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August 1, 2015

Top 4 reason why Bing is better than Google

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  1. Video searches on Google only searches Youtube. Which is stupid since if you want to search for Youtube videos, you’d simply use directly. Bing searches all sites for videos (including porn sites) and allows you to thumb though the videos before going to the site that hosts the videos, which helps avoid malware.
  2. Image searches will not display any pornographic images regardless of your “safe search” settings. If you search for “boobs” on Google, you’ll get images of clothed busty women, often as “demotivational” joke/meme images. On Bing you’ll get what you’re looking for.
  3. Google allows 3rd parties to pay Google to have their search results (i.e. Ads) appear at the top of search results, Bing shows more relevant search results, but otherwise the same searches.
  4. Bing is apart of Microsoft Live, you can earn points by doing searches with Bing, and redeem them for just about anything. I my self redeem for XBox Live $5 gift codes, and buy more games when on sale for virtually free. Wish I could do that on Steam.

That said, Google does have a very good reverse image search where you give it an image file and it will tell you more about that image, who is in the image, where you can find high resolution versions of the images, alternate copies, etc. Wolfram Alpha has their own take on this as well called, Image identification Project.

October 13, 2013

Google is useless now

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For the past year searches on Google have been useless. Video searches only search whatever is on Youtube, not the internet at large. Image searches filter out nearly all porn and nudity even IF you have the filters turned off. Normal text searches return results based on who paid Google the most to appear at the top. I’ve been using Bing more for the past year for most of my common internet searches because Bing gives me the FUCKING results I’m looking for. Plus it has a nice rewards program for redeeming gift cards for Xbox Live! 🙂

However I had used Google’s Image search where you can upload an image and look for similar images. Usually I’m looking for a higher resolution of an image, or an un-edited version, or the site the image came from so I can find a pictorial set. Now when use Google Image search and drop any JPG or PNG file i get this BULLSHIT message

The image must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .tif, or .webp.

No results are given. just this useless error message. ALL my images are ALREADY .JPG or .PNG. Even if I use images I’ve used in the past that DID work on this page before, still give me this error. Doesn’t matter of it’s porn or LOLcat images; Google is broken and corrupt.  So now I have ZERO use for Google now (well except perhaps Gmail). Problem is no other site I’m aware of does searches based on uploaded images like Google Image search did. Bing image search only does text based for now. So any recos out there?

July 19, 2013

World Of Tanks

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I’ve been playing WoT on the PC for about a month, and I’m up to tier 5 right now. I’ve also been playing the 360 beta of WoT for the past week, but servers are only online during weekends. The interface for WoT on the PC I still find a bit confusing. There’s too much trial and error to figure out what does what and you can waste credits, XP and even gold if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m also confused as to what gives a tank you have it’s “elite” status, and as to what it means in regards to XP.

I’ve also started playing World of Warplanes which has a much better UI than WoT does. I love how you can compare your air craft against the other team’s aircraft during the loading screen. This is something WoT should also adopt. I did find WoWP much easier to get into than WoT, maybe it’s due to already being familiar with WoT since they share the same mechanic with XP, gold, and credits.

I have a Tier III T2 Medium Tank that I got to elite status. After upgrading and mounting all the best items for this tank, it became elite. But the meaning of it got lost for me. A popup appeared when I did this that went by quick and SEEMED to imply that XP earned on an Elite tank will go towards the next tier, or something, but it doesn’t seem to do this.  It would make sense since earning more XP on a tank that’s fully upgraded would be a waste since each tank you own has a different set of XP. I wish I could read that popup again. I’ve also upgraded other tanks with the best hardware for those tanks but they do NOT have elite status, why?  Am I only allowed one elite tank in my garage, or am I missing something else?

SPGs are fun and it’s nice to use when you get burned out on normal tank play, but initial targeting is wonky. When I see a target in the distance spotted by a teammate, I’ll swing my arty around to face the target, try to look towards it inside my reticle, and then hit shift for the overhead view.  After hitting shift my view position often WAY off target. Sometimes very short of the target, or way off at the edge of the map. I have to slowly DRAG my mouse over (several times) towards the target which wastes time and my accuracy will be extremely wide.

