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March 17, 2015

Boycott the Shemale Gym

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I haven’t posted anything about Second Life in AGES. SL has been largely uneventful as of late, except for today. I was having a rather average day, hanging out at the Shemale Gym and suddenly I was kicked out, no warning, no discussion. So I looked up to find the owner MarinaMario, and asked her why I was banned, and this was her reply.

[19:14] (You): why am i banned?
[19:15] Marina (MarinaMario): i am tired of those freeloaders who only come to make money at my place never donate just ONE L$
[19:16] (You): i've never made money at your place.. and I have rented signs at your place before.
[19:16] (You): but whatever.. be like that.

To ONLY make money? Seriously, I’m probably the only person that goes to the Gym that actually chats in local. Everyone else just IMs in private all fucking day while Marina her self (the owner) is tucked away in some corner out of public view. Maybe she needs to do MORE at her one place to liven things up.

Okay so besides that, lets assume that she is having financial issues paying her tier. I guess she thinks banning people will some how make her more money? Where’s the logic in that? Donations are by definition voluntary. No one who vists the Shemale Gym is EVER obliged to “donate.”  Maybe Marina needs to find a dictionary as to what a donation means

donate [doh-neyt]
verb (used with object), donated, donating.
1. to present as a gift, grant, or contribution; make a donation of, as to fund or cause: to donate used clothes to the Salvation Army.

verb (used without object), donated, donating.
2. make a gift, grant, or contribution of something; give; contribute: They donate to the Red Cross every year.

It’s not mandatory as if I pay dues for club membership. Besides it’s not like I’ve never paid her a dime in the past, and I hardly ever get hired there let alone “make money.”  She must assume I’m super rich, which I can guarantee you I am not. It’s not like I openly solicit my self by nagging everyone there asking for money with sex. I don’t work like that, hell I don’t even actually “work” until I’m hired. I wait for people to IM me and ask for sex, and then I’ll lay on the sales pitch. It’s pointless to solicit people for sex.

So fuck the Shemale Gym; I declare a boycott! If she keeps threatening to ban residents because they hadn’t donated to her lagged out shithole, then she will be in a world of hurt down the road. Her place will close down if she keeps this attitude on going.

February 22, 2009

A special post for Jacks Hammerer

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For those people who aren’t in the know, Jacks Hammerer is one if the biggest hypocritical griefing douchebags of SL, with big agro (aggro?) issues.  I’ve taken a conscious effort in not actually mention user names when talking about the assholes on SL I deal with from time to time on this blog. But since Jacks isn’t hiding this time, as she/he usually does, I’m bringing this into the open. Jacks recently responded to some old blog posts I made back last year, as well as this short one one here.  Looks like something that a child wrote just after having a temper-tantrum.

I know this is Jacks, since I get emails when people post comments, and it shows their email address (which is a Yahoo email) as well as their IP address (Apparently s/he live in Michigan, Grand Rapids area based on her IP)  So anyway read those comment posts first, and below is my response.

Holey shit Jacks, who pissed in your Wheaties this time?  Having another bad and lonely weekend again sitting online in your empty sim (bot alts don’t count) with your thumb up your ass?  Wow you posted this just before 2am Sunday morning, I would have responded sooner but I was actually out with friends last night; ya know things people with REAL LIVES often do.  Maybe your traffic numbers at your dead club dropped below 4000 this week or something?  Oh perhaps a bunch of your so-called employees quit on you because you’re such a tyrannical heavy handed BITCH at your club?  Poor Jacks… whatever your problem is, you’re just having another bad weekend, and you have to take it out on me?

FUCK YOU! What is your major malfunction anyway, you crazy bitch?  Lets get things perfectly clear in that twisted delusional mind of yours.

