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October 29, 2012

Rolling with Windows 8

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I’m now running windows 8 on my primary desktop PC. I’ve been running the consumer preview on another PC with little fanfare and quite frankly it was no big deal. I was able to score a copy of windows 8, legitimately for only $14.99.  This was the compelling reason for getting it and I’m no longer bootlegging it, or using some half-assed consumer preview version. No more will you have to spend upwards of $200 for Micro$oft Windows so-called Ultimate Edition. Heck even Mac OS X will be sold for about $40 but they also will be releasing new versions annually of OS X. I don’t know if Microsoft plans an annual re-release like Apple has been doing since OS X 10.7.0 (Lion).

The install was quite easy. What I opted to do was to download the OS over the internet, burn and ISO file to a DVD and do a clean install. Yes you CAN do a clean install on discounted “upgrade” versions of Win8 and it doesn’t bother asking you for the CDkey of the old OS, or asking for the old CD. So it’s bascially a full version of Win8, since really you’re really just buying a Product Code that the installer asks for during a clean install.

You simply use the Microsoft Upgrade Assistant app that you download and run on the PC you wish to upgrade where you buy the product key code, and download the OS. Then you have the option of an in-place upgrade over your existing OS (except windows XP). If you do an in-place update it won’t ask for the product key since the app alrady knows it. But this route seems to take LONGEST time do do the install since it has to move and delete all your old contents on your harddrive. But you seem to retain everything as long as it’s compatible for which the Upgrade assistant tells you before hand. The quickest and best way was to burn the ISO the upgrade assistant created (or create a bootable USB flash drive) and boot to that to install it. When the disk tools appear i just completely deleted all the partitions on my C: drive, and it only took like 6 mins to get it done.  Took longer to download and burn the DVD than it was to install it.

No longer do you have the start menu, you now have “Tiles.” However when I was tuning the preview version  it just seemed like it was in the way since most of the time you’re running windows apps that just brings up the desktop interface anyway. However, once you get your Live account set up with Win8, it all changes. The formerly-named “metro” interface then makes sense. People who have Windows phones will feel right at home with the “tiles.” These aren’t just icon replacements to your apps, they actually display and do stuff at a glance.

As Microsoft does, they tend to follow what Apple does. Windows 8 is also an attempt to blend tablet/portable devices with desktop computers. OS X Lion and Mountian Lion didn’t do this as much as Windows 8 does. Though at this rate Apple may be coping some tricks from Microsoft this time around. One of the things that bothers me with my Android Tablet, my Mac, and now windows 8 is there’s no simple way to close apps.  Sure the older “desktop mode” apps still have the “X” at the top right to close it.. But the native Windows 8 apps that launch from the Tile screen never close.  They don’t have a close button, and there’s no apparent way to close them. Sure they aren’t taking any CPU cycles when you’re not using them, but if you’ve opened many of these apps, and you press ALT-TAB to switch to some other app you have to tab though a dozen of these fucking icons to get to the app you want to get to.  I have to CTRL-ALT-DELETE to open up task manager so i can force quit these apps. That irritates the fuck out of me.

Chrome also seems to have an “app” version of it self as well as the normal desktop mode. If you launch it from the tile screen, it comes up in full screen but still functions like the desktop. However you do see the [X] button at the top right but it doesn’t do anything; it’s like a phantom button. So there’s no way to close chrome other than clicking the little (x) on every tab you have open. It runs as a separate instance than the desktop mode of Chrome which DOES have a working [X] close button.

But besides that I’m quite happy with my $15 purchase for an OS. Cheapest OS I ever did, and hell my best friend bought like 3 copies of it for this price for his laptop, desktop, and his wife’s laptop too. The promotion discount, by the time you read this, will no longer be available but even then the normal price for it is only $39.99 which is just plain cheap. I pay more for a Xbox 360 video game which I only end up playing for a maximum of 2 months before I’m bored of it. With an OS you’re gonna be using it for a few years.