The “box” over the minimap seems larger than my actual view of the battlefield. So while it may appear a tank is in my view on the minimap, I don’t actually see it on screen unless it’s damn near in the center of the little box. If the targeting was just a bit more intelligent when I hit the SHIFT key while the target is in my reticle in my “normal view” it should be in my overhead view, and I won’t have to wait so DAMN long correcting it AND wait for the accuracy to shrink.  Xbox 360 version when using SPG is a bit more forgiving mostly because you can move around the map quicker using the controller.

I’m also a bit confused about radios. If the range of the radio is what limits me to tell my teammates where I spot enemy tanks, why is it i can get intel about enemy tanks across the map? Especially when I’m in my Arty, parked in a far corner getting intel from light tanks on the opposite side of the map? My own visual range doesn’t seem to matter as long as there’s a friendly tank spotting them for me.

Matchmaking seems to be good, despite how often  hear other players complain about it. But there is nothing worse than ending up as the bottom tier in a match, vs tanks three tiers above you. Imagine being in your tier 3 tank vs a heavy that’s tier 6; totally unfair. Xbox is worse, even though tiers cap out at 6, still you can be tier 2 facing tier 6 tanks. I find it annoying that when attacking a tank that’s two or three tiers above you, you don’t make ANY damage. Often I the voice over saying “Critical Hit” yet the enemy tank is still at 100% health.

Driving the tank seems slightly awkward when I’m backing up. I tend to think pressing [D] for right will turn my tank to the right as I back up; like a car. But it’s backwards for a tank tracks? Also why is it some tanks can’t keep moving forward when going up hill while turning. Some of them go into a dead stop to turn. Plus some tanks can barely make it up a hill.

The controls on the Xbox version work well EXCEPT when I need to aim, target, and zoom in to snipe. Moving around is fine, but I get lost as to what I need to press to lock on a target, zoom in and zoom closer to snipe. not as intuitive as it is on the PC version.

All-in-all WoT fun to play but as relative newbie I still feel ignorant about what should be the most basic of knowledge when it comes to XP and how you spend it and where it comes from. That should be something you should learn up front when you’re Tier 1 so you don’t waste your XP. Rather than vague pop ups that you might miss reading and won’t be able to read again.

March 2, 2013

In the market for a PC upgrade

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I’m trying to do homework on a new system upgrade. I’m basically going to replace mobo, CPU and go 16gb of quad channel ram (1600 or better). For the longest time I thought Sandy/Ivy Bridge was Intel’s name for motherboard chipsets, not the code names Intel uses for the core architectures.  Problem is that most of the stuff I’m reading is about a year old. Back when LGA 2011 CPUs were really expensive (upwards of $600) but that isn’t the case anymore. It’s really hard to find up-to-date information. I’m getting really confused about Ivy Bridge, vs Sandy Bridge. LGA 2011, and LGA 1155, and reading they are some how compatible?  How can a chip with nearly TWICE the pins of the former be compatible at all? Just look at this image, they are entirely different sizes.

So I’m assuming what’s going on here is that Intel is creating the newer Ivy Bridge based CPUs in LGA 1155 for older Sandy Bridge based motherboards. I’ve read that LGA 2011 is the newest socket that only a few Sandy Bridge chips are using.  The CPU I’ve been wanting to get is a LGA 2011 i7-3820 but its a Sandy Bridge CPU. Intel’s page doesn’t say this CPU is Sandy nor Ivy bridge but it does show a 32nm lithography which implies Sandy Bridge (vs 22nm for Ivy Bridge).

I assume the LGA 2011 is the newer generation for sockets on motherboards over LGA 1155, and Ivy Bridge based CPU is the newer-gen core because it’s a newer smaller 22nm die processes.  But why does Ivy Bridge seem to only exist on LGA 1155, and only supports dual channel RAM with most of them at slower clockspeeds? Even slower than the i7-3820 I’m thinking about buying, which IS an Sandy bridge-E CPU not Ivy. WTF is Sandy Bridge-E then? Quad Cores with HT? Really, that’s it? It’s quite confusing as to what is new/current tech when you can see the so-called NEW stuff has less performance, and using OLDER specs, than the old stuff.  >sigh< WTF Intel?

