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January 14, 2014

SSDs rule

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I just ordered a Samsung 840 Pro (MZ-7PD256BW) SSD that has 256gb yesterday and it just arrived TODAY. has it on sale for only $199, and If you choose 3-7 day shipping it might actually arrive sooner. It came the next day for me since I’m only like an 8 hour drive from there their HQ, or perhaps I’m closer to one of their distribution warehouses. Ontrac can be very fast! 🙂

I couldn’t be more happier with this drive. I installed it into my PC with my existing boot drive, ran samsung’s software that will clone your data, and it worked flawlessly as far as i can tell. Then removed my old Western Digital Velociraptor 150gb drive hooked up the SSD as boot drive and poof! It boots up in about 12 seconds. To think I spent more on my Velociraptor (150gb) than I did for this SSD that has twice the room, and several times faster.

Everything seems to work, the “cloning” software was a bit over precocious warning me that any open files won’t get copied, so I tried to close everything running in the background, but I couldn’t close everything, but it still worked. Then I installed Samsung’s “magician” software that “optimizes” windows to deal with SSD drives in a proper manor so it doesn’t over stress the SSD by treating it as a normal HDD. It disables functions in windows that just don’t apply to SSD, such as defragging, which I never found useful even on HDDs anyway.

Next on my agenda is to get a new nvidia card with a GPU somewhere in the 700 series, and replace my old outdated gtx 550.


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