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September 1, 2012

More Minecraft

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Been playing the 360 Edition for the past week and I’ve already gotten all the achievements for it! The tutorial map helps you get the majority of them, even the one where you create the Neither Portal since there’s already one built. So all i had to do was mine for diamond, make a diamond pickaxe (or find the hidden stash of Diamond tools and armor) break off a chunk of Obsidian off the portal, put it back and fire it up again. Bingo.

The most difficult one was the 500m minecart track. You need at least one other friend with you to help build it, so the game dosen’t get so tedious mining for iron and gold. I did this on a friends game, but not in the “Tutorial” map. Though the Tutorial map has a short track already made you can easily break down and use.

The PC version has a lot more content than the 360 Edition. However it just dosen’t run proper on my PC at all, and i can’t figure out how to get it to work on my Mac.  On my windows machine it runs fine for about an hour, or about 2-3 day cycles but the game starts to bog down and freeze up over and over to the point it’s just not playable. I have no idea why it keeps bogging up like this, my guess is maybe a memory leak since if i save the game and exit out of it completely and run it again it’s okay for another 30mins to an hour. Rince repeat.

I really hope they add more to the 360 version as they have the PC version. As well as more achievements like the Endermen, Ender Dragon, Stongholds, opening the portal to the End.  So far it’s just the basic stuff and Nether world.

The guys at “Achievement Hunter” (Jack, Geoff, Ray, Micheal and Gavin) have been doing “lets play minecraft” videos for a few months, with 14 episodes (as well as “things to do in Minecraft” videos), and all of them have been epicly entertaining and I blame them for my new game addiction.

August 16, 2012

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs. Machine

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Just in time for my Birthday came a new game type for TF2 that blends Horde mode, with a little bit of Tower Defense. Your base is being invaded by a horde of robot versions of all the classes in TF2. But there are also tweaked ones notably the giant robot versions different classes with some perks (like rapid fire). Basically your job as a human is to prevent the robots from carrying a bomb to the end of the map and blowing your base up. There is also a wave of a large tank that is heavily armored but has no arms, so it doesn’t shoot back. Then your job is to just pour all your rounds into this tank and blow it up before it gets to the end.  Later waves will combine a robot carrying a bomb, as well as a tank.

There’s also another unique enemy that pops in called the Sentry bomb, which looks like an old WWII sea mine with legs. And all it does is run towards your sentry, and detonates after a charge up that takes about 10 seconds. The trick to get around this bugger is for the Engineer to pick up any of his builds (dispenser, teleport) and run out towards the Sentry Bomb pass by it so that it triggers its detonation cycle, and hopefully away from sentry guns when it blows up.

The best part about this is it’s Free 2 Play! All you need is download and install Steam, set up an account if you don’t have one (doesn’t ask for any payment info). Download Team Fortress 2 as well as the updates. Though it took 2 hours to update but that was likely due to server load with EVERYONE on earth getting the update too. You do get more perks if you pay into Team Fortress 2 like all other F2P games but you’re not pressured nor tricked into doing so.

August 14, 2012

Yet another Linden Lab Cluster Fuckup

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Open letter to Linden Labs


Why is it when LL introduces something new it just fucks everything up for everyone else? Pathfinding is a new simulator side function for quote “to enable smoother and smarter movement behavior for non-avatar entities..”  Basically this allows one to create objects to behave in ways that doesn’t require complex and laggy scripts to do thing like wander a region, flee or chase another object or avatar, or evade another. That sounds wonderful since scripters no longer need to write large complex scripts to do this. This is perfect for “Gaming” or RPG sims that can really use this functionality.  However that is a VERY small minority of land owners that need this.

Pathfinding, sounds like a useful thing but it’s wreking havoc (pun intended) grid wide since it needs to be optimized for each region, aka “rebaked” but this has nothing to do with textures. Pathfinding baking simply sets up pathways and way points for these scripted objects to find their way around a region. If  it’s not “rebaked” then you’ll deal with lag, lockups, and crashing.  Yet for some fucking stupid reason reason LL chose to have this functionality on be default grid wide, including mainland. You wanna know why SL has been more glitchy and laggy this past week?  This is why!

