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October 31, 2013

Another Firestorm release, another set of frantic users having problems

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Like clock work, the moment there’s a new version of firestorm posted, people come into Firestorm Support English (FSE) group and complain about weird happenings and other odd behaviors in the viewer. 90% of all of this craziness is due to NOT doing a proper clean install  of the viewer. There have been HUGE HUGE changes from 4.4.2, to the public beta release of 4.5.1.  User settings, texture cache, and inventory cache will not be compatible, with the newer viewer so you must clear this out. This is why we always recommend a “CLEAN install” when updating to a new viewer that has changed this much.

What is a clean install exactly? It is NOT just running the uninstaller app first, and then running the new installer. You need to dig into your system files and delete where the user data, and cache files are located to be a proper “Clean” install. You may need to un-hide system folders to do so (notably the \appdata folder in windows). This link explains how to do a proper clean install of Firestorm viewer.

Please note the new ALPHA x64 viewer doesn’t need a clean install since it installs on a separate path, as well as unique system folders for settings and cache. So assuming you’ve never ran it before, it will already be a clean install. Which probably explains why most ppl using the alpha x64 build are seeing a vast performace increase vs the last version.


Make a backup of settings from Preferences – Backup if you’re still running 4.4.2. Create a backup of your settings, and user login/passwords (they are encrypted alts included) and save it. Make a new folder on your desktop so you can find it easier when it’s time to restore after you’ve done your clean install.

September 17, 2011

Firestorm bugs/issues

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Yeah i know there’s a Jira for this but i really don’t like jiras and forums. These things are a complete clusterfuck and it’s damn near impossible to find anything useful. Half of everything are duplicate posts, which is only due to JIRAs craptastic search function when looking for know bugs and issues.  It’s only the anal retentive jira TROLLS who know every jira post by heart can tell if a post is a duplicate or not.  So i never really found jiras (and forums for that matter) useful. They are a pain in the ass to weed though, far to much bullshit to deal with, only to get some troll to flame you for posting a dupe.  There’s got to be something better. Wiki’s are just as confusing.  Especially Phoenix’s wiki with this horrible color scheme; I can’t read anything when typing in a search in their wiki.

So in lue of that, I’ll just post on my own blog.

Also if you are a Phoenix or Firestorm viewer user, you really should join the Phoenix/Firestorm Viewer support group, there are always helpful people who will answer your questions about the viewer.

AO dosen’t activate at login or when you turn it on, until you move your avatar (walk, crouch, or turn) Phoenix’s AO would run the moment it’s turned on or if you already had it on when you login. Scripted AOs run the moment you turn them on. FS’s AO has had this behavor since it was put into it. (mac and windows)

When detaching an object from your avatar, or HUD, your inventory window pops open. Does this on both mac and windows.

The new friends management system is nice, but it only works per-computer. If you use more than 1 computer to login to SL your organized friends list will not trasnfer to your other computer.  Thusly clean installing the viewer will clear this out.

There needs to be less redundancy.  With the new friends management, we now have THREE places where we can see our friends list.  Conversations window, people window, and now the new friends management organizer thing.

There is some confusion with Font Scalling (used to be UI Scalling) and font Size in a different area of preferences.  These sort of things should be under the same section in prefrences to avoid confusion, and give it some more consolidation for options of a simular nature.

Still having problems with font scaling and the cursor being WAY OFF position in edit fields (note cards, script editing, profile notes, etc) due to the settings mentioned above. There was mention that the phoenix team had hired someone to fix this problem.

Noticing some occasional de-rendering of attached sculpted prims (with transparent textures on them) that dissappear but often come back after zooming in on them or right clicking on a parent prim linked to them.  It dosen’t flicker off and on it just dissappears on occasion.

Can there be temp uploads of mesh for testing, as we can already do with textures?

I make quite a few sales every day and get paid directly, but why does FS have these lingering notices about someone paying me L$? Why should I have to babysit these stupid notices cluttering things up, for something that happend hours or days ago?  STOP IT!



August 16, 2011 histaria

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I’m getting really fed up with the rumors, and fear mongering, about what Micheal Wilson will do, and not do when the service will go back up online.  So much BULLSHIT flying around about MW not honoring the lifetime memberships beta users paid for 8 years ago. If all our developer stuff will be available again so we can start selling our stuff, or not because everyone believes MW is an asshole. I’m sick of it.

