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November 23, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary EPICsode

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Do not read this blog if you’ve not watched the 50th anniversary episode.
But you should see this video before you see the 50th Anniversary special.

Today’s 50th anniversary episode was spectacular. John Hurt’s protray of the 9th Doctor was different from what I expected.  Being the so-called “War Doctor” there was nothing war like about him. Except he did use a gun to shoot a Dalek or two, but he spent most of his time shooting the message “No More” on a wall with a gun. I really was expecting him to be gun-ho and blow shit up, I guess that’s what the writers were trying to imply.

When they figured out how to NOT destroy Gallefrey, they thought they were completely breaking their own laws of time. As it turns out since the older incarnations of the Doctor will forget what had happened, the doctor just ASSUMED he committed genocide. This technically didn’t break this rule of time since time is relative to ones memories which doesn’t always match to actual events that happen in history, especially when memories are forgotten.

One of the story plots they use a lot in this new series is how some events in time are fixed, and locked and you can’t go there or do anything. Since 2005 we have been teased about what this “Time War” was all about. The assumption was that the Doctor committed double genocide by eliminating both the Time Lords and Daleks in order to end the war, save the rest of the universe from more destruction caused by this war, and since the series started in 2005, the doctor has been living in regret over that.

Remember the Time Lords were found in a time lock in the two part episode “The End Of Time” when the timelords wanted to take over earth and replace humans with Gallefreyians with help from the Master. This has to be the same time lock the Doctors did during John Hurt’s time as the Doctor (ablit very short). Also consider that if the Daleks knew there was going to be more than one Doctor (and one Tardis) present at that time they would have called in more reinforcements, implying there were already other daleks out there. Its not as if every single Dalek made was at Gallefrey when it was apparently “destroyed.”  After all Daleks also travel though time, and can exist at any time.

Also Peter Capaldi made a quick appearance in this special 50th anv’ episode, so if “older” incarnations of the Doctor forget events when they encounter their future self, wouldn’t Matt Smith forget this too? At the start of David Tenant’s “The End of Time” episode, he mentions how he got married to Queen Elizabeth I, which we saw in this 50th anniversary episode. BUT both John Hurt, and Matt Smith were present during the David’s wedding, l how could Tenant remember the wedding?


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