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February 14, 2014

Ten years of Second Life…

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In all my years of SL, there still a lot of annoying things in SL.

1) People still use attached scripted “Radars” (e.g.  Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets) when all modern viewers (including LL’s viewer) already have a built-in people list (radars) that are way more advanced and have much better functionality than these old scripts do. Stop using them already!

2) People (mostly noobs) still send me friend requests with out as much as a conversation first, or even a hello. Since the existence of “social media sites” the concept of a “friend” has down-graded into near meaninglessness, where it’s just a number on your profile showing how many strangers seem to like you. A lot of those aren’t even real people since spammers and bots will make bogus accounts to fluff up other peoples follower counts, and post spam. Second Life predates all of that bullshit, so a friends is (or should be) people you actually have gotten to know. All though SL has gotten more like a “social network” in recent years, it’s horrible. After all the number of people you have as friends isn’t listed publicly on your SL profile (not to be confused for your followers since you can’t control who follows you), so why bother adding friends when you’re not actually MAKING friends?

3)  LL’s viewer disables group role tag text in nametags by default, so users don’t see my group role tag text in my nametag. Which explains why I’m constantly getting hit on by broke-ass noobtards for free sex when my group tag clearly says “Shemale Escort” right over my head. Another reason (though minor) why LL’s viewer is complete shite.

4) Those douchebags who take my freebie penis, and try to resell it in the Marketplace using images of something else. <sigh> There’s little I can do about this since you need to pay lawyers to get anything done. DMCA doesn’t protect creations made my private individuals, it protects large business and corporations from their IPs from being used by others.  The worse part is that I get all the flack from the users who buy these bogus items because  my name is shown as the creator. Even though they bought it from someone else and whoever they are got their L$, I still get shit from these users. People need to check their transaction history to see where the L$ is going.

5) The interest list. After all these years they still haven’t figured this shit out. Every time i teleport, attachments vanish and don’t render even though they ARE being worn. You’d think this would have been fixed years ago, or maybe a work-around that was automaticaly done on the viewer side could be put in.  but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.



  1. Hugsie you are such a damn liar. Tons of people say hello or try to start a conversation with you and you do not say anything. You are a rude antisocial person. You also ban people for nothing.

    Comment by Adam Horton — June 4, 2014 @ 7:11 pm

    • You might want to re-read my post here. You’re talking about people saying hello in local chat, I’m talking about people who send a friend request to me, as if SL = Facebook and no one bothers to get to know other people before they drop a friend request. I’m usually the first one to say hello to everyone the moment I teleport in somewhere, so how exactly am I antisocial?

      I can understand why i might come across as rude some times. I can’t respond to every person who IM’s me or says hello in local chat to me. Likely because I’m AFK, I’m not watching my PC every moment I’m online, even then I’m not monitoring local chat like a hawk waiting for someone to say Hi to me. Plus I have other apps running, I’m watching youtube, having other conversations, listing to music, cooking and eating, potty breaks, or I’m playing another video game (I own 3 computers and a Xbox 360). Plus RL distractions with the phone ringing, people in RL talking to me. My cat often bothers me at random times. So excuse me if I’ve ignored you on SL, because I have a life.

      There are a handful of people I have permanently on my block list, so I’ll never interact with them in world. So, I’m not perfect, I can’t be completely polite or social to EVERYONE I run across; I am only human. Just because I might have come across as rude and antisocial towards you doesn’t mean I am with everyone. Plus you can’t expect me nor anyone to be on their best behavior with everyone since there’s often a communications barrier.

      Whatever interaction you had with me was likely very short, and you can’t judge me based on my 10+ years on SL, with the few moments you may have had with me.

      Comment by Hugsie — June 7, 2014 @ 5:42 am

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