The real catch to this is only estate region owners can disable/enable and “rebake” for pathfinding. The problem is most land owners ARE NOT estate owners, and none exist on mainland. Even if you own the entire region on mainland you will not have estate tools so you cannot disable Pathfinding w/o asking LL to do it for you. Even then you have to be running a BETA version of LL’s viewer. We are just now beta testing these PF tools in Firestorm. If you’re on phoenix you’re SOL since there are no plans putting this in phoenix.

Further, every time you edit an object, or change the land terrain you need to “rebake pathfinding” for it to work, and not be so laggy and sporadic.  So can you imagine you’re a normal land owner on mainland, and you have to rebake every time you edit something? Having to ask LL to rebake your region every time you edit something?  And that’s assuming you CAN request LL for that.

I’m so tired of LL trying to make things better by making it worse. Remember age verification? That’s all gone now yet it cause so much drama and bullshit. LL just cow-towed to a minority of users that wanted pathfinding when the majorty of us don’t need it, and a VAST majority aren’t even aware of it. Phoenix/Firestorm support group is constnatly being bombarded about lag as if it’s the viewer’s fault, when it’s likely the roll out of Pathfinding, and these users have no idea what it is.

In the long run, I think pathfinding will turn out to be a cool thing to have once it’s all ironed out. But you’d think LL would have learned from it’s past mistakes every time the roll out something new, and not FUCK IT UP for everyone else who couldn’t give a SHIT LESS about this.  Yet another example how LL is out of touch with it’s user base and only pays attention to their users who pay extra money to them.

July 8, 2012

Skyrim Dawnguard: the buggy!

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Been playing the Dawnguard DLC for the past week now in Skyrim, it’s nice to be back bitch slapping dragons and learning new shouts to illicit fear in my virtual foes. But by the Nines it’s very buggy and crashes my 360 often.

I’m trying to do as many achievements as I can in one run though. I already have the initial 1000 gamerpoints from the original game, which did require roughly two complete replays of the game as well as many reloads going back about 20 levels to complete missions that for whatever reason couldn’t be completed when I had progressed more in the game. So for instance, I do have the Attachments for “One with the Shadowswhere you have to complete all the Thieves guild missions, yet i still have the Skeleton Key which if I did finish this properly I would no longer have.  I had to use a much older savegame to complete the Thieves guild/Nightingale missions since it glitched out.

I could probably do that again in a single playthough now that I know the game better, but even then the game is so flakey and bugs cause missions to be un-finishable that you have to start over to redo those missions that some how get broken.

The nice thing about this DLC is that it dosen’t isolate you from the main world map. So Dawnguard just comes up as another side mission compared to Fallout 3/NV DLCs where you’re often isolated main map so you can’t return to your home(s) to rest, nor visit vendors to sell off your loot. Also these DLCs often force you to discard the majority of your inventory, ditch any companions you had tagging along with you (and their inventory) and forces you to finish the DLC missions before you can return the main world map.

Also for those of you trying to figure out how to start the Dawnguard story line you simply listen to any guard passing by and he may mention Dawnguard and the mission will pop up on screen.  You can also try talking to a guard directly about it, but mine appeared from a guard passing by me.  You can also find Fort Dawnguard at the far southeast corner of the map (Southeast of Riften) but you’ll have to enter a cave first to get to it. I also believe you have to be at level 10 for it to trigger as a mission.

This new DLC brings in two new perk trees for both Vampire lord, and Warewolf with 11 perks each that give you an achievement for both. Basically all you have to do is kill things while as a vampire lord, or a warewolf that adds experiance points over time you can spend on perks. This remains separate from training your skills and character. Which is probably a good thing since I’m sure many players already have maxed out characters at level 100 and can’t earn more XP anyway.