Searching Ivy Bridge on amazon, the i7-3820  appears right at the top as if it IS an Ivy Bridge CPU, but it isn’t. This of the lower-end CPUs of it’s “Extreme” performace line. It has the FASTEST “normal” clock speeds of *ALL* the Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge CPUs. Has 10mb L3 Cache compared to maximum 8mb for Ivy Bridge. It supports Quad channel RAM, and is semi-overclockable (not fully unlocked like the K series). I read one guy overclocked his 3820 chip to 4.5ghz!! Daamn! Why is the new stuff so inferior Intel?

The motherboard I want is the Asus P9X79 with Intel’s X79 chipset. There are four different versions, the LE, WS, Pro, and the plain “P9X79” with out a suffix. The LE is the cheapest, and I’m not into SLI video card setups anyway so I’m likely going to snag the LE. All I really want is Quad Channel memory which requires four sticks of the same ram. But this motherboard has EIGHT ram slots four on each side of the CPU socket that maxes out at 64gb, but I only want 16gb. So could I run eight 2gb sticks of ram in each slot in Quad channel mode? Does DDR3 even come as low as 2gb? LOL! Seems like a 4x4gb configuration is my best bet.

Every time I spec out a new computer parts I always think about having an upgrade path (or future proof) for what I’m building. But lets face it. I’ve realized that the next time I upgrade my computer I’m going to replace everything again anyway. So what’s the point future proofing, or having an “upgrade path” when tech gets outdated in 6-12 months anyway? Plus add to the confusion when the specifications for the “new”stuff performs less than the old stuff did.

That said most of my hardware I keep using years after it’s technically declared to be outdated, and really don’t upgrade it much more than a new HDD or more ram. Hell I’ve had my Core 2 Quad system for about 5 years, even my Mac BookPro is over 2 years old now and the only upgrades I’ve done to them was give them both 8GB ram from 4gb.

The best thing I (and everyone else) can do is buy what is affordable (avoid the over priced $600+ enthusiast XTREME!!!! crazy stuff) and find what looks good to you. Weigh the pros and cons of the tech, make sure the items you want match up and are compatible. Take with a grain of salt of what you read in forums, especially if the posts are a year old or more.  Buy and build your new PC, and stick too it for about 5 years and then worry about your next upgrade then when we drool over 10mn Skylake CPUs.

So for now this is what I’m thinking about getting:

CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 BX80619I73820
Mobo: P9X79 LE
RAM:4gb x four (16gb) Quad Channel DDR3 1600 <– Brand subject to change since ram prices change often
HSF: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (Intel doesn’t include a HSF)

I’ve already got a new PC case, new Corsair 750w PSU, and DVD burner drive. and I’ll just slap in my old WD VelociRaptor 150gb drive. Yeah I might go Solid State some day…

June 7, 2012

Restaurant Reality Shows

I’m a huge fan of shows like “Restaurant Impossible” and “Kitchen Nightmares” but there’s a common theme on every episode you see. Service sucks, the chef cooks bland food since they don’t cook with salt, they don’t use fresh ingredients since they believe canned and frozen food is cheaper, the kitchen and walk-in freezer is a fungus and bacterial wasteland. Yet the people who own and/or managing the restaurant are clueless as to why their business is failing. Like Duh!

Why is it that both Irvine and Ramsey taste the food BEFORE they see how filthy the kitchen is? I think there’s only been one episode on Ramsey’s show where the kitchen was clean. Every episode the food was shite except the one episode on Irvine’s show where he was helping out a soup kitchen.

These shows have been on for years now.  Chef Ramsey’s show has been on for about 6 seasons and more if you count the shows what he did in the UK before he started doing shows on FOX. You’d think the people who ask for help from either Chef Ramsey or Chef Irving already have a clue as to what their problems are, I just listed most of the common ones above. It’s as if they never saw these shows before?

I really hope that other restaurants that are having issues actually watch some of these episodes and get a clue and check to see how filthy the kitchen is, or how much spoiled food is sitting in their walk-ins. This is just basic fucking common sense in running any business. but I also understand how people can get into a rut and not want to change anything.

I’ve seen many many episodes between Ramsey and Irvine. I’ve only seen one mexican restaurant, dozens and dozens of Italian restaurants, a few French restaurants, and plenty of regular american diner burger/steakhouse restaurants.  But I’ve yet to see any Asian (Chinese. Japanese, Koren, Pilipino) food restaurants on these shows.  Must be the MSG?

