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February 20, 2015

VMware player sucks

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For years I’ve been using VMWare player and I’ve always had problems with USB devices plugged into the VM working half the time, constantly unplugging them and plugging it back in so the USB device is seen by the VM OS.

The biggest and most consistent problem I’ve had is input stalls. The VM will run fine, but any INPUT into the VM’s window is ignored. Its as if the VM is stuck in some kind of loop that it ignores any mouse or clicking, and then all that input is executed all at once once it “wakes up” out of that loop. It’s so fucking frusrating, since i can see the software running DOing stuff but I cant click on anything!  And it’s not the VM that’s buggered out I can’t even control VMware at all.

The mouse cursor is always a pointing finger, and never becomes an arrow cursor. I cant interact with the VM let aloine with VMware it self. It won’t even let me click the [X] button to close the app. Any popups that VMWare brings up are unclickable since my cursor is always a pointing finger. It will some times recover it self and operate normal, but then it just goes right back into this pointing-finger mouse cursor bullshit.

It’s been doing this to me for years, over serveral version of VMware player, and with diffrent host and VM operating systems. Since using Windows 7 (host) runing Windowes XP in the VM it’s been flakey like this. I’ve since moved onto Windows 8/8.1 (host) and running Linux and Wiundows 7 or Vista in the VM and it STILL DOES THIS.

The system I’m running it on is an old Core 2 Quad i9300 64bit, with Windows 8.1. This is actually my secondary PC that has no keyboard (it has a mouse since Win8 won’t show a mouse) with its own monitor, and I use Input Director from my main PC to control both PCs.

I’m fed up with VMWare.


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