I’m also glad Microsoft has paid attention to critics about past releases of windows having nearly a dozen different versions that made little sense to consumers. We had Basic, Home Basic, Premium, Professional  business  and the over priced Ultimate to confuse users about what OS they needed, plus there were separate 32bit and 64bit versions of all of these to contend with. With windows 8 that BS is gone. We now basically have four versions of Windows 8 with one of them that is intended for ARM based mobile devices; Windows 8 RT.  The rest “Windows 8” considered the basic edition, “Windows 8 Pro” which will probably be the most common one people will get, and “Windows 8 Enterprise” for server and IT professionals which has been available since August 2012.

This wikipedia page explains the differences between these editions of windows 8. It seems the Pro edition will be the most common used consumer version and found on OEM PCs. I believe most all of them will install on 32bit or 64bit based PCs using the same install since there is no further breakdown (nor confusion) of separate 32/64bit editions listed.

June 12, 2012

New Apple MacBook Pros

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The new MBPs look great but after reading the specs for the new MBPs with Retina Displays was in a way disappointing. For techy nerd like me I like the option for upgrade-ability when I get hardware. Everything in the new MBP has everything ingerated and nothing upgradeable. So if you buy it now and want to add more ram to it down the road, you’re SOL. Plus if anything goes wrong with it, like the ram goes bad, you have to replace the whole motherboard (if not the entire laptop) since the RAM is integrated on the motherboard. Now I’m not sure if the SSD drive is removable, but I’m guessing that it’s not; just as the Ram is.

So if you want extra RAM and SSD space you’ll have to buy a new one, or have that already set up when you order it. You no longer have the option to upgrade post purchase. Since there is no DVD SuperDrive anymore, the MPB is really just a MB Air with a better CPU. an NVIDIA  GPU, and a bigger battery.  The actual size of the new MBP seems to have the same footprint and thinness of the Dell ultralights but with a lot more horsepower. These new MPBs have a quad core i7, with the high end model hitting 3.6ghz in turbo mode. Nivida 650M with 1gb of DDR5 (my two year old model is a 330M with 512mb). However no real information on the performace specs on the SSD Drives they are using in the SSD.  I find most SSD drives to be just as slow as mechanical harddrives, or at least no noticeable difference in performace with an SSD or not.

It would be nice to get one of these new MBPs with Retinal displays.  Heck the older-style MBPs that Apple still sells on their website are better than the MBP I have now, but they aren’t any cheaper with the new MBPs w/ retina displays. OS X Moutian Lion will be out next month and according to their requirements page, my two year old MBP should run it fine. The “Dictation” function sounds useful but most of the other stuff seems useless to me. Everything has to be on the cloud but honestly there are many things I have on my computer I DO NOT WANT on the cloud. Mostly due to the size of my library collection won’t fit anyway since you have to pay a premium to store a terabyte of data “on the cloud” when a local harddrive is much cheaper, practical and FASTER than having to send/receive my stuff over slow internet.

So for me, if I’m gonna upgrade I rather get the new non-retinal display MacBook Pros since they offer the same power CPU and GPU wise. They are also upgradeable with bigger HDs and RAM, post purchase. Plus my eyes are so bad anyway a retinal display would be a waste on my eyes.  Oh and thank GAWD Apple went back to NIVIDA!  They barely had those AMD Macs out for like, what, a year?

February 22, 2012

Gawd OS X Lion sucks!

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I did a clean fresh install of OS X Lion on my MBP and I’m starting to realize it’s missing basic apps that Snow Leopard had.  iDVD doesn’t exist on Lion, and apparently I can’t play any divx videos on it. Even after installing the codec, quicktime still acts retarded about it. Fortunately VLC on the Mac runs anything as it does on windows, but that doesn’t help me burn movies I DL on DVDs… even if I DID have a copy of iDVD installed.