I think ppl just start this bullshit just so they can talk shit about and Micheal Wilson, and just bitch and moan about things that aren’t even based in reality. MW, and the guys helping him bring the service back online are taking things a step at a time. Everyone wants to draw towards ridiculous conclusions about things so they have an excuse to bitch and moan, and act like assholes themselves about things that haven’t even happened yet. It’s all just rumor and fear mongering.  This is basically the same shit MW was putting up with during the last week was going down.

I’m also tired of the anti-Second Life sentiment I’m seeing with Thereians.  You don’t like it, fine then. Don’t bitch to me about how gross and crappy it is when you probably only played it for 20 mins.  Second Life is STILL way more advanced than will ever be.  The only exception is vehicle physics which is a LOT more fun in than what i’ve seen in SL.

July 6, 2011

Firestorm Beta

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New beta of Firestorm came out last week, and been trying to deal with how everything seems to be bass-ackwards on where things are located, and how things seem to be missing all together. Here are some bugs and other issues i’ve found.

  • If you’re in a very lagged region it really plays havoc on Firestorm. Nametags will only show group titles, or nothing at all if an avi doesn’t have one activated. Radar shows  nothing but a long list of UUIDs instead of names.  IMs with people will not show the avi’s name in the “tab” but it is shown in side the chat text with each message the send.
  • Every time I relog (usualy after a crash) the button for inventory at the bottom is missing, and I have to change it off and back on again for it to reappear.
  • In profile, Notes & Privacy, also in script editor, the cursor posistion seems to be 2-3 spaces to the right of where the cursor actually is. Highlighting text in the notes is also off by 2-3 characters, and impossible to tell where your cursor really is within text. Note my Font Scaling is set to 1.23, but this doesn’t seem to effect other areas. (notecards, chat text fields, and editing my own profile works fine.)
  • On the Mac, it seems that using Font Scaling has no effect, but actual cursor placement is also off by a few characters regardless.
  • Cannot read notes in my OWN profile. Please use old-style profiles on my OWN profile since i can see other user’s profile in the old-way
  • The pre-rendering images of your avi’s body parts in apperance mode takes FOREVER to appear.
  • Viewing my own profile should automatically be editable with out having to click anything else.
  • On login screen, the list of alts you may have needs to be put back, and there needs to be a way to manage them, especially if you use different grids.
  • When listing too mustic stream, I get TWO prompts asking to allow it. Redundant?
  • I don’t like how the “My Outfits” folder dissapears from my inventory, and can only be seen from a button in the button bar.
  • Radar no longer shows me what viewer avatars are using?
  • Used to be able to click on the images used in profiles to see them in accrual size; no longer there!
  • Missing “checkmark” for seeing muted text in the local chat window.
  • Where’s the “show message when someone takes a screenshot” option?
  • Why is there an annoying “are you sure” message every time I give someone inventory?
  • Also why does it refer to as “sharing” an item when I’m actually GIVING it to them?
  • I keep seeing old notices pop up that are at least 3 days old. This might be due to logging in with two different computers at different times.

I’ve also been reading on the “Migration Guide” that the phonenix team has release to help make Firestorm more like Phoenix. However, if the whole point of Firestorm is to make a Phoenix-like version of Viewer 2, why aren’t these settings already put in by default when it’s installed?  Perhaps it will be once it’s finished up and released?

So, one of the suggestions in this Migration Guide was to set the skin to “Starlight” instead of the default “Firestorm” skin so that it looks more like Phoenix, but I find this to be completely WRONG.   It’s beter to use the “Firestorm” skin because the build window appears normal, Appearance mode is a bit more like old-style,  the profiles appear in the classic format, vs the “viewer 2” style that the “starlight” skin does. Unfortunately your own profile still appears in that viewer 2 style, but being able to see other’s profiles in “classic” style is much easier to handle, than the clusterfuck way viewer 2 does it.

Also while using the defualt “Firestorm” skin, the useless navigation address bar is gone, and you’re left with the normal text showing the parcel and region you’re in. Click it brings up “About Land” instantly vs when using “Starlight” skin you get “Places Profile” which doesn’t give you any useful information, so you have to click “About Land” button at the bottom of it.

