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December 7, 2010

Multiple instances on a Mac

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Macs aren’t really into multitasking, even though the OS and hardware is made for it.  For the past couple months since I’ve had my Macbook pro, I still have not found a simple way to run two or more instances of Phoenix Viewer (or any SL viewer) with out resorting to using the terminal, or opening Finder and digging deep into my Applications folder and manually launching the viewer from there (which just spawns a terminal window anyway). All of that adds more crap on my desktop that I just don’t want.

The only way I can do this by installing a different viewer and launching that, but that really isn’t practical. In Windows you simply just run the app again by double clicking the shortcut on the dekstop again; simple. Why can’t OS X be that simple? After all Macs do things in a much simpler manor compared to the overly complex unnecessary cluster-fuck of how Windows does things. Running two+ more instances of the same app should be a no brainer on a mac…. But Noooooooo!

Is there a way to edit the Phoenix icon on my dock, or desktop, to allow me to run Phoenix in as many instances as I like?  I’ve noticed if I right-click Finder on the dock, I have the option to open a new finder window. But that’s technically not running in another instance, since Finder is the core of OS X, just as Explorer is for Windows.  But still if i can have that option for Phoenix on the Dock, it would be perfect!

October 19, 2010

Phoenix & Ubuntu

I got Ubuntu 10.10 (x64) running on one of my PC, but I can’t get Phoenix Viewer to do anything.  The README instructions simply state you extract the .bz2 archive into any folder and simply type in the console Run ./secondlife from inside that folder. I understand that, but that does nothing.  Shouldn’t there be a folder called /secondlife for that to even WORK?   Since there isn’t such a folder, it obviously dosen’t launch the app.  Yes I do know I need 32bit compatibility environment files installed but if this app was installed properly it would have at least TOLD ME THAT, but it never gets that far since this install is half there!

I’ve also noticed that 10.10 app for reading archive files (.bz2) is fucking SLOW. Takes like 30+ seconds after double clicking got it to show anything, then to read a simple text file it takes a bit too long than it should take for a decent PC, and modern OS.

I’m starting to understand why Macs are better at these things.  When you download a new app, you just drag and drop the file into your applications folder, and you’re done (there may be other steps, depending on the app but that’s usually it).  You don’t even have to “extract” the compressed archive you download, which would take up more drive space.

Windows is still somewhat easy but you have to step though a wizard when you run the installer.  Microsoft has to make it more complicated than it really needs to be. The “installer” needs extra hard drive space than the application actually uses. It has to throw files all over your hard drive, and the REGISTRY file has to be updated.  The Windows registry file is the bane for this OS and is the root of a lot of it’s problems and bitrot.

Then you have Linux and some apps are a piece of cake to install, others make no fucking sense, and you have to dig into the console command line to get something working.  At least windows avoids having to deal with the command prompt when you’re installing something. I don’t think I had to drop into the old DOS command line in YEARS when dealing with software installs.  Not since  Windows 3.1 had I bothered using a DOS command line to deal with issues (other than for other reasons) but not to get an application installed and running.  Windows 3.1 was when the registry file started being used.

I’m also REALLY disappointed in this 10.10 release.  First I had issues with just installing it on my PC since it would never complete the install saying “ready when you are…” when there was nothing TO DO.  The Ubuntu Software center is fucking RETARDED, the search never finds anything I need that I know DO exist.  Searching for the 32bit environment files came up with NOTHING. WTF?  Same problem with Synaptic Package Manager, I can’t find anything I need on it.

Mac is good since they can keep things consistant, but they abandon and orphan old platforms in about 10 years.  Windows has to keep support for old legacy platform, and has no control on hardware so it’s always full of holes, yet maintains SOME user friendliness while complicating things it dosen’t need to, which simply get botched up over time. xUnix based OS’s are just overly complicated to start with. Since there are so many different flavors of it making it very inconsistent from one distro to another whcih just confuses end users like me.

September 29, 2010

Top annoying things about Mac (or just my mac?)

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Playing mp3 files always invokes iTunes, and adding it to the “library” which basically copies it to the hard drive. Even if I d-click the same song more than once it gets REPEATED in iTunes library; fucking annoying. I don’t really like this since when I’m going though old DVD/CDs I’ve burned years ago I just want to quickly hear what it is. I don’t want to commit to it if it’s a shitty song, or a song I already have umpteen copies of already.

Viewing images with Windows is so much easier. You d-click on a pic, and it loads up the viewer. You can press left or right and see the next image in the folder you’re in.  On mac it just displays the image in a tiny window.

Quicktime dosen’t play “full screen” as it should.  You still see the desktop around the borders, and you still see the menu bar at the top.  At least VLC player has a proper “full screen” mode now if i can just get VLC to be set to play ALL video files, and bypass Quicktime.

September 24, 2010

Gotta be a better way on a Mac…

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Okay the one thing that really lacks in OS X is mutli-threading. Not that OS X can’t multi-task (multi-thread) it’s just trying to make your apps run in different instances that’s a pain in the ass. Trying to get Phoenix viewer to launch as as a separate thread is really a pain in the ass.

You can either copy the Phoenix Viewer inside your applications folder and launch that, but that wastes disks space and you’d have to make more copies for every instance you want.  Or dig inside the “package” and run the application from there directly.  This works best but it does spawn a console window, as the viwer is running.

