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July 21, 2015

WTF is with Windows updates?

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After I upgraded my PC, i noticed some issues with my boot times and other odd behaviors. I tried to clear up space on my SSD, and cleaned up registry and other bitrott that might be present but the problems persisted. I didn’t really want to do a clean install of Win8.1 since windows 10 was just a week away. But i chose to go ahead do a clean install. Zapped everything off my HDD and installed win8.1 clean.

Installing win8.1 went off with out any issues, and the problems i had in the past were gone. I did have issues with Input Director, which is an app that lets me use two (or more) PCs using the same mouse and keyboard. So with out finding a fix for ID, i found “Mouse Without Borders” which you can find at Microsoft’s download site, and it does everything i need it to do, and it even lets me alt-tab on the slave PC, and I no longer need a mouse connected to the slave PC to have a mouse cursor appear.

So now I’m dealing with endless windows updates, which I apparently need all of them in order to get the Windows 10 free update. At first it appeared that I only needed a handful of updates to download and install. After installing those and rebooting, then over 200 more appeared on the update list out of no where. WHY does Microsoft do this? You get an old update that is just going to be updated over.  Why can’t they reconcile all of these updates together? Sure is a waste of bandwidth downloading an update you don’t need when 20 more updates supersede it.


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