February 5, 2012

My history with a Mac

In 2010 i saved up for over nine months to buy a Macbook Pro. A good machine that can play games with a real GPU and dedicated ram for video. Once I got it, everything was kosher. Then the wiring on the magsafe connector started to fray and I had to hold the wire oddly for it to charge my MBP. Short time later (not a pun) those frayed wires shorted out and the power adapter was toast.

Fortunately at the time I was still under the 12 month warranty (had it for about 8 months) I called Apple they arranged a replacement and i got it the next day after returning the old one.  Cool eh?  Unfortunately it’s not like the coverage for my new power adapter was extended another 12 months.

So time passes to last December. I like to keep my MBP powered by the adapter at almost all times, so I was moving from one AC outlet to another and as got settled into my new spot, pluged it in and attached the magsafe to my mac and sat down on a chair with my MPB on my lap, it turned OFF.  poof! This time it turned out the PMU that was having issues, and doing a simple reset of it fixed everything. YAY!  Later on it eventually died on me too, and so I just bought a new one off and it came in 2 days.

A month later, I went to bed charging my mac after it had shut down from letting the battery drain out playing iTunes.  Pluged it in, saw the LED on the magsafe go amber color, and went to bed.  Woke up the next morning and saw no lights from the LED.  WTF?  I assume it was unplugged from the wall or something. It wasn’t, but it was blinking green every 8-20 seconds but never staying green, it would go off.  Booting the MBP showed it had a full charge! So something b0rked after the charge, and now it stopped charging.

So now i have two power adapters that are DEAD.. and about 20% battery power left. I did not get service contract with apple, I could barely afford the $2000+ price tag for the laptop as it was, and another $375 was out of the question. Afterall i am a tech my self, and i know how to deal with computers, but Macs are almost a different breed of computers, even though they are more PC now than they ever had been.

So after all of this bullshit, it’s clear that the initial problem I had with the first power adapter some how messed with the computer it self causing the other two power adapters to eventually fail.  This time this new power adapter failed in about three weeks! So there’s something wrong with my mac.  But what? the power management hardware? The battery?  If it’s the battery i can easily buy a new one and install it. I know the battery isn’t removable but I know how this computer is built and it’s not like the battery is welded into the chassis.  They are made to be replaced. But i don’t know if that will fix the issue of my power adapters fucking up

I’ve called Apple and there’s not much they can do since i don’t have any coverage and money is VERY tight for me.  There is no apple store in my town, but we do have an authorized apple service but they charge $60 an hour to just LOOK at it.  It’s possible if I go outta town to an Apple store they might look at it for free, but even then they still need to fix it, and i have no idea how much that would cost. If it’s more than the what the service contract would have been (apple care) then I’m fucked.

So any fellow techies heads who are mac inclined give me a heads up as to what FUCK is going on here? What I can do on my end and fix it?  What parts I may need, and can I swap out the battery? Is the PMU something that’s even replaceable/serviceable?  If I take it to an apple store would they just end up swapping out the mobo anyway?

Since it’s a power management unit problem, could it be an issue with OS X Lion, and apps like NoSleep, and Insomniac fucking with the PMU that ultimately makes my power adapters fail?  Both these apps don’t work properly since I switched to Lion. Insomniac just doesn’t work at all.  NoSleep does work but once you reboot it just disappears and you have to re-install it over again.  Both apps are said to work with Lion, but they don’t.. and there hasn’t’ been any updates to them to fix these problems.  I might as well Gazelle my Mac and say FUCK Macs!


April 21, 2011 might be coming back?!

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Friend of mine told me to check out There’s main home page has a link to a survey that might help Makena determine if there’s enough interest in opening it back up. They will redub it as “There2” which is ironic since they already did a v2.0 release some years ago.

There are some caveats to this. First it will be a subscription based only service. No freebie account, and no trial memberships. Existing members can reclaim their accounts IF they pay for membership first. Fortunately lifetime beta members will STILL be free (phew!!)

Also talked about is how the developer program would be put back into place, but approvals will be MUCH slower, however they talk about a peer based approval system in the future. Also they talked about the service being 18+ only, which is ironic since SL just lowered thier minimum age requirements to 13 since the closing of the Teen Grid due to it sucking too much. This doesn’t mean that There will allow adult content, nudity, etc.  Though it might be possible down the road but not in the short term.