There’s no way to make a shortcut to that that you can slap onto your desktop or the dock so you can launch it as many times as you like. Creating an “alias” dosen’t work in that regard. Some times Widows is just easier to do things…..

September 23, 2010

Am I weird or…

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Since I got my Macbook Pro, I’m always rubbing and stroking it. Even before I first turned it on, I rubbed down it’s aluminum exterior, on all sides, the moment I peeled off the plastic envelope it was packaged in.  The finish this has is odd. It feels like it’s constantly covered in dust, so I feel obliged to wipe and rub it over and over.

September 20, 2010

My Mac is here!

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Yep I just got it today, and I’m not all that used to it Yet. Took a week from ordering it to getting it from UPS.

Cool stuff about the Mac

  • I love the aluminum chassis it’s in. Most laptops are all plastic and when you type on the keyboard the entire keyboard will bend down where you press and the all the keys move with it. Not so with Macbooks. It’s completely solid. I’ve always hated laptop keyboards, with thin flimsy keys that tend to pop off easy.  While I’m still a love a proper 104 keyboard, this chicklet keyboards ian’t bad.

  • The magnetic power connector is cool, you can reverse the connector and it still works.  Plus the charge indicator is rather slick. Also the power brick is like a really large bar of soap with a collapsible power plug which is removable, so you can attach an optional power cord (comes with) for extra length and has a 3 prong plug.

  • I let the laptop run until the battery died.  I ran Second Life for about 20 minutes since it drained the most juice, and when there was 1 minute left I closed out of SL.  The time left changes as you do different things. Closing SL down turned off the nvidia GPU and switched to the integrated intel graphics.  So the remaining time jumped around and went as high as 10 minutes, but it actually lasted for about 25 minutes before it just shut down.  It even sat there showing 0% charge, and 0:00 time left on the battery for about 10 minutes if not a bit longer.  It’s nice that it only nagged me once to shut down or plug the AC in, when there was about 7 minutes left on the battery. On windows it nags you every minute when you’re low on battery power.  After that it refuses to turn back on till the AC is plugged in. Yet there’s still enough juice to work the battery level charge indicator on the left corner.  It just blinks one light.

Some odd quirks with Macs

  • It’s bigger than that I thought it would be for some reason. Maybe I had gotten used to my old EEE PC netbook that died 8 months ago; this laptop seems big.  Thank gawd I didn’t get the 17″ model.

  • I keep hitting the [Caps Lock] key when I meant to press the [A] key as I type.

  • The three keys,  Control, Option, and Command translated for PC users as CTRL, Alt, and Windows key.  Though some times the Command (clover) key works as a CTRL key.

  • There are no mouse buttons next to the touch pad. You click down on the pad to click. To do a right click you need to have two fingers touching the pad, as the right finger clicks. Tricky but clever.

  • There a key at the upper right corner, next to F12 that looks like an eject button, and the DVD drive is right there on that side of the laptop, but it doesn’t eject the disc. So what is it for?

  • Apps don’t actually install like they do in Widows. I downloaded Phoenix viewer and there was no install you just drag the file into your applications folder.. and it’s some how installed.  How cool and clean is that? Handn’t seen that since the DOS days. Though TweekDeck had an install prodedure since it’s an Adobe Air app.

  • Speaking of Phoenix viewer, it runs fine. But it thinks I’m running a slow crappy PC, so it dumbs down the settings.  But i get about 40FPS.
  • There are NO access panels on the underside of this laptop. It’s all one solid panel, with screws.  Unlike most laptops (and older macbooks) there were separate panel doors to get to RAM and the HDD.

  • At first I thought this laptop had no ventelation, but it’s hidden on the underside “spine” of the back of the notebook where it hinges. There’s a black plastic bar on the “spine” that has a vent opening, one side sucks in, the other blows.
  • I swear the “M” key on my Macbook is just a “W” key flipped upside down. I say this because the letter M usually has parallel line at it’s side, while a W doesn’t. The M key on my Macbook isn’t parallel and looks exactly like the W key.

Annoying shit about my Mac

  • I can’t print for shit with this Mac. I have a HP Deskjet 895cxi, but it only has drivers for the 895c. The Mac just prints GARBAGE on paper and keeps page feeding wasting paper. I even downloaded so-called “drivers” from HPs web site for the Mac, but it didn’t do jack squat.
  • .DMG files are nice, makes installs easy to do, but these files end up scattered all over my desktop when I use the application. Every time i fire up Phoenix a “drive image” icon appears on my desktop.  Why does it need to appear there?  I can delete it (if Phoenix is closed) but it just comes back when I launch Phoenix again.
  • If you have other instances of the same app, like Safari (especially when links open a new instance) I have a hard time realizing i have other apps running. Switching to them is cumbersome.
  • Where the fuck is the real DELETE key? The delete key on this Mac functions as a backspace. I want to be able to delete text to the right of the cursor and have the text fall to the left. So now I have to move the cursor to the right side of the text I want to deleteand then backspace… Oh i mean delete.
  • No Home and End keys? seriously? Yeah I know it’s there with the Fn key and arrow keys. very cumbersome.
  • The damn thing gets HOT as hell, on it’s underside while gaming. Also battery life drops to less than 2 hours gaming. Desktop use I get about 4 1/2 hours and gets luke warm.

  • The speakers on this macbook pro suck. Very tinny, and weak.
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