I didn’t feel that playing the DLC story line would give you much experance to level both perk trees so I decided to just go on rampages and killing as much as I can to gain experience and ignoring the Dawnguard missions. The problem is that they didn’t play test Vampire Lord mode much since there are issues fitting under low ceilings in caves, mine shafts, and other places in doors.  Plus you’re forced in 3rd person mode so the walls get in the way of the camera view and makes everything even more claustrophobic. Even when you’re “on foot” as a vampire lord my i didn’t have the headroom to get past some areas. I was forced to revert back to normal human form to get around.

After leveling Vampire Lord, I switched over too Warewolf (just head back to the Companions to switch) and it only took me a few sessions to quickly run though on a rampage to level up on warewolf. If you have Serana as a companion (which she joins you early in the story line) she can’t die so she can help make kills you can feed on but she IS a necromancer so if you’re not quick about it she will revive a body before you can feed. Also once you’re done leveling your warewolf she can make you a vampire again right on the spot. Problem is that after spending all day warewolf rampaging, you’ll say in warewolf mode for a good while (unless your health is low).

BTW avoid dragons while in either vampire lord, or warewolf form since the dragon (especially fire breathers) will fuck you up good. So anyway I found the game to lock up often, and repeatedly in particular locations, while exploring skyrim as a warewolf attempting to level up. Fortunately i was able to level up both warewolf and vampire lord, and now I can get back to the Dawnguard story line and see if i can get the last four achievements with out having to restart the the mission and join the Dawngaurd.

Also one last gripe I think the devs kina fucked up on. Why do I have to level Smithing to 100 to work on Dragon bone/scale armor and weapons when Daedric armor and weapons (which is at level 90) is BETTER rated? The ONLY exception to this is dragonbone arrows which has a damage of 25 vs Daedric arrows at 24.

The only other good thing about the dragon smith skill is Daedric dosen’t have light armor option, but dragon scale does, so I believe dragon scale armor is the best light armor you can get. However Daedric heavy armor is still better than heavy dragon bone armor.

I think I found a sort of glitch while playing as a Vampire.  As a vampire lord, you cast this life sucking spell which works towards your vampire experience for it’s perk tree.  But I really didn’t like being in this awkward form all the time. This one time I revered back to human form while still a Vampire Lord in hover mode, and I noticed I had my sword in my left hand (I usually dual weld one-handed swords) but I STILL had the Vampire Lord Life absorb spell in my right hand. I still functioned and let me gain experience for my Vampire perk tree!  Sure I had a smaller magic pool to use this spell but it much nicer to run around in human form (not bumping my head on everything) and still being able to use other weapons or spells in my left hand, plus still have access to my inventory and take potions to get more magic power.  But the moment i equipped anything in my right hand it went away, except for any two-handed weapons, bows or crossbows, once you unequipped them the life absorb spell came back.

March 1, 2012

The legacy of Emerald

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It’s supprising to see the amount of ignorance that spreads in a virtual world, even years after the fact. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) is what keeps rumors alive, and feeds the fear-mongers that continue to spread these lies. There’s still many many clueless users in Second Life that belive Phoienix is still like Emerald, created by “hax0rz” to steal passwords, L$, and private information, and all sorts of hysterical bullshit.

Friend of mine recently got “hacked” by a spambot in SL, where all it did was just spam “get 2500L 4 free at,,,,” with a URL from .tk domain. It links to a malicious site that apparently infects your machine with a keylogger; which is how her password was stolen in the first place. Fortunately she didn’t lose anything but she’s convinced that Phoenix is to blame because of it’s legacy, and the FUD that continues to spread from ignorant people since the banning of Emerald about two years ago.

I asked her if she even knew WHY Emerald was banned so many years ago, and her reply was “it’s a hacker program, 300 pepole got thier accounts hacked. bla bla bla” which is basied on pure ignorance, and bullshit from others who blew smoke up her ass about what happend with Emerald.

