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May 3, 2010

Emerald weird AO?

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Last couple of days i’ve noticed that my avatar keeps using an AO other than the AO I normally use. Even if i completely remove all attachment and scripts, and turn off the Emerald’s built-in  AO; I’m still waking and standing as if I’m using a different AO.  They are different animations then the one I have set up, but it just won’t STOP!

Is emerald using some sort of default AO I’m not aware of?  Anyway it’s messing up my normal AO and not allowing me to use some animations on objects i sit on. Even goin into the animaiton list, and killing all the ones i see, they just start back up.  Even using the old “stop all animaiton” object I wear, they just restart like i have a second AO that refuses to turn off.  I may have to resort to viewer 2.

>> UPDATE <<

On a diffrent PC I installed Viewer 2, and loged my self in.  This phantom AO only seems to work when I’m at my home sim.  The moment I leave it stops animating me. Even if I walk into another sim, it stops.  According to the animation list it’s coming from an object I own, but doesn’t seem to be anything I’m have attached.

So the only explination left is that I accidentally dropped an AO on my parcel, and it’s still activated.  Maybe if I yelled “/1 ao stop” it will turn off?  But I still need to know where the hell it is and pick it up.

I didn’t even know an AO would work when simply rezzed in-world, but not attached.

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