As for Stroker Toyz penises, they are MODIFIED BV-3D I’ve been doing for other users. Everyone loves the appearance of my modified BV-3D penis which I’ve had for about three years, and it compliments my avatar’s look extremely well. Yes I said THREE years, and YOU weren’t even a NOOB back then, you didn’t even EXIST up until 2 years ago!  You yourself simply buys unoriginal store-bought avatar looks, hair styles, and spamy cocks; looking like every other whore out in SL. You don’t have a single creative bone in your body.  Though you do look a lot better this past year, you don’t look like a big 80s haired gaudy noob clown like you used to.  I guess you were able to save a few L$ and buy a new look, rather than blowing it on tier.

Anyway, Strokers did NOT design the appearance of my penis since the stock BV-3D looks poor, and I wanted it to look better, so I modified it and people have paid me to make their BV-3D’s look better too.  If you bothered to notice, you can’t sell copies of Strokers BV-3Ds because the scripts are (no copy) and (No modify) but the prims are modifyable, and the object as a whole is transferable. I’m not ripping off Strokers at all.  If anything he’s MAKING some extra sales when I suggest to other people to buy a BV-3D that I can customize for them.

My ‘free scripted penis’ I made from SCRATCH and is based on my own design from years of tweaking and modding the BV-3D. It looks nothing like a stock BV-3D you buy from Stroker Toyz, nor does it function like the BV-3D. Every prim, every script, and every texture on that penis HAS MY NAME ON IT, so it’s MY original work. You know this because you’ve taken an old version of  my freebie penis and renamed to “Jack’s free scripted penis v3.0” and give it away too noobs. I’ve seen many noobs running around with renamed copies of my old v2.0 penis, with your name on it, yet it has MY NAME all over it when you inspect the object. Perhaps those noobs were your alts? Gee don’t you have anything better to do?

The reason why my freebie penis has no restrictions on it is because I want everyone too modify it, copy it, transfer it, and hopefully LEARN from it as I had from modifying Stroker’s BV-3D.  This is how people learn, by example, by tweaking and experimenting and creating your own derivative works working on existing items.  You can’t learn anything by yourself with out materials to work on. Can you learn how to play the guitar, with out using one?  But I digress….

So don’t sit there and tell me I’m ripping off someones work when YOU’RE the one giving away copies of my penis with your name on it, at your shithole of a SIM, which barely stays at 5000 traffic. That busty milkers club at the other side of the sim gets MORE traffic than the rest of the entire sim! Maybe if you, and your bitchy mean dancers, didn’t keep banning/kicking every person who walks into the club, that doesn’t fit your strict overbearing rules, your traffic would improve?  Duh?

Now, as for being a fake shemale, you seem to forget this is Second Life, not Real Life. As if we are to believe you’re a “real” shemale with the way you behave in game?  And with an avatar name like “Jacks Hammerer”  that doesn’t really come across as very feminine, dosen’t it? As if being transgendered in RL is as simple and black and white as you seem to think it is; and then you try to apply that sense of logic to what is essentially a fake virtual world. I don’t go around SL acting like I’m some sort of an authority on transgenders and their lifestyles, publishing stupid “SL Shemale Magazines” (for L$150 a pop) declaring yourself as “shemale of the year.”  Gawd, even I’m not that fucking conceded.

So what, I walk around with my cock peeking out from under my skirt? That is just how I roll on SL, and I’m not the only ones who do that.  I’m not talking about the noobs who run around with their Qtip shaped cocks on, but refined avatars with their own personal style who also like to sport their penises under their skirts too; it’s sexy when done right!  Besides, I’m a nudist and an exhibitionist. This is how I attract attention to my self to possible clients, since I am a freelance escort.  So when establishments (like yours I may add) employ stupid dress codes, thinking other nude or partly nude avatars (even nude ugly males avis) are some how stealing tips from your dancers is totally absurd, and makes you seems like a bigger money grubbing jerk than I would ever be.