When Emerald was accussed of DoS attacks, most people got upset (I did) and the rumor machine went total apeshit with more claims about keylogging, hacking accounts, and everything under the sun when it comes to malware.  This is what FUD does; smear the facts and exaggerates everything feeding on your Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt so you’ll buy into the bullshit. The only reason why Emerald was banned was because of a lame attempt at a DoS attack.

What is a DoS attack? Basically getting thousands or millions of different PCs on different IP address to access/request connection to another site all at once.  The result is supposed to overload the host server and “deny” access to anyone else who’s trying to legitimately access that server.

Basically what one of the Dev did was changed the login screen that appears when you launch Emerald viewer, which is just a webpage no code changed on the end user client software it self. The page loaded hidden frames that connected to someone’s blog on the web. Apparently this blog was of another TPV developer, and it was an attempt to jack up the hit count as a prank, and to show how popular Emerald was.  So every time any Emerald user launched Emerald, you were connecting to this blog page with out you knowing it and that blog page useage went up a tick. With Emerald’s huge userbase of Emerald is so HUGE (in the estimated hundreds of thousands) this was SEEN as a DoS attack.  Not that it was intended as a DoS attack, or that it actually took the site offline; since it wasn’t and it didn’t.

Reguardless this is a direct violation of LL’s policies and so LL demanded that two members of the Emerald Dev team would leave Emerald. They refused and so Emerald viewer was banned.  The group reformed WITH OUT those two devs, and formed Phoenix team as we know it today. The actual “DoS” attack amounted to almost nothing other than increased traffic numbers to that site; no denial of service was ever accomplished, even though that was never the goal of this prank.  But pranks often never go as planned.  …shit happens.

These facts doesn’t stop the fear and rumor mongering DRAMA that always comes about anytime something like this occurs (anything LL does always causes over exaggerated drama). Because of this people’s imaginations went wild and made assumptions that Emerald was an app made by hackers, and since all hackers are apparently evil; you’re at risk. <sigh!>

Even YEARS after Emerald has been all but forgotten, and Phoenix has become the dominant viewer next to Viewer 2/3 people STILL belive in the fear-mongering bullshit that was the legacy of Emerald.  Yes sure some of the Devs of Emerald/Pheoenix were known to create copybots clients, known grifers, and all that other crap. But that lead to a LOT of special features in viewers that we all enjoy in OTHER viewers.  Keep in mind folks.  Second Life client software (viewers) are open source.  Everything Phoenix has made is also open source and a lot of other 3rd party viewer dev teams adopt many of their code and vice versa.  If their was EVER anything malicious about their code, it would have been spotted a long time ago. Because it’s open source it’s EXTREMELY important that if you should ALWAYS download Phoenix or firestorm directly from since anybody else can re-compile their own viewer with malware, and call it Phoenix.

This hyperbole from the fall of Emerald needs to end. It’s been over two years for Christ’s sake.  I thought it WAS over back then but people still keep clutching to bullshit like this due to fear, ignorance, and hate.  Even if this claim that 300 users were “hacked” for using Emerald (or phoenix) out of the 200,000+ phoenix and firestorm users (guesstimate since LL doesn’t share usage numbers publicly) who use it EVERY DAY seem VERY minor and meaningless if only 300 users were effected.  Unless all those 300 users were specifically targeting content creators, land barrons, and residents who had al ot of L$, then that cause alarm. Likely these 300 people are ignorant noobs clicking ads from spambots promising free L$.

December 9, 2011

Keeping your PC running smooth

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I’ve been doing tech support off and on for over a decade, and the majority of issues I run into is simple neglect. It isn’t necessarily about how some users are still using the same PC for the past 5+ years and assume their PC is just to old it can’t run Second Life, World of Warcraft, or any other semi recent video game.  Games like this are likely OLDER than the PC they are using, so they aren’t using outdated hardware.

