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September 29, 2010

Top annoying things about Mac (or just my mac?)

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Playing mp3 files always invokes iTunes, and adding it to the “library” which basically copies it to the hard drive. Even if I d-click the same song more than once it gets REPEATED in iTunes library; fucking annoying. I don’t really like this since when I’m going though old DVD/CDs I’ve burned years ago I just want to quickly hear what it is. I don’t want to commit to it if it’s a shitty song, or a song I already have umpteen copies of already.

Viewing images with Windows is so much easier. You d-click on a pic, and it loads up the viewer. You can press left or right and see the next image in the folder you’re in.  On mac it just displays the image in a tiny window.

Quicktime dosen’t play “full screen” as it should.  You still see the desktop around the borders, and you still see the menu bar at the top.  At least VLC player has a proper “full screen” mode now if i can just get VLC to be set to play ALL video files, and bypass Quicktime.

December 30, 2008

Annoying things in SL

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It’s the end of the year and it’s time to list out things that annoy me.  No douche bag list this time around since the same douche bags on SL are still the main douchebags in SL, and nothing has changed. Plus they hadn’t really bothered me all year (probably banned from those places anyway) so all that’s left are some of the annoying things noobs tend to do.

Face lights
Or any worn objects that glow so brightly that people near are blinded. A lot of people don’t have “Nearby Local Lights” set and have only “sun and moon” set as light sources on their clients. Often due to them running on slower machines, or inferior video cards, so they aren’t aware of the annoying light they cast on everything in a 10m radius otherwise they would turn off or remove them. Same holds true for people who set prims on a “glow” setting.  While these do not cast a light around the object, they look overly glaring and “bloomed” on screen. Even at a [0.10] setting it glares a lot. This is also a video card effect that is disabled by defualt on low performing PCs; which the majority of people have (Laptops). So most people aren’t aware of this occurance to be annoyed by it to turn it off.

Spankers and Whips
Those annoying whips that you constantly hear noobs thwack repeadedly ad nasium when having sex in a public area.  For that matter all “public sex” in an area is rather annoying.

They simply don’t work for what people really intend to use them for; sex. They work fine for idle meanigless chat, but when they start moaning and groaning they just become tools of spam. I really don’t need someone moaning out “ooohhh Ahhhh yes yes!!” to be translated.  Mostly hey make people look like fools for what it translates, and SLS simply isn’t that comprehensive enough to do proper language translations anyway.  It would be nice if these things worked in IMs but they don’t so we are all made to see this crap fill our screens.

Also why can’t they make these translators not repeat what’s already said in local chat when it can’t translate it? I really don’t need to see it repeat the same line over again. Then you get these dipships who leave thier translators on when when they are already speaking english, translating it into english. I even got into an argument with some idiot when I complained how they don’t work and spam, while they had thier translator running doing exactly what I was making a point of.

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