Seems Apple wants to squeeze yet even more money out of their over priced computers by making you buy iLife separately so you’ll have iDVD. Apparently you can demand a free copy of iDVD, sent to you on a disc, but why can’t I just download it off apple’s website?  I’ts not in the app store, can’t find it on Apple’s website anywhere.  Even on torrent sites I can only find old version from ’09.

There are other little naggy things Lion bothers me with.. like when I shut down my mac it’s always asking me if I want to retain apps and windows open when reboot.  Why do I give a fuck about that? when I shut down my PC I want it to boot fresh, not retain whatever crap I was already doing; otherwise I’d just put it in fucking SLEEP MODE.

Now my Mac came with Snow Leopard. Is there a way extract iDVD (and any other apps that I might find useful) and install from the DVDs that came with my Mac and use it on my Lion install?

February 3, 2012

Fucking Macbook MAGSAFE bullshit!!

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Sigh..  here i am again.

So ok, few week ago i went a head and just ordered a new power adapter.  Once i got it i snapped it in and everything was back to normal. So last night i was running on batteries and running iTunes playing a video pod cast.  I left the mashine running until the batteries died on thier own and the machine just shut down.  Ok fine no big deal right?

So i snap the magsafe on (my 3rd fucking power adapter) and i saw it go green, then amber when it started charging.  Great so I went to bed.  So i wake up the next morning, and  noticed there WAS no light on from the magsafe. I thought maybe the power strip i have it on switched off or got unplugged.  But no it’s in, and then i unplugged the magsafe, snapped it back in, saw it turn green then off.  Normally it stays on and green if it dosen’t need to charge.

So I wake up the mac and it comes on from sleep mode, since it did power it self off last night when it was to low on power. Once it came on it did show the battery was charged, but the LED light on the magsafe is NOT behaving properly.

Every 8 second it flashes a green light and goes out. I’ve tried different AC power cords and 2 diffrent outlets and still it just blinks green and off every 8-20 seconds.

I’ve had noting but problems with these apple power adapters and im at my wits end with this bullshit. The computer it self is fine but I cant fucking afford to buy a new $80 power adapter every MONTH. I’ll try calling apple and see if they can figure this out.  There’s already been a class action lawsuit on magsafe adapters (the old T connectors) but it looks like they hadn’t learned anything from it.

September 13, 2010

New macbook pro ordered!

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Yes I finally did it. After saving up all this year, I’ve saved enough pennies (literally since L$ are worth a fraction of a penny) to buy my self a new MacBook Pro, i7 15″ at a great deal! I also tossed in a $6 wireless Logitech mouse.  The macs they have at is already a good deal at $2049; since the same macs at the online Apple store is $2200. Plus there’s a $150 mail-in rebate which brings it under $1900. Also there is no sales tax (which easily adds about $200), and free shipping makes this an outstanding deal.

The specs are great, but it’s all STOCK stuff, this isn’t a BTO machine.  That said, this should be faster than my core 2 quad (iQ9300) desktop PC I’m using now.

  • 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 620M (2 cores, but HT gives it virtually 4)
  • 4GB DDR3 SDRAM (would you believe Apple adds $400 for 8GB?)
  • 500GB Hard Drive 5200rpm (Probably upgrade bigger in a year)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M w/ 512m dedicated ram
  • Glossy 15.4in 1440 x 900 Display

I wanted the high rez version that’s 1920×1050 display, but they didn’t have that particular combination.  Plus at 15 inches, and my bad eyes I probably would have a hard time reading that screen.  So a lower rez screen may be better for me. Plus if the glossy glares or smudges too much ill just get a film sticker and cover it over to reduce the glare.

Soon this week I’ll be drinking Steve Job’s kool-aid, and I’ll see if I like the taste.  If all else fails I’ll bootcamp and put windows 7 on it.  🙂

Update: UPS delivery is next Monday, even though I ordered it last Monday morning. So a week? It’s possible I could get it Friday.  But it’s gonna be a long-ass week for me. I still feel that I’m in some sort of denial that I just ordered a Mac.

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