Some of the possible reasons why your computer sucks could be damaged hardware.  Just because your PC seems to run fine, boots up and does email and youtube videos, dosen’t mean it won’t fail at other things. You can spend all day updating drivers but if your hardware has any damage it won’t matter. Most common hardware damage is RAM and video card RAM, and your hard drive due to long term excessive heat in your PC. There are applications that allow you to “burn-test” both system and video RAM and find any obvious flaws.

A common system RAM tester is MemTestx86. This comes as a .iso you can burn to a CD (or floppy, or boot USB drive) boot to it and it starts to automatically run pattern tests in your system ram looking for miss-matches. This can take some time depending on how much ram you have (about 2 hours) so let this run over night.

An app to test the ram on your video card is Video Ram Test. This app runs almost EXACTLY like MemTestx86 thats used for system ram, but this also comes as a windows app you can run. But for best results you should use the boot-iso version so that it’s accessing ram directly (and not though cache)

If you find ANY problems with your video card’s RAM or your system RAM using these tests, you should REPLACE them!  The only exception to this is if you’re overclocking, in that case you should step-down your overclocking to “stock” speeds and run these tests again and see if you still have these problems.  If not you shouldn’t overclock anymore, and by doing so you’ve already shortened the life of your hardware.

For harddrive testing, this really depends on what brand of hard drive you’re using. And if you’re using a normal mechanical harddrive or a solid-state drive (SSD). You could just run checkdisk from windows, and let windows scan your hard drive(s) which can take ALL day.  However any problems you MAY find on your harddrive can be corrected and you don’t need to replace your harddrive, assuming there is no major damage to the surface of your harddrive.

Should you Defrag?  no. I’m all my years of using PCs I’ve NEVER found any benefit from defragmentation. Only until the end of the 80s did defragging matter. Modern HDDs do not read and write in sequential pattern, which defragging puts your data in a sequential order, so defragging may SLOW DOWN your hard drive performance. Or does nothing other than add a little more wear and tear to your HDD for something that may not bring any benefit.

If you’re using an SSD this can shorten the life of your drive if you defrag, so DO NOT DO IT. With normal HDs it’s only with HEAVE HEAVY use does the data on your HD get fragmented and you MIGHT consider defragging if you have VERY large files that need to be read quickly. Otherwise it’s pointless, modern OS file systems tend to take care of these things for you automatically now.

One app i’ve found (not used) is called HDDScan. This should show you if there are any issues with your harddrive(s) but im not sure if it performs any surface tests for bad sectors.

Many end users buy pre-made PCs with windows preloaded and with that a ton of useless apps are pre-installed. Install and run PC Decrapifier. This should remove all those useless trial-run applications that are virtually worthless. This will also free up some hard drive space to boot! The reason new PCs come with this crap is because these software makers PAY these OEMs so that it lowers the price of the PC when they preload apps since you might be encouraged to pay for full versions of these useless apps. This is the main reason why windows PCs are so cheap now. Where as Macs still remain expensive since you do not get this sort of BS on Apple products.

The NUMBER ONE reason why most users have poor performance, and technical problems running SL, and games is their install of windows is just OLD and has collected a lot of “bit rot.” This dosen’t mean you need to update to windows Vista or Windows 7; you just need to do a FRESH CLEAN install of your existing OS. Be it Windows 2000, XP, Vista and yes even Windows 7.

What i mean by a “clean” install is not to install windows over what you already have, that won’t fix anything. This wont clear out any glitches with software, conflicts with drivers, and possible malware that might be preset on your harddrive. You want to FORMAT your boot C:\ drive (or better yet delete the partition) and install windows fresh from the CD/DVD.

Users should reinstall windows at least once a year to keep their system clean. This goes for ALL platforms, not just Windows. I don’t know how many times this has cleared up small annoying technical issues i’ve had that simply went AWAY after reinstalling my OS, cleanly.