May 8, 2009

Running Windows 7 RC

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Well I downloaded the newest version of Windows 7 (RC) and everything thing is running well.  Some aspects of my hardware I can’t control since APIC drivers don’t exist for Win7, and even the Vista versions don’t work with it. So now my PC runs at stock speeds, and I can’t over clock it (as if I need that) nor underclock; it so i can quite the fans down (it’s noisy!!)

The UI takes some getting used too.  I never used Vista very much at all, I’ve been using XP since forever so this is a big leap for me.  I’m also using the 64bit version of Win7, and while it does “see” all 4GB of RAM I have, it still says only 3.25GB is accessible.  I thought the 64bit version of Windows was supposed to overcome that?!?  I’m running on an Asus PQ5 motherboard and in it’s BIOS has a setting about the PCI remapping memory registers around this limit with having over 3.5GB of RAM.  I’m not sure if I need to enable or disable it.  Either way Win7 still acts as if I’m running 32bit Windows.

Also the product key I’m using is the same one I got when regisreting for the Windows 7 beta back in January.   I was able to get about 5 product keys, and the two I’ve used work fine, and activating windows had no problems.  Also all the product keys work with either 32 or 64 bit versions. Win7 RC will last one year which by then Windows 7 will be out in retail, and I’ll try to pick up a copy of it before my install dies off.  I’m sure I can score a student or OEM version for under $150.

January 10, 2009

Windows 7 beta

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Yep I got it, and installed it and first impression is…. It’s vista v1.5

But it has a Linux feel to it where every user has thier own folder on the hard drive that everything comes from. There is no direct access to the “root” of the hard drive, at least not from Windows Explorer.  You can still drop into cmd commands line and use good old DOS commands to navigate around. Suprisingly there’s not much sitting in the root when you do a directory list.    Intresting.

All users are given a basic set of folders to save typical stuff, movies/videos, music, images, and everything else ends up in “downloads.”

First thing I tried to do is run Second life.  No go, the viewer complained that the drivers were bad or not installed. But considering that Win7 started up with the Areo desktop, I’m quite sure that it’s not running genertic VGA drivers.  Problem is I haven’t figured out where to go in Win7 to check out my hardware settings, and see what it’s using for drivers, if any.  I’m also assuming that since Second Life is a OpenGL software, Win7 beta didn’t come with that installed (nor any widely used 3rd party apps like Flash or quicktime)

So I’m going to attempt to install the 64-bit vista drivers for my nvidia card (on my 2nd PC).  Wow! The installer I downloaded from nvidia actually shows “Widows 7 [64-bit] display drivers” even though I chose the vista 64-bit drivers from the website. But as most people know, nvidia (and ATI) use the same download file package that works with nearly all thier video cards. So the install worked just fine no obvious problems or error messages and it wants to reboot (though we were past needing to reboot our PCs?.. well it still happens in linux)

Hot damn Second Life viewer is running! Seem to run just fine.. but I really do hate it when the SL viewer assuming im a total noob and it pops up all these message about how to do shit I’ve known how to do for the past 5 years, and displays all these lame hud controls.  But it’s running just fine, as per-usual nothing weird yet.  Excpet that the top of the window, as well as the menu bar at the bottom is transparent so I can see the desktop behind it.  Keep in mind I didn’t bother diving into Windows Vista (except I did play with the beta years ago) so this might be all old-hat Aero stuff.

I’m also wondering if I need to install any chipset/motherboard drivers for Win7 yet everything seems to be runing fine and smooth. Sound works, ethernet worked right after the DVD install, so I’m assuming I don’t need to.  At least not until nvidia comes up with something new.

The install of Widows 7  (64bit) is over 12gb on your hard drive, with over 66,000 files and nearly 40,000 directories.  The DVD .iso you download is only 3.15gb so it does expain quite a bit.  The 32bit .ISO is slightly smaller at 2.34gb, and about 700mb difference.

I’m still lost as to where to find the common things I want to do to change things here and there.  Like where the hell is windows update so I can manually check my self? One of the things I’ve always hated about new versions of windows is once you’ve learned and gotten used to all the newaunces and esoteric settings, and locations on where to find things in the old version of windows… the new one totaly changes this around, while claiming at the same time that “it’s easier and more user friendly” than previous versions.

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