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May 2, 2015

Open letter to Rockstar regarding GTA Online on PC.

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Every day I see the popups saying I have this 5% discount since I started playing GTA Online on PC, but when I visit Ammu-Nation, or a convenience store, I still pay full price. Sticky Bombs are $500, Proximity bombs are still $1000. P’s and Q’s are $2 no discount at all. This might be due to my character being imported from the Xbox One, which was also imported from the Xbox 360. My friends say the discount seems to be working for them, but they started at Rank 1, since they didn’t transfer their online characters from consoles.

The censorship in text chat is abhorrent, there needs to be a toggle to turn this off. To many benign non-obscene words get censored and most conversations are incomprehensible since common words like “night” are changed to “*****”.  I can’t even name my own outfits the way I want them since your blacklisted words is ridiculous. Why IS there any censorship in a game where you hear nothing BUT expletives, with crudeness along with all the violent behaviors? I can’t even say “rockstar” in chat for fucks sake!

Ordering or getting cars off the street duplicate themselves in garages with extra empty spaces. But some times this can lead to vehicle losses if you have your personal vehicle out side while you bring in a new vehicle.

When ordering a vehicle off one the websites, and you select which garage, the message saying it has been delivered shows it was delivered to a different garage than the one you chose, but the vehicle will end up in the garage you had chosen.

When I take a car from one of my unattached garages drive it into my garage WITH an attached apartment, and swap cars since it’s full, and then go to the elevator to go into my apt, I’m teleported to the other garage that the car came from, rather than going up into my apartment.

Street cars that I sell to Los Santos Customs doesn’t appear in my “on hand” money, I assume it’s going directly into the bank but half the time I can’t tell, and the transaction history doesn’t seem to list every transaction and it’s FAR TOO SHORT. I can fill up the history buying loads of snacks from a convenience store.

GTA online has a 15 minute time out for inactivity, why is the time out reduced to 60 seconds when I’m on another window to check something quickly? That isn’t enough time and isn’t fair. Hell i’ve been kicked off several times now while writing this email. >_<

If I am in my own invite only session, and I time out and get kicked offline. Pressing (A or Enter) to confirm that message, brings me back to a public session instead of an invite-only session I was already in.

Why can’t I choose to start a private invite only, crew, or friends only session when I’m already in a public session?  Why am I forced to switch to story mode just to just to start one of those?

There is a strange animation behavior when getting into my Carbonizzare when the top is already down. My character will sink into the floor, or ground as it gets into the vehicle. When in First Person mode, sometimes my character is unable to get into the vehicle due to this weird animation.

I am unable to get rid of weapons I don’t need anymore. I have countless pistols and rifles I never use and it clutters up my weapon wheel. If i drop them and let someone else pick them up, or just leave them on the ground, they return into  my weapons wheel when I transition on to another session or job.

Why can’t I set a default of weapons in my weapon wheel? For instance I like the assault shotgun but the shotgun slot always defaults to the pump action shotgun. Plus I can’t get rid of the Pump action shotgun since it always returns to my inventory after I’ve change session or jobs.

— Hugsie


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