Yes this means you will lose everything stored on your hard drive (on C:\ anyway) so it’s time to back up your stuff.  DO NOT backup applications since you can just reinstall those. But DO back up any media files, documents, and pr0n!  I don’t recommend doing a system transfer which is a windows function you can use. This can also transfer whatever problems/glitches you were having in the first place and would defeat the purpose of doing a “clean” install of windows.

The same goes system backups.. those backups will also have the problems. bugs, glitches and other technical nightmares stored on your backup too.  It’s actually pointless to back up your OS and your applications since you can always reinstall them again ANYWAY. You only need to backup things you simply can’t replace again (or it would be too difficult to get back again)

The best way to run your PC is to have two hard drives (or two partitions). Install, or create a D: drive and place all your downloads there.  Keep your media files and pr0n there. Only put your OS and your apps on your C: drive.  So when it’s time to do another clean OS install, everything you need is still on your D: drive for you to install and use after you’ve formatted C: drive and reinstalled your OS clean.

I did mention malware and viruses, but honestly I do not run anti-virus apps, nor a firewall, other than what already comes with Windows Security Essentials. Any other 3rd party apps will just cause MORE problems than it does from preventing them. If you use common sense when exploring the web, you will NOT run into viruses, and malware on the net.

Do not use Internet Explorer, do not let any thing download you’re not expecting as you surf the web. Do not RUN anything you’re not expecting. So not install any plugins you’re not expecting when you know you already have it installed (like Flash, Searchlight, Shockwave, etc.) Use a reliable web browser like chrome that can isolate you from the malware.

August 16, 2011 histaria

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I’m getting really fed up with the rumors, and fear mongering, about what Micheal Wilson will do, and not do when the service will go back up online.  So much BULLSHIT flying around about MW not honoring the lifetime memberships beta users paid for 8 years ago. If all our developer stuff will be available again so we can start selling our stuff, or not because everyone believes MW is an asshole. I’m sick of it.

I think ppl just start this bullshit just so they can talk shit about and Micheal Wilson, and just bitch and moan about things that aren’t even based in reality. MW, and the guys helping him bring the service back online are taking things a step at a time. Everyone wants to draw towards ridiculous conclusions about things so they have an excuse to bitch and moan, and act like assholes themselves about things that haven’t even happened yet. It’s all just rumor and fear mongering.  This is basically the same shit MW was putting up with during the last week was going down.

I’m also tired of the anti-Second Life sentiment I’m seeing with Thereians.  You don’t like it, fine then. Don’t bitch to me about how gross and crappy it is when you probably only played it for 20 mins.  Second Life is STILL way more advanced than will ever be.  The only exception is vehicle physics which is a LOT more fun in than what i’ve seen in SL.

August 9, 2011

Marketplace Woes, is BACK!

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What the hell is going on with marketplace (aka XStreetSL)? I made a new item I want to start selling, but my fucking magic box refuses to let me drop a new object into it. Why?  It’s still running. It’s still sending out copies of things ppl are getting off the marketplace.  I have 13 items in my magic box, is that the limit?  Do I need to grab another magic box? These boxes haven’t been updated since the change over from Xstreet, to the marketplace.  Others have been telling me problems just logging into marketplace on the developers side. Even calling LL customer support and they are clueless.

UPDATE: I’m an idiot. I had my magic box set in LOCK mode (as well as my entire house and objects inside) so wouldn’t accidentally move or delete my home/things while I’m editing building. D’oh!  All fixed now!

Also is almost nearly back online.  Registrations are open but limited self-invitations now for old existing users, but they only allow a few at a time. Right now only ThereIM is working and my account is back up but still waiting for them to import my inventory, and other information.

If anyone I know on is on ThereIM give me a hollar on it!  ‘twist

April 21, 2011 might be coming back?!

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Friend of mine told me to check out There’s main home page has a link to a survey that might help Makena determine if there’s enough interest in opening it back up. They will redub it as “There2” which is ironic since they already did a v2.0 release some years ago.

