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July 4, 2015

7 Days To Die Alpha 12

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I’ve only been playing 7d2d for the past 2 weeks, with alpha 11, and I’m finding the new update very difficult to play. However, the first time I played 7d2d was also very difficult until I got used to it. So nearly everything you learned from the past is almost thrown out the window.

All tools and weapons have a quality level, so when you make your first wooden bow it’s going to be crap. Usually a well placed headshot on a zombie will kill it, now it’s no longer the case. Even with the female zombies (not sexist here, they tend to be the weakest) will require 3 headshot to take down. Fortunately it seems the stone axe has been buffed a little bit to be less useless when you’re fighting zombies. However you will not be able to take on a large horde of them unless you have 100 arrows which you likely will not have on your first day.

Following bugs I found:

Why have the [I] and [TAB] key uses swapped?

When you start a new game, there a huge LOUD sound of thunder that scares the shit outta me.

Sound levels are still WAY off, and too loud. Many sounds are unexpectedly too loud (mining, tree cutting, and tree falling, etc) This is especially bad for people who use headphones will go deaf quicker playing this.

If my backpack and belt inventory is completely full, and I’m wearing clothes, when I die all my stuff goes into the dropped backpack. When i come back to retrieve it, i can only take so much since my clothing is also thrown into my normal inventory, and I have to manually wear whatever clothes i picked up, then go back to my backpack and get the rest (if there’s room). Clothing should auto equip in this situation. Alpha 12 makes this a little easier by right-clicking on the item that isn’t in your inventory and wear it right away. But if the horde is comming down on you, you need to do this quickly.

If you die, and you immediately quit the game (say due to a rage quit) then come back, you’ll spawn were you had just died and your backpack will be at your feet. This is an exploit, which has existed since I started playing this game with Alpha 11. I would have assumed this was fixed by now.

Why can’t i loot safes anymore? I assume i have to read a book on lock picking to do so now? Why not just implement a lock picking mini-game like Fallout and Skyrim?

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