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November 17, 2012

Lolas Tango! Yay for B( o Y o )BIES!

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After years of waiting, Sandi Moonites has released a new version of non-rigged MESH breasts, and they look amazing!  Called Lolas Tangos, as you can see in this image. These are not un-editable rigged mesh objects that end up distorting your avatars shape and height, like a lot of mesh dresses do. You can edit these as if they were a sculpted prims. Both boobs are now one object, no longer is one boob just a mirror object of the other requiring you to flip your textures to match. The mesh model also has actual 3D collar bones that project from your chest.  It reminds me of a chest plate that attaches to your chest.

It’s menu driven like all past Lola breasts before. You now have three different preset nipple shapes, like Puffy and normal. About a dozen texture for the nipples, or you can also just turn off the nipples to show the skin’s own nipple in it’s texture if you wish. Also keep in mind that both nipples are now a single object. So this means if you edit/move/resize one of them they both change. This means adding a milk/lactating particle script to them will require you to link two prims. The same rings and piercings are still there on the nipples also, but I turn them off.

With new boobs, means none of your clothing applyers will work with Tangos since it’s a totally different map. But it’s not to far diffrent that clothing developers can’t easily adopt to the new format. In fact you still may be able to apply your old existing clothing texture to the outer layer “shell” and simply tweaking the offsets/repeats per face settings you can probably get them to look decent.

Tangos have four layers, the outer clothing layer, the nipple overlay, a bra/bikini layer, and the inner skin layer. The bit-mapping for the skin has been aligned with avatar upper torso textures. This means if you have your skin as a texture file you can apply it directly to the skin layer of your Tangos, with a quick edit in texture offsets to make it work perfectly.

Surprisingly Sandi didn’t mention what the offset settings are in the notecards that come with the Tangos, but she did tell me.

I’ll explain step by step how to apply your own avatar torso skin texture to your Lolas Tango boobs.

  1. Make backup copy of your LOLAS!
  2. In edit mode on the object, checkmark “Edit Linked.” This will allow you to select the proper object  (or layer) on the breasts, otherwise you’ll end up applying the texture onto all layers and ruin them.
  3. Try to select the bottom skin layer object of your breasts. It can be tricky if you’re not used to editing and manipulating your camera view. You can try moving the other parts away so you can select the layer that has the skin.
  4. Once you have the proper layer selected, click on the Texture tab.
  5. Drag your torso skin texture onto the box named Texture
  6. Now set the following offsets:
  7. Repeats per face:
    Horizontal (U):  0.500
    Vertical (V):  0.500
  8. Texture Offset:
    Horizontal (U):  -0.25
    Vertical (V):  0.25

Please note that Texture Offset Horizontal is a (negitive) -0.25, while the rest are all positive values.  As seen above in this little screen snippet  All other settings and values should be left as however they are.  The Repeats / Meter may be different on yours than how it shows here (mine says 1.2)  do NOT change this setting. This setting changes dependent on how large or small you re-sized your Lolas Tangos.  So leave as-is.

Remember back up your tits before you make any major editing kids!


February 4, 2012

Examples of how NOT to wear prim boobs! (Bib Boobs!)

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I call these “bib” boobs.  See how they come to a point right under the neck line?  Just like having a bib tucked under your shirt collar.  It looks bad, and it shows how much you have no fucking idea what you’re doing.

Here are some examples.. Click to see fullsize!

Sorry that is NOT a “Wonder Bra”

Totally off skintone. She has no idea what she’s doing.

This one is a classic…
These are BIB-Boobs to the extreme, where it looks as if she may IMPALE her neck with them!
But it’s also set to FULLBRIGHT!  WTH? She’s probably one of those ppl who uses a mass of face lights around herself, so she has to set the boobs to fullbright to match with it. I turn off that crap.
I have no idea what she’s reaching for up between her glowing tits.  I try to avoid AO animations
where my arms clip into my boobs like that.

November 18, 2011

Noobs with Boobs

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Really sick and tired of people weating this awful looking breasts like pictured here.

It’s not just about how the skin tones don’t match, but the fact the “points” of the back ends of the breasts come to the center of your chest like this, and positioned so high up on your body it looks like it’s growing out of your neck. COME ON PEOPLE!  Learn to edit your shit!







And while on the subject…

Stop walking around in your ruthed avi body shape, with no physique, walking around with a constant hard-on. IT DOES NOT IMPRESS ANYONE!  Stop it already!  At least this avatar isn’t wearing pants over the penis, or wearing undies that makes the penis look like a strapon.

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