I don’t have some sort of misguided agenda as you seem to have on SL. I don’t go around with this paranoid assumption that every one in SL is WITH me, or AGAINST me. The reality is, Jacks, is most people just don’t give a SHIT about you, and just ignore you.  Yet you feel compelled to take an preemptive offensive approach, and attack (read grief) everyone you delusionally think is against you. But you’re totally blinded by the fact that it’s your own behavior that makes people want to be hostile towards you; it’s a vicious cycle that you’re oblivious too. Most of us just ignore your shenanigans, as anyone would do with pests, and let you live in your own isolated bubble of a (virtual) world, and we just hope you just end up choking on your own bullshit.

And yes I am a big windbag. I like to explain things to make a valid point, rather than spew out tantrums and childish bullshit like you do; like your comments on my blog.  That’s what blogs are for. Duh!  I bet you haven’t even bothered to read down past the first paragraph on this post because im such a windbag.  Though unless one of your toadies suggests to you that you should read more of it.  Do you have a blog Jacks? You’d probably delete everyone’s replies in your blog, and only preserve the posts that blindly kiss your hairy ass, while you continue to blow smoke up theirs.

Where the hell did this midget bullshit come from?  Just because I didn’t make my avatar into some 10 foot tall amazon Barbi doll like most NOOBS end up making their avatars into. I really don’t LIKE those disproportionately tall freaks that walk around. My avatar is 5’10” when barefoot; over 6 FEET with heels. How the hell does this make me look like a midget? Maybe your computer is old, so slow and your internet connection is so bogged down from having 100 griefing ALTs logged in that my avatar rezes wrong to you?  So you assume I’m age playing when you see me rez short due to an error on your computer? Are you just grasping at straws here trying to make me look bad?  Pathetic.

As for your comment about not liking clubs I don’t have control over; as per usual you’re completely misguided.  You really do let your imagination take too much control of your thinking. To bad you don’t use any of that imagination for anything useful or constructive. I actually don’t spend much time at FFU (Wendy’s/Crystal), I still hang out at the Shemale Palace, where I DO NOT have any eject/ban powers (I still have them at the Garden next door).  It’s nice not have to constantly STRESS over people being idiots, and I no longer am compelled to eject people like YOU DO out of impulse.  (You know power corrupts.)  I’ve been offered/given admin powers to some clubs that I didn’t want since I just don’t like how they were running their establishment.

As for Vauldon, he did not kick me out from his land nor group, I LEFT.  Because he was making changes to his group associated with the land he was using, and wanted to start working as a DJ and actually DO something with this land and group, since before he wasn’t doing anything at all, logging in a few times a month.  He didn’t force me to leave, he just didn’t care what I did, since we hadn’t had virtual sex in a year or so. You know it wasn’t too long ago you thought Vauldon, and J0ri were alts of mine!! LOL that was so funny! More proof as to how delusional your mind works when you ignore obvious facts.  Why should anyone believe anything you say is true when you’re so full of shit, Jacks?

You are the biggest hypocrite in SL. You’re the biggest tyrant in SL, with a reputation that far exceeds even mine. I go around and actually help noobs, and they are grateful for it.  Are the noobs grateful too you when you’re constantly kicking and banning them from your shithole club? Don’t you have anything else better to do than to make enemies with everyone you meet on SL who aren’t shoving their nose deep into your ass?

The comments you left on my blog mirrors everything you’ve done in SL.  You’re accusing ME of what you’ve always been doing, which makes you the quintessential hypocrite.  You don’t even socialize out side of H&H (short of  going incognito with alts) because no one likes you. So you stay in your own little bubble and surround yourself with other users who don’t know any better (since you snag them when they are noobs) which  you apply total domination over like a typical self conscious low self-esteem bully douchebag that you are. You’re a complete social retard when it comes to making friends, but skilled at making enemies yet you claim to be the victim of your own actions, as you blame others for it; they call that psychopathic.  But even those users who work for you wise up, stop kissing your ass all day, begin to  show any ounce of self respect and original thought will get kicked out of your club and banned from your sim. Aren’t you a Saint?

YOU’RE the one with control freak issues, you crazy fucking bitch.
Please get over yourself,  for your own sake.

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