The survery bascially asks what pay level you’d be willing to pay and what type of payment. Monthly,  hourly, or a bundled discount. Considering WoW users pay about $14 a month (or more?) i don’t see why we should pay any more than $10-$15 per month (except they have 10 million users.)  Preferably I’d rather pay about $60 for a whole years membership much like Xbox Live gold membership.

One big problem I see is they aren’t allowing free trial accounts. So how is a new user going to get interested enough to want to pay for it? One thing that Second Life has done is create a web-browser based “guest” login with a dumbed down client that runs very well, but limited functionality.  The avatar is a sort of a disposable account, with a generic user name (234346 guest) that lasts one hour and lets you explore, and chat.

Buying T$ will be avalible but reselling it via users to users will be banned. Which exactly how are they going to track that anyway?  It’s not like Makena can monitor my paypal or bank transactions.  But it does sound like they want to create their own exchange market.  Hopefully something like LindeX where users buy and sell in a market. Unlike how it was originally for where T$ just came from no where, which wasn’t a solid economic system.  Makena even blamed losing a large percentage of profits from 3rd party T$ trading.  Well geez you’d think Baloo would have figured that? It only seems like developers can resell their T$, which is a bad idea since there are other ways to make T$ than just making clothes and buggy paint jobs.

If they make it a TRUE market exchange (like LindeX) and allow all members to use it, and Makena can take a cut in every transaction, with a semi-fixed set pool of T$ to be exchanged, then they might have something they can work with, other than “money from thin air” approach they had used in the past.

At the bottom of the survey says they will make an announcement in 30 days.  30 days from when? I don’t see a date mentioned, and i only heard about it today so… who knows.  You’d think they would have mass-emailed their users about this.  But i guess they are relying on word of mouth. has been closed for a little over a year, no one will visit the old main page unless they already knew something is going on.

So lets help spread the word people!

Micheal Wilson has been blogging about this survey. With results of over 2000 users responding.

Friend of mine pointed this out to me though. With little to no customer support, and no updates to the software other than something major (security wise) and very slow developer submission turnover, why would anyone wanna pay for something that will be more half-assed than it already was?

March 7, 2011

Veterans gave me what?

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I’m getting really tired of this spewing of so-called patriotisim ever since 9-11. When someone protests war, or our solders in a war and with the scars left by 9-11, people act all indignant and spew forth this already tired cliché about how our solders are sacrificing life and limb so we can keep our freedoms and liberties here in America. So how dare does anyone talk against them, so people like me can continue to have the right to act like complete assholes. News flash people; this isn’t actually happening. We could have easily not gotten involved in any of these wars and still would have the same amount of freedoms and liberties we have now, if not more!

There are two reasons why our bothers and sisters are risking their lives for something OTHER than our Freedom and Liberty.’s not even for the freedom and liberty of other people in a different country.

First, all these wars we have been involved in were covering the asses of other countries located at the other side of the world from us. There has not been a conflict that was a direct threat to Americans, with the exception of WWII. So American solders have NOT been defending our freedoms in any past war, since World War 2. Since then it’s all been skirmishes over resources. There are countless war videos from the middle east showing American solders killing civilans, and children. Even some abusing dogs and other animals. How the fuck is THAT defending our freedom and liberty in America?

Secondly, ever since 9-11 we have been LOSING our freedoms and liberty in America ever since the passing of the Patriot Act, as well as the DMCA that was recently renewed.  New copyright law keeps holding our freedom of expression at bay. Invasive screenings at airports violating our privacy. Stupid laws that are supposed to curb pollution and “global warming” which just sucks more money away from tax payers and again restricts our freedom. Lawmakers continue to deny us our rights and freedoms under the guise of national security, fighting terrorism, and other such clichés that muddles what’s really going on.

How can ANYONE seriously say that the men and women who risk their lives fighting in a war on the other side of the planet, that even our solders have no ides why they they are STILL there. After all wasn’t the war declared over when we captures Saddam? Wasn’t Bush on an aircraft carrier declaring “we won” and the war was over even BEFORE Saddam was captured.  Oh wait, Saddam and Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks of 9-11, yeah they mistakenly thought they had chemical weapons in Iraq.  It’s Bin Laden we are after, right!  We forgot who the enemy was for a moment there… so the war marches on.

