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January 13, 2014

VMWare player 4.0.6 build-1035888 sucks

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It freezes up constantly to the point I often have to open task manager and kill it, then reboot my host PC so it lets go of ownership of the VM files so I can use it again.  Sometimes the VM files get corrupted and I can’t boot them anymore. This happens with both my WindowsXP VM and Kali Linux VM. My host PC is running windows 8.1 which I could use HyperV that comes with it, but it won’t work on my old hardware; as my CPU lacks some VM component that it relies on, but VMWare doesn’t need. Even if I could use HyperV, it has no pass though USB support as VMware player does with out having to go though some esoteric process to get USB working, or paying way too much money for a commercial product that allows USB.

Previous versions of VMware player were much more stable, and any pre-made VMs used on the older version don’t work on this current version. Which really sucks since Kali and Backtrack Linux distros as VMWare images will not work until they make newer ones. I can still make my own installs using ISO images, but it’s less convenient.


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