursor posistion seems to be 2-3 spaces to the right of where the cursor actually is. Highlighting text in the notes is also off by 2-3 characters, and impossible to tell where your cursor really is within text. Note my Font Scaling is set to 1.23, but this doesn’t seem to effect other areas. (notecards, chat text fields, and editing my own profile works fine.)
  • On the Mac, it seems that using Font Scaling has no effect, but actual cursor placement is also off by a few characters regardless.
  • Cannot read notes in my OWN profile. Please use old-style profiles on my OWN profile since i can see other user’s profile in the old-way
  • The pre-rendering images of your avi’s body parts in apperance mode takes FOREVER to appear.
  • Viewing my own profile should automatically be editable with out having to click anything else.
  • On login screen, the list of alts you may have needs to be put back, and there needs to be a way to manage them, especially if you use different grids.
  • When listing too mustic stream, I get TWO prompts asking to allow it. Redundant?
  • I don’t like how the “My Outfits” folder dissapears from my inventory, and can only be seen from a button in the button bar.
  • Radar no longer shows me what viewer avatars are using?
  • Used to be able to click on the images used in profiles to see them in accrual size; no longer there!
  • Missing “checkmark” for seeing muted text in the local chat window.
  • Where’s the “show message when someone takes a screenshot” option?
  • Why is there an annoying “are you sure” message every time I give someone inventory?
  • Also why does it refer to as “sharing” an item when I’m actually GIVING it to them?
  • I keep seeing old notices pop up that are at least 3 days old. This might be due to logging in with two different computers at different times.

I’ve also been reading on the “Migration Guide” that the phonenix team has release to help make Firestorm more like Phoenix. However, if the whole point of Firestorm is to make a Phoenix-like version of Viewer 2, why aren’t these settings already put in by default when it’s installed?  Perhaps it will be once it’s finished up and released?

So, one of the suggestions in this Migration Guide was to set the skin to “Starlight” instead of the default “Firestorm” skin so that it looks more like Phoenix, but I find this to be completely WRONG.   It’s beter to use the “Firestorm” skin because the build window appears normal, Appearance mode is a bit more like old-style,  the profiles appear in the classic format, vs the “viewer 2” style that the “starlight” skin does. Unfortunately your own profile still appears in that viewer 2 style, but being able to see other’s profiles in “classic” style is much easier to handle, than the clusterfuck way viewer 2 does it.

Also while using the defualt “Firestorm” skin, the useless navigation address bar is gone, and you’re left with the normal text showing the parcel and region you’re in. Click it brings up “About Land” instantly vs when using “Starlight” skin you get “Places Profile” which doesn’t give you any useful information, so you have to click “About Land” button at the bottom of it.

February 21, 2011

Phoenix Bugs

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With the new version ( I’m having this reoccurring bug where older attachments will be attached when I log into world.  Most people know me as a nudist, but I do wear clothes on occasion. If I log out nude, and come back on, some items of my previous outfit I wore days ago is reattached.  I think the system sees them as secondary attachments onto the same spot on my avatar so perhaps it’s not handled the same when it’s saving my avatar’s state when I log out. Regardless, if I wasn’t wearing it when I logged out, I shouldn’t be wearing it when I log back on.

Another bug I’ve found is with the mute list. When someone has on an annoying spamming scripted object, I’ll try to mute object by name by cutting and pasting the name of the object.  However if the name of the object has preceding spaces at the beginning of the name, they get truncated (after relog) so the mute no longer works.

July 7, 2010

Suggestions and bugs for Emerald

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Been on the 2270 beta for over a week now, really enjoying the alpha masks.  But I am noticing some bugs not sure if it’s related to alpha masks or not, I’ll list’em out

  • I see a “seam” at my waist line when wearing a shirt with the torso exposed. Skin texture no longer matches my lower skin, as the upper body seems darker. This only seems to manifest when the shirt is set in “appearance mode” with the “shirt bottom” is raised up. If the shirt’s TEXTURE has an alpha layer that has this area exposed, you don’t see this problem.
  • In the IM/Local Chat window, if i scroll up to look at old messages, and then try to click an avatar name (to see profile) or highlight text, the windows immediately snaps to the bottom, and I end up clicking the wrong name, or highlighting the wrong text.  The scroll needs to be LOCKED.
  • Export function in inventory (right-click – Export) doesn’t seem to do anything. Even if it did work, where is there the import function?
  • When the newer “shadow rendering” is enabled, screenshots in this mode are totally flat with no effects, and any object with an alpha channel aren’t visible.
  • Is it possible to fix the “see though” bug with .PNG textures on objects with alpha channels? This is when some objects using .PNG alpha textures will appear solid (where it needs to be solid) and then transparent depending on distance and angle of view.  It also makes objects in the background appear in front of these objects totally screwing up your perception. Is this purely a nvidia bug?  Why can’t this be fixed/worked around client side? Why wait for LL to fix this? It’s been like this for over 5 years.
  • I hate the client bridge!  Why does it need to rez and create a new one EVERY TIME I login? (yeah not an issue in beta)  Why can’t it just keep using the existing one i already have, unless there’s an update to the script?  Why does it need to rez the prim in world first to do this?  It is possible to put a script in an object when you’re wearing it.
  • I love the built-in AO, however forcing us to place everything in the #emerald folder just makes one giant clusterfuck. If you’re a user who likes to switch around from one AO set to another (especially of you change avatar looksets that require a different AO to look and work proper). You’ll have to go down pages and pages though animations and different notecards just to find the notecard you want want to use is a bit of a pain in the ass. There needs to be an easy way to change from one set of AO’s to another.
  • I’d also like to see a built-in dance animator. We just drop a bunch of dance animations we have and mark the folder as “dances” and Emerald uses them when I wanna dance.  This would be like a simpler version of the built-in AO, but separate from that but has controls to change to a different dance, timer adjustments, random toggle, but no need for a notecard to set it up as the AO does.  It should automatically turns off the AO when in use, and turns the AO back on when you’re done dancing.

May 3, 2010

Emerald weird AO?

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Last couple of days i’ve noticed that my avatar keeps using an AO other than the AO I normally use. Even if i completely remove all attachment and scripts, and turn off the Emerald’s built-in  AO; I’m still waking and standing as if I’m using a different AO.  They are different animations then the one I have set up, but it just won’t STOP!

Is emerald using some sort of default AO I’m not aware of?  Anyway it’s messing up my normal AO and not allowing me to use some animations on objects i sit on. Even goin into the animaiton list, and killing all the ones i see, they just start back up.  Even using the old “stop all animaiton” object I wear, they just restart like i have a second AO that refuses to turn off.  I may have to resort to viewer 2.

>> UPDATE <<

On a diffrent PC I installed Viewer 2, and loged my self in.  This phantom AO only seems to work when I’m at my home sim.  The moment I leave it stops animating me. Even if I walk into another sim, it stops.  According to the animation list it’s coming from an object I own, but doesn’t seem to be anything I’m have attached.

So the only explination left is that I accidentally dropped an AO on my parcel, and it’s still activated.  Maybe if I yelled “/1 ao stop” it will turn off?  But I still need to know where the hell it is and pick it up.

I didn’t even know an AO would work when simply rezzed in-world, but not attached.

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