At least most people realize that this war is pointless and nothing at ALL is coming from it and it needs to end ten years ago. Buy why are we still there?  How does this war defend my freedom? How does this insure my Liberties, when our lawmakers are slowly chipping away at what we have?

So what are our bothers and sisters risking their lives for? Oil and other natural resources. Some say they are helping to traffic heroin from the middle east to the States. This is probably the only so-called war that has resulted in depressed economy. In past wars (like WWII) the economy booms, so what’s going on here?

So, when someone tells you that our solders are fighting for our freedoms, ask them HOW? How exactly are our boys, who are fighting a war at the other side of the planet, defending my rights, liberties, and freedom when we have slowly been losing them for the past ten+ years? Our lawmakers keep passing stupid and paranoid laws that continue to chip away at our freedoms, rights to privacy, and our civil liberties. What exactly are our men and women fighting for? So next time someone get’s all indignant and uses this tired cliché, tell them shut up and open their eyes. It’s not working like that.

November 21, 2010

Random shit…

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My family is going bankrupt. I’m flat broke. I might be sued for downloading copyrighted pr0n. Grandfather is in the hospital (but doing well) and the video card on my desktop PC just took a shit on me. Saturday night live still sucks. Comcast DVRs suck. TSA stands for “Touching Some Ass.” Washing machine is STILL broke after paying some old fart to fix it.

So if anything else bad is going to happen to me; can we get it over with now?  Thanks universe, you’re such a douchebag.

November 1, 2010

360 update

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So to my surprise they updated the 360 Dashboard. For months since the new slim 360 Xbox came out, all the Xbox and game ads showed a different “splash screen” and this update changes the start up logo to that swirlling  swoosh ribbon.  And the look of the Dashboard has change to what can be best described as the most BLAND looking interface i’ve ever seen.  It reminds me of classic windows 2000 or “Basic” mode in Vista/Win7 far too much bright white.

There is no way to change the overall color scheme. We used to be able to change colors as presets, before XNE. Even some themes would change the colors for text and windows blades and other aspects of the UI, but not anymore. I’ve also noticed that the new interface blocks out the lower half of the background of my theme in most of the channels on the dashboard.  Noticeable when you’ll looking at your friend channel showing their avatars side by side.

What i find really annoying is the ability to rate a game in your Game Library is gone, you now can only rate games from the games marketplace. Which is fucking STUPID.  This means I have to HUNT for the game, that i already HAVE, in that clusterfuck of the game marketplace, which STILL has no search function so you’re foced to flip though each game listinf 5 at a time. JUST so you can give it a rating.  Sure i want to SEE what the overall rating is for a game is when I’m shopping. But I want to rate games I have already played. It was quick and easy to do it from the Games Library, but nooooooo.

Why would I want to rate a game I’ve not played?  Honestly they should only allow gamers to rate games they they had actually played. Perhaps enable ratings ONLY after the player gets their first achievement, thus guaranteeing they actually played some of it.  Otherwise this can skew the rankings if everyone can rate a game they never played, especially silver members which anyone can make endless “alt” gamertags that don’t have gold memberships, and really abuse the Ranking system.

Ya know they claimed the cleaned up the matketplace to make it easier to find what you want. But it’s still the same confusing mess of crap you have to thumb though 5 games at a time. Why is it when i download a game, or an app (not a game on DVD) it needs an update?  Shouldn’t the initial download ALREAY be updated?

All of the sounds the dashboard makes have changed.  Except the sound you get when friends come online and when you get achievements.  For which i wish those sounds were different.

A lot of the apps needed an update but not many.  Facebook and Twitter apps didn’t need an update but the app did, even though i don;t see anything diffrent with it at all.  Hell after nearly a year now using it’s STILL showing that same fucking car ad when i start

The good things I find with this update is the interface seems much more snappy even on my old slow, fat, overheating Xenon Xbox 360. Also while some of my friends don’t like all the white on the screen (and I find it bland) it IS a lot easier for me to read with my fucked up eye sight, but i still want to be able to change the color scheme.

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