There are some caveats to this. First it will be a subscription based only service. No freebie account, and no trial memberships. Existing members can reclaim their accounts IF they pay for membership first. Fortunately lifetime beta members will STILL be free (phew!!)

Also talked about is how the developer program would be put back into place, but approvals will be MUCH slower, however they talk about a peer based approval system in the future. Also they talked about the service being 18+ only, which is ironic since SL just lowered thier minimum age requirements to 13 since the closing of the Teen Grid due to it sucking too much. This doesn’t mean that There will allow adult content, nudity, etc.  Though it might be possible down the road but not in the short term.

The survery bascially asks what pay level you’d be willing to pay and what type of payment. Monthly,  hourly, or a bundled discount. Considering WoW users pay about $14 a month (or more?) i don’t see why we should pay any more than $10-$15 per month (except they have 10 million users.)  Preferably I’d rather pay about $60 for a whole years membership much like Xbox Live gold membership.

One big problem I see is they aren’t allowing free trial accounts. So how is a new user going to get interested enough to want to pay for it? One thing that Second Life has done is create a web-browser based “guest” login with a dumbed down client that runs very well, but limited functionality.  The avatar is a sort of a disposable account, with a generic user name (234346 guest) that lasts one hour and lets you explore, and chat.

Buying T$ will be avalible but reselling it via users to users will be banned. Which exactly how are they going to track that anyway?  It’s not like Makena can monitor my paypal or bank transactions.  But it does sound like they want to create their own exchange market.  Hopefully something like LindeX where users buy and sell in a market. Unlike how it was originally for where T$ just came from no where, which wasn’t a solid economic system.  Makena even blamed losing a large percentage of profits from 3rd party T$ trading.  Well geez you’d think Baloo would have figured that? It only seems like developers can resell their T$, which is a bad idea since there are other ways to make T$ than just making clothes and buggy paint jobs.

If they make it a TRUE market exchange (like LindeX) and allow all members to use it, and Makena can take a cut in every transaction, with a semi-fixed set pool of T$ to be exchanged, then they might have something they can work with, other than “money from thin air” approach they had used in the past.

At the bottom of the survey says they will make an announcement in 30 days.  30 days from when? I don’t see a date mentioned, and i only heard about it today so… who knows.  You’d think they would have mass-emailed their users about this.  But i guess they are relying on word of mouth. has been closed for a little over a year, no one will visit the old main page unless they already knew something is going on.

So lets help spread the word people!

Micheal Wilson has been blogging about this survey. With results of over 2000 users responding.

Friend of mine pointed this out to me though. With little to no customer support, and no updates to the software other than something major (security wise) and very slow developer submission turnover, why would anyone wanna pay for something that will be more half-assed than it already was?

November 27, 2010

New video card, yay!

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To my surprise, the video card I ordered last Monday arrived today! It’s ETA wasn’t until the end of the month, but here is! It’s an EVGA GeForce GT 240, with 1GB video RAM. Twice the ram as my old card. It’s a much smaller card, about half the length, and it dosen’t have an extra power connector as all my past cards needed to have to power the GPU. Ir’s also a lot quieter too. After taking out the temp card I had in there, it’s strangely quiet.

Performance is on par with what I already have, but with a gigabyte of RAM I can run more instances of Second Life (Phoenix) with negligible performance hits. I had 6 alts logged in at the same time and they all ran well.  Though I’ve noticed the alts you login later on tend to suffer with slower frame rate.  And when trying to launch a 7th instance of Phoenix it some how killed my first login i had online.  So i guess 6 is the max on this.

Ironically the 1st time i ran phoenix it complained that my video card or drivers weren’t up to par to perform acceptably. Gee coming from an app that always claims I’m running a Pentium III Xeon for the past 7 years comes off as meaningless.  And you’d think TPV devs would have fix that little oversight too.  Ah well